Some physiotherapists have expressed concern that following an ambitious and surprising action, led by a senior staff member of the CSP, we might wish to withdraw our support for physiotherapists. Please be assured that we continue to work with and support physiotherapists as we always have; whether or not they are members of the CSP.
Here is the full background behind this statement:

Eddy Anderson is the founder of Rebound Therapy, and from 1979 he introduced the CSP to his work and trained and mentored a number of their staff to provide Rebound Therapy on behalf of the CSP. Debbie Cook from the CSP says, “Eddy developed rebound with children with physical and learning disabilities when he was headmaster of Springwell special school,' We (colleague Sally Smith and I) were trained by Eddy. He is 'the Godfather’ of Rebound.” she says. 
In 2006, Eddy Anderson teamed up with Paul and Shirley Kaye who are disability coaches, teachers and run the acclaimed Saturn V Rebound Hall. Since this development, Rebound Therapy has grown at a remarkable rate and the team who operate under the name have received national and international accreditations. Rebound Therapy is now an international movement and continues to grow throughout the world. Several other countries we have worked with have registered the name ‘Rebound Therapy’ as a trademark in order to protect the integrity of the work. Eddy’s legacy is nothing short of extraordinary and his name is known worldwide.
Eddy and the Rebound Therapy team have always worked closely with CSP and a Train the Trainers programme was introduced for CSP in 1992. In 2012 we started working on updating this programme for CSP in order to accommodate the recent accreditations the training programme had acquired.

In 2012, Susan Hayward-Giles, CSP’s Assistant Director of Practice and Development, undertook to lead an extraordinarily ambitious and morally questionable legal action with the intention of enabling the CSP to legally pass off’s work as their own and infer ownership and control of Rebound Therapy. She applied for legal protection from being sued for ‘passing off’ and applied for the trademark to be removed. The CSP’s solicitor evidently took on the case but failed to inform Ms. Hayward-Giles that Rebound Therapy is a worldwide movement with registered trademarks in several countries, so invalidation and inferring ownership by CSP would be impossible. The two and a half year legal project is reported to have cost CSP members £45,000.

The end result of this action has been a positive outcome for Rebound Therapy in general because it has brought the activity to the attention of a great deal more physiotherapists who have now come to us for training and have received the genuine nationally accredited qualification.

The outcome of the action for the CSP is unclear; it would seem to be the cause of embarrassment, and has of course damaged the relationship between CSP and ourselves.
Susan Hayward-Giles refused to confirm or deny the accuracy of the figure of £45,000 and refused to state if or how that expense has benefitted CSP members.
Professor Karen Middleton, who is the present CEO of the CSP and took office after Susan Hayward-Giles had initiated her actions, made the following statement: “The Society’s member led committee, ‘Professional Practice and Service Delivery’ reviewed the recommendation to take this action and advised officers that the action was appropriate.” She then distances herself from the action and draws a line under the matter by saying, “The CSP is aware that there is a recognised qualification in Rebound Therapy and that specific conditions apply regarding how and by whom courses leading to this level 2 qualification should be delivered. I acknowledge that your organisation supports physiotherapists and note that you are happy to work with physiotherapists in this field of practice.  I consider communication on this matter completed.”

To reiterate; despite the actions of the CSP; physiotherapists should feel secure in the knowledge that we will continue to support them and welcome them on training courses, and all their qualifications acquired through our organisation are honoured and valid.