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What is Rebound Therapy? Please click on the top right hand image for an information video.

Briefly, Rebound Therapy is the phrase used to describe a specific model of trampoline therapy - exercise therapy using full sized trampolines for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities.
In warm climates it can be provided on a suitable outdoor trampoline. In colder climates it is provided indoors on a standard folding trampoline.
Rebound Therapy is more than special needs trampolining, or disability trampolining; It provides therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of disabilities and special needs. It is also widely used by mainstream coaches when teaching young or pre school age mainstream children.
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What are the benefits of Rebound Therapy?
Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of benefits for a very wide range of disabilities. It is one of the most popular activities for children with special needs in UK SEN schools. It is also a very popular activity for people with disabilities across a wide range of ages.
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Rebound Therapy training courses

Training to become a Rebound Therapy practitioner


For training courses in the UK, please visit the UK website:

For training courses in all countries outside the UK, please read below:

We provide the accredited and certificated practitioner training course in Rebound Therapy in the USA, Canada and all English speaking countries.
This training course will equip you to run Rebound Therapy sessions for the benefit of your students with disabilities.  


For schools, clubs and centres who have a number of candidates (we suggest 6 or more) who require the training course, we provide a tutor to come to your country to run the course in house at your venue.
For further information and costs on in house training courses, please email:


For individuals and smaller groups outside the UK who require the training course, we provide a distance learning and accreditation programme.
The distance learning and accreditation training programme comprises five parts:
1) Study of reading material
2) Study of video of practical aspects
3) Study of video of how to measure and record outcomes
4) Completion of an assessment paper
5) Practical assessment. (At your place of work or place of choosing.) 


Completion of either option will provide the candidate with the Level 2 Rebound Therapy Practitioner certificate. The training course will equip teachers, health and medical workers, coaches, and even parents to provide Rebound Therapy for their students.


View the International Training course flier here:

For all questions, please email: or telephone: +44 1342 870543

Rebound Therapy and the many benefits it provides, is becoming increasingly recognised all over the world. In order to help encourage its growth outside of the UK, we also provide a 'Train the Trainer' (training, mentoring and tutor validation) programme for qualified and experienced practitioners from overseas organisations who want to set up their own Rebound Therapy course training facility.




For further information about Rebound Therapy, please visit the governing body website: