27th June 2017

We are delighted to announce that Rebound Therapy has now reached Zambia.

Jadine Jones and Shaina Irwin from the Hydrotherapy Centre in Lusaka, Zambia have successfully completed the overseas Rebound Therapy distance learning and accreditation programme and are now qualified Level 2 Rebound Therapy practitioners.

Managing Director, Stephanie Park said, "The Hydrotherapy Centre is passionate about providing a therapy centre like none other seen in Zambia. We will be bringing a clean, modern and contemporary design to our therapy centre using specialized equipment that is custom made to the highest standard for our clients. Our staff will be well trained, precise, progressive and conversant about the services that we offer. We are committed to providing all the basic therapies plus more unconventional therapies and therapies completely new to Zambia all under one roof, we aim to be able to treat people with a variety of different disabilities without the need to travel from one place to another."

As well as Rebound Therapy, the Hydrotherapy Centre provides Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Cranial Sucral Therapy, Physio Therapy and Play therapy.

They can be contacted at hydrozambia@gmail.com


All at ReboundTherapy.org would like to wish Shaina, Jadine, Stephanie and all their staff, the very best of success with their new Rebound Therapy programme at the Hydrotherapy Centre.