During the 'lockdown' several hundred of you received your Rebound Therapy training by taking the online / distance learning course. We will keep this available for as long as it is required, and we will also retain the reduced fee until 31st August.

The Level 2 Rebound Therapy practitioner certificate will be awarded to all staff who complete the online course. They will have an allocated tutor to guide and assist by phone and email at every stage of the course.

For any questions, and to book staff onto the online / distance programme, please email:

More detailed information if required, can be found here.

The only aspect of the usual course that cannot be covered as an online / distance learning course, is the setting up and putting down of folding trampolines. However, for schools or centres that need this, we can provide you with a half day or twilight trampoline handling workshop at your premises as soon as restrictions are lifted.



CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE AWARD LAUNCHED in February 2020. This award is presented to schools, centres, clubs, trampoline parks etc that have met a set of standards that demonstrate consistently high quality in their service and provision of Rebound Therapy. Full information can be found on the 'Centres of Excellence' link in the menu at the top of the page.



THE REBOUND PLUS REFRESHER workshop is now available as an ONLINE course.
Rebound Plus is the add-on module for Rebound Therapy practitioners that equips them to help their more able students progress beyond Rebound Therapy and start the transition into mainstream trampolining exercises.
The course is run in house and as an open course, in the same way as the Rebound Therapy courses, and now also available ONLINE.
THIS LINK will take you to information. Scroll down to the fourth entry.



FLEXI-BOUNCE THERAPY is the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder as a daily complement to regular scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions. There are packages available, together with training course, video tutorials and / or exercise and development programmes to suit school, centre and home use. Also for use by PTs, OTs and health workers for the benefit of their students and clients.
Two major manufacturers have signed up this programme: PlayGrade Trampolines and bellicon.
More information is available on the Flexi-Bounce Therapy website:



PHYSIO-PEDIA is a global education platform for people involved or with an interest in Physical Therapy. They offer hundreds of online training courses (including an introduction to Rebound Therapy.) Access to the training courses is free for members. Through's partnership with Physio-pedia, we are able to offer a 50% discount code for membership. If you would like this code, email:
To learn more about Physio-pedia, visit



IATP (The International Association of Trampoline Parks) recommend that all trampoline park staff worldwide attend the Rebound Therapy training course. As well as the important safety aspects covered on the course, including contra-indications, increased risk and precautions, completion of the course equips parks to offer sessions fo disability groups which provides a much needed community service and helps parks fill their quiet times during the day.