Earwig Academic

Progress Recording App


Rebound Therapy

and Trampolining


Will be available early 2024


Earwig Academic is the UK’s largest progress recording software developer for schools, colleges and universities.

They have been working closely with to develop a progress and outcomes measuring system for Trampoline and Rebound Therapy to use on tablet, laptop and phone in the same way as using paper printouts, but without the inconvenience of papers, files, folders and pens.


The software is based on the Winstrada trampoline development programme which is used and recognised internationally.

The app encompasses the complete Winstrada trampoline development programme from grade 1 right through to A3. The first three grades of the Winstrada programme are based on the Rebound Therapy training course. From grade 4, the programme then seamlessly evolves into trampolining, making the app suitable for measuring progress for all levels and all abilities.

The app also includes the Huddersfield Functional Index for accurate measurement and recording of progress and outcomes in Rebound Therapy for those with profound or complex needs.


The app will be an invaluable progress recording aid for schools, trampoline clubs, leisure centres and SEN schools and centres.


This video will give you an overview of how the app works: (Please note; the links referred to in the video will be set up nearer the launch date.)


Rebound Therapy practitioners and qualified trampoline coaches can receive a 25% discount off the cost of the app by quoting the code 'Rebounders'.


The app will be available to all to download early in 2024.


For further information, contact Earwig Academic on