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* I found the course excellent. Anna was extremely professional in all aspects of the course and I enjoyed learning.

* Great fun course. Can't wait to use with our pupils. Lots of practical sessions which was fantastic.

* Great course - can really see how it would benefit pupils in my setting.

* Very good delivery and demonstrations from tutor.

* Anna was very professional and made it easy and fun.

* Anna explained the theory and practical demonstrations very well. It was helpful to take turns on the trampoline.

* Demonstrations and practical work with students was very useful.

* Great. Thank you. Helpful suggestions.

* Very enjoyable and hands on course, thank you.

* Very good demonstration and practical.

* Very thorough. I like that it was filmed so I can look back in future and relate it to our course, rather than it being a generic video.

* David was amazing!

* Excellent delivery of training.

* David was great. Very friendly + knowledgeable.

* Excellent course - will really enhance my practice across my work.

* Thoroughly enjoyed the course, well delivered which made it interesting and enjoyable. Look forward to putting my training into practice & witnessing the benefits.

* Excellent course, don't change a thing!

* Was thoroughly informative & enjoyable course.

* Excellent course and tutor, an amazing two days.

* Excellent course, amazing tutor, very knowledgable.

* It was an excellent course highlighting the benefits of Rebound Therapy to everyone. Lots of fun and enjoyment too

* Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish!

* Fantastic two day course! Marie was very helpful and supportive when explaining all techniques and very friendly.

* I really enjoyed the course. I had lots of fun and learned loads.

* The course was great! David explained everything verbal and visual so it was really easy to understand.

* The course was well delivered and David made us all feel comfortable and confident in what we were doing .

* Fantastic practical sessions, really helpful demonstrating techniques with different children.

* Can't fault it. Any questions/guidance were answered.

* Absolutely brilliant course and tutor. Every part of the course was helpful and provided brilliant opportunities and feedback.

* Very good delivery and demonstrations from tutor.

* Anna was very professional and made it easy and fun.

* Anna explained the theory and practical demonstrations very well. It was helpful to take turns on the trampoline.

* Very useful course, I really enjoyed it. It will benefit my students a lot

* Really enjoyable and useful course, thank you.

* Friendly, approachable Tutor.

* Great course with really practical and transferrable skills for our service.

* Anna was fantastic!

* Really good to work with students.

* Very informative and valuable course. Thank you.

* Fantastic course, really useful for our setting.

* Very informative and interesting, thank you.

* David is a great Tutor. Really enjoyed Refresher.

* David was very helpful, made everyone feel relaxed and at ease.

* Tutor very understanding and patient.

* Good Refresher, relevant, interesting.

* David was very knowledgeable and patient in his delivery.

* Really good [Refresher] and very worthwhile.

* Very nice and helpful, gently encouraged to try things.

* Fabulous delivery, I've learnt lots.

* Lots of opportunities to have a go in a friendly + supportive atmosphere - thank you!

* Justine has been a superb course Tutor, I've really enjoyed this course. Thanks so much.

* Very motivating and patient with course members with less experience.

* Justine was brilliant teaching us that had lower levels of confidence.

* I had a great time at the Course.  It was so well done.  I was so glad I took part in it.  Paul was wonderful.

* Great tutor. Good pace of delivery. Easy to understand and relevent to our setting. Good humour helps!

* Best course I've attended!

* So interesting and fun. David was fantastic. So enjoyed the two days. Thank you.

* Fantastic course, extremely well led, lots of fun and so much learning involved.

* Very good course, will be of great benefit to our students and to me personally in my role of support worker.

* Marie was very patient and insightful and I feel I got a lot out of the course

* David put us all at ease, explained things really well. Really enjoyed the two days.

* Excellent delivery of course and knowledge of Rebound Therapy. Answered all questions with great confidence. Course was very enjoyable, thanks.

* A fantastic course! David is brilliant at what he does and is so encouraging to everyone with lots of patience. He brings a lot of fun to a course with a lot of content over a short period of time.

* David was really encouraging, he made everyone feel valued. Very positive and loads of knowledge.

* David was able to increase my confidence during the delivery of the course and I feel confident in taking a Rebound session for pupils I work with.

* Really enjoyable course! Trainer took interest in any particular areas of practice we were interested in and tailored training to these areas. Friendly and approachable. Looking forward to using this in practice.

* Fantastic communication skills and made everyone feel relaxed. Thanks

* Brilliant course - going from a complete newbie to confident instructor; how fantastic. Justine was an amazing instructor with great stories to support the exercises and demonstrations. 10/10!

* Justine was very informative and fun, you can tell she loves what she does. She was great.

* Very well run course. It was perfectly pitched for me to understand even with my mild learning disability.

* I really enjoyed the course, very informative and Justine was very supportive, encouraging and demonstrated lots of experience and useful anecdotes.

* David is a natural at his job, he presented the course with great passion and empathy towards our service user who helped with the practical side of the course.

* David was very patient & professional throughout the 2 days. Course very relevant to our job role, well structured.

* Excellent course, well presented, well presented, learnt loads of useful tips. Very enjoyable course.

* David is a very approachable Tutor who had everyone's best interests at heart. Thoroughly explained and guided the course content. A pleasure.

* Excellent Tutor and course, very informative and relevant to job role.

* David's delivery of course was outstanding. Best course I have ever been on!

* David was very clear and gave you chance to talk, listened to all, and made the course enjoyable.

* Great course, full of ideas that can be used with our children. Great Tutor.

* Level of coach instruction and information was fantastic. Extremely beneficial and invaluable content which will be used in regular practice.

* David delivered the course exceptionally well, thoroughly enjoyable.

* Excellent delivery with practical suggestions and ideas which support Curriculum for Excellence.

* Course was fab :-)

* Excellent Tutor, course was informative and made fun.

* Very very good course and Tutor, professional and enthusiastic. Course paced well and wasn't rushed. Felt comfortable to ask questions if required.

* Fab course. fab Tutor.

* Practical experience on the trampoline was fantastic, great at building confidence.

* Excellent course, delivered very well by David. A lot of fun!

* Excellent course, highly recommended.

* Fantastic course, very useful and practical. Lots of activity ideas for a range of pupils

* An enjoyable course and a great tutor who took time to explain fully. Well done Justine

* Justine was excellent and has inspired me to use Rebound Therapy as much as possible

* Justine was a great tutor and I had a great experience

* Excellent course. Very informative and practical

* Really enjoyed the course and was surprised by my own capability. Looking forward to teaching what I have learnt.

* Justine lives and breathes Rebound Therapy, she has a broad wealth of knowledge and clearly very experienced in this field. She is professional yet very friendly and down to earth.

* Justine was very informative and made me feel confident in handling the equipment and supporting students.

* Justine was very clear with her instructions and adjustments when learning Rebound Therapy.

* A very good, supportive course which has been very useful to me. Justine was a very good Tutor, very clear and engaging.

* Very positive + supportive + great flexibility. Very informative and easy to apply in school. Inspiring!

* Justine was very engaging and supportive throughout the two days. She was a great motivator and kept the team upbeat and ready to learn.

* Informative and enjoyable two day course.

* Straight talking yet approachable Tutor. Enjoyed course.

* The course was very relevant in terms of how to support the students.

* It was very interesting and engaging training.

* I had lots of fun while learning at the same time. Anna was very patient with everyone and very clear.

* Really enjoyed all of the course. gave us new ideas and knowledge of how effective Rebound Therapy can be for our children. Brilliant :-)

* David was brilliant, reinvigorated my drive for Rebound Therapy and made the two days awesome.

* David was very knowledgeable and engaging Tutor. He presented the training very well and made it easy to understand, gave great encouragement and support.

* David delivered the theoretical and practical Rebound Therapy course in an exemplary manner. I found this training extremely useful, thank you David.

* Absolutely fantastic, an eye opener, really enjoyed the training and am excited to bring this to our children we support.

* Fantastic, invaluable training, nothing to change & cannot wait to get started.

* Made you feel very relaxed and clearly explained each level. Made it really relevant, thank you Marie! Fantastic course, can't wait to get started.

* Marie delivered an excellent 2 day course, I can't imagine anything to improve on at this time. Everything was made very easy to understand. Thoroughly enjoyed.

* Was made to feel very relaxed and clear directions, really enjoyed the course.

* Very enjoyable.

* David was really patient and understanding. He explained everything in detail and the course has really helped build my confidence.

* Very enjoyable training - I learned a lot and can see how well it will benefit my pupils, I can't wait to get started.

* Very organised. Extremely helpful and fun at the same time.

* I am Level 2 Rebound Therapy trained and was on the two day course to refresh, I have learnt more than I expected to, more techniques and more insight.

* Overall it was brilliant.

* Loved every minute, thank you it was great.

* Thank you for an outstanding course.

* Very well lead, excellent training course.

* Very pleased with the course, really enjoyed it.

* Thank you very much for your time and support with ensuring everyone is clear and knows what they are doing with each technique.

* Justine was very good at encouraging people who may have been a bit more nervous and showed alternative ways.

* It was great to learn from somebody of Justine's vast experience.

* Justine was very welcoming and her passion and knowledge were clear quickly.

* A fantastic course with a recognised qualification - would recommend. Small groups, so everyone gets to be involved.

* Really enjoyed, lots of relevant info I can apply to clients.

* Excellent & informative.

* Very informative Tutor who kept us engaged and focused. Thanks. Good idea to video aspects of the course to view again.

* Wonderfully engaging Tutor. It was great to be exposed to Marie's vast knowledge and clear enthusiasm.

* Excellent course, very informative.

* Great.

* Loved the course, practical was very informative! Thank you!

* Excellent course. I am really looking forward to delivering Rebound Therapy to my students.

* Tutor was exemplary! Very enjoyable and worthwhile course. Thank you for a great experience. Highly recommended.

* A very enjoyable course.

* Brilliant teacher & course. Children are really going to benefit from it. Thank you :-)!!

* Rachel did very well teaching a large group of adults all the different ways of using our trampoline.

* Really enjoyed the course, very informative and interesting to learn the benefits.

* Rachel was really engaging and made the two day course extremely fun.

* Really enjoyed the course, the Tutor was excellent. There was lots of opportunity for practice on the trampoline.

* Keep doing everything you do, its a great course.

* Justine was very knowledgeable and corrected errors as they occurred. I feel confident in taking the skills I have learnt + putting them into practice.

* Course was delivered really well, Tutor able to share subject knowledge really well, helping me to understand.

* Justine has given me the confidence to carry out sessions with competence.

* Very knowledgeable and encouraging. Thank you! :-)

* Justine was very motivating and inspiring, excellent training! Thank you :-)

* Really enthusiastic & knowledgeable.

* Justine delivered the course well and shared her wealth of experience with us.

* No further improvements needed for me, an excellent course.

* Paul delivers a great delivery to help fully understand with high energy and enthsiasm.

* Excellent delivery of course, concise and great balance between practical + theory.

* Justine was very good at involving everyone in the group and reassuring people. The training was enjoyable and well explained. I have learnt so much.

* Fun, professional and feel like I've learnt a lot from Justine & feel confident in carrying out all I have learnt. THANK YOU!!

* Good to participate in a good course, felt involved & encouraged from what I have learnt.

* Brilliant course, friendly and helpful Tutor, felt confident to ask questions and for help. Very professional. Fantastic, thank you.

* Good instructions, no issues. A good refresher.

* Have learned so much. Very good course.

* Paul was very good, explained and showed extra progression steps (if needed). He was very clear with instructions during the whole course.

* really good training and the tutor is completely passionate by his approach. It is really comfortable to have this training.

* Very informative and well presented. Tutor ensured a relaxed atmosphere which encouraged staff to ask questions.

* Marie's teaching was first class, her skills + experience obvious to the group.

* Like the fact that there will be a video. Footage to add a visual reminder of each move.

* Very informative and well explained.

* Very satisfied with the training, I now feel confident with good working practice on the trampoline.

* Always good to refresh on good practice and recap on skills [Refresher Workshop].

* Excellent course! Very interesting and informative, thank you.

* Very knowledgeable and extremely experienced tutor, encouraging every participant.

* FAB! We are now ready to shine! Thanks.

* Absolutely amazing, loved every minute of it.

* Excited to use this with our students and see the benefits.

* Brilliant course, practical and in context. Developed people's confidence over time.

* Well delivered course - very knowledgeable.

* We all had a great two days and it was very enjoyable.

* Great course with lots of positive potential applications for complex children.

* We have just had a 2 day course at our school I would just like to say what an amazing 2 days ,The course tutor Justine was amazing so knowledgeable and a great tutor, will definitely be having more training for other staff very soon .

* Great course in fantastic facilities

* Great experience, thank you.

* To Paul - Don't ever change. All of Paul's encouragement and kind words really helped further my confidence in Rebound Therapy.

* Very informative course with lots of practical work to help with theory.

* Fabulous!

* Fantastic 2 days. Thank you Paul.

* Really enjoyable course Paul. learnt lots of new techniques and approaches and a great refresher on the practical side. I hope you will come and deliver this course again for us. Many, many thanks.

* Thank you, it was very informative and fun and I feel competent in delivering this to children.

* Very inclusive of all candidates. I felt comfortable to give everything a try.

* An enjoyable course. Anna was a very passionate tutor with a wealth of disability knowledge to share.

* Really enjoyable and interesting. I can't wait to have students benefit from Rebound Therapy. I would love to learn more [Rebound Plus]

* Rachel made me feel very at ease and felt confident in what to do now with all her expertise.

* Relaxed, encouraging environment with opportunities for engaging discussion - the course was excellent. Thank you.

* Thoroughly enjoyed course and would love to take the next, more advanced course [Rebound Plus].

* Really enjoyed, thank you :-)

* Fantastic Tutor.

* I found the course very enjoyable and therapeutic and fun.

* Tutor and information very informative, all questions answered, explained how to adapt sessions etc.

* A very useful course which I will now be able to put into use within my independent practice. Thank you.

* Justine was a very knowledgeable Tutor - thank you. Would be interested in knowing about the next level of the course [Rebound Plus]

* Thank you :-) love it

* Would be interested in the next level [Rebound Plus]

*I really enjoyed the update [Refresher Workshop] refreshing on best practice and meeting others and sharing strategies, ideas etc. 
Thanks again

* Really enjoyed the course. Friendly and knowledgable course instructor. Venue also very good.

* Anna was very anecdotal which enabled moves and theory to be easily remembered. The sessions were well paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

* Very interesting and valuable course with a lot of potential to expand in future. Very much enjoyed it and look forward to putting what I've learned to use.

* The course was really good, very well delivered and made fun.

* The course has been brilliant, thank you. Well organised and Anna obviously knows and loves her stuff!

* Very competent tutor - thoroughly enjoyed

* Thank you, very useful and good to share best practice with trainer and others

* Brilliant delivery of the course. Lots of informative conversation as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you.

* Tutor was great. Good combination of practical and theory. Thank you.

* Excellent course. Really enjoyed learning about the benefits of Rebound Therapy for children.

* David was very supportive and encouraging. He had lots of first hand relevant examples. I really enjoyed this course, thank you.

* Superb course quality as ever, Anna pitched the course pitched the course to the needs of our setting. She was patient and understanding throughout.

* Anna was very informative, encouraging and knowledgable. She gave lots of opportunities to practice and ask questions. She also had a good sense of humour which on a course such as this is greatly appreciated.

* A fantastic course, well worth giving up two days holiday!

* Lovely pace, lots of information and explaining reasons behind moves

* A fantastic course, so enjoyable and I have learned lots.

* Excellent knowledge, and very supportive to assist with questions relating to our students' needs.

* Love the practical step by step guidance and that we will have video evidence to keep. Thank you Justine :-)

* Customised and adapted course to our needs, amazing.

* Very enjoyable course, with lots of good ideas and techniques for our students.

* Justine was a brilliant Tutor, very patient and helpful.

* Having access to a video is excellent.

* Lovely Tutor! Very helpful and informative. Learnt loads from the session.

* Justine was a fantastic Tutor, she offered lots of detail. She made the course very enjoyable, thank you.

* Justine was very welcoming & informative. Easy to talk to & she made the course fun with games.

* Justine was fab! She was very helpful and informative, included a lot of details and personalised it for our students' needs. Fantastic!

* I enjoyed this course more than I thought. Very good.

* I really enjoyed this course, very beneficial, lots of ideas. Very enjoyable.

* Excellent training that will be beneficial to students and also staff. Lots of new ideas given to me that I can use to work with my students. Thank you.

* Brilliant course!

* Best course I've ever done! Want to do the next level! Thank you for making it such fun whilst learning so much

* I was very nervous and Justine was very empathetic, making me feel more confident

* Really calm and supportive tutor

* I thoroughly enjoyed this course

* Very knowledgable tutor, good delivery and interaction with students

* I feel the course was extremely interactive and beneficial as it allowed me to experience everything first hand.

* Brilliant & fun!

* Thank you for your help.

* Very motivational - enthused staff to deliver in school - fun!

* Fantastic, would highly recommend.

* Excellent course!

* This was fab, thanks :-)

* Best training EVER

* Amazing course, very informative, fantastic and knowledgeable instructor.

* Excellent course, really fun and engaging.

* Loved the course, instructor Marie was a great teacher.

* The course was very fun and informative.

* Most enjoyable and informative course I have been on for a very long time.

* Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Marie was very knowledgeable and made me feel confident at all times throughout. I feel confident handling the trampoline and teaching was superb.

* Excellent teacher!

* Course was excellent.

* The course was brilliant, lots was covered and all was delivered really effectively.

*Excellent, brilliantly delivered.

* Excellent delivery - really easy to understand. Really useful to have progressions for more able patients.

* Very enjoyable course, thank you. Very well delivered.

* Extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor - thoroughly enjoyed the course, cannot wait to put it into practice. Thank you very much.

* Fantastic all round!!

* Best course I have been on in a long time. Very informative.

* The course was very interesting with lots of encouragement. Rachel was very supportive.

* Very enjoyable course. Learned a lot of useful skills, would highly recommend.

* Had an excellent time doing Rebound Therapy training. Can't wait to put it to good use.

* Really good course, well presented and I can see lots of potential benefits for people I support. Really looking forward to putting it into practice.

* Loved this course, theory very interesting. Practical very good.

* Very fun training, very interesting how the therapy works for different people with different needs.

* Amazing!!

* Paul was extremely encouraging and patient with the class. He gave good motivational ideas for future sessions.

* Thoroughm engaging, practical, safe, confidence builders.

* Very informative and tutor is very knowledgeable

* Enjoyed the course, was fun throughout the two days, lots of information given

* Really enjoyed the course, I feel like I have learnt a lot but it was fun to do

* Very thorough delivery, although only two days I feel very informed and competent

* Rachel is incredible! Very informative and lots of fun

* It has been a thoroughly educational but incredibly enjoyable course. David has been exceptional throughout. I will certainly recommend Rebound Therapy

* Absolutely wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable and passionate about Rebound Therapy

* David was a fantastic tutor, he made everyone feel very comfortable, he explained everything so well. It was so much fun

* Absolutely loved the course - thank you! David was mint. Would have loved to have even longer as we had so much fun and learnt loads!

* Amazing training, David was fantastic. I learnt so much that I can already see being so beneficial and rewarding in practice

* Course was fantastic and what made it so great was the tutor. He made you feel relaxed and comfortable and want to improve, and is an absolute credit to Rebound Therapy

* Really good 2 day course, learnt a lot and had a brilliant tutor

* Nice and practical fun jumping.

* Excellent engaging positive tutor. Thanks

* Absolutely fantastic course, very helpful and informative.

* Very helpful and rewarding, and knowledgeable.

* Excellent delivery. Please continue with your energy and enthusiasm.

* Thank you and will be in touch with other teaching opportunities.

* Enjoyable course and would like to do the next course [Rebound Plus]. Just the right length of time for course information and practicing.

* I will be asking my school for the next training [Rebound Plus] :-)

* The course leader was (as well as being very knowledgeable) very encouraging, providing support and motivation.

* Very encouraging and informative.

* Trainer very knowledgeable.

* Very good, fun course.

* Training made relevant for individual staff working with pupils. Very enjoyable and informative, delivery by Tutor was pitched very well. Really good course.

* Best inservice course attended to date, that will be of great benefit to lots of pupils. Super interactive session too!

* Really enjoyed the course - thank you.

* Rachel was a fantastic Tutor, very engaging and made the training fun and enjoyable while still very informative.

* Excellent course, definitely learnt more than I expected.

* Course was explained very well and ande easy to understand.

* Course was excellent overall, very excited to use in practice.

* Thank you, brilliant course with potentially brilliant outcomes for pupils - good team building time too!

* Really enjoyed all aspects of the training.

* Paul is a very good teacher. Thank you!

* Excellent 2-day course. Paul very knowledgeable and experienced, great personality! Easy to group concepts and lots of new ideas to take back to my school.

* Course delivered in a fun, enthusiastic way.

* He was very good.

* It was a really good course and Paul was a really good teacher.

* Amazing sessions. Really enjoyed it.

* Eddy provided a fantastic array of supporting ideas and next steps. It has been an honour to meet you, you are an inspiration. Thank you Eddy.

* I really enjoyed this training session and found it helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

* This [training] has been a huge benefit. Invaluable practical, a pleasure to meet such an influential man [Eddy Anderson].

* Great course, very informative. Great Tutor.

* Excellent day [Refresher Workshop], feel more confident about Rebound Therapy again.

* Excellent training. Feeling very confident.

* Brilliant course :-)

* Really enjoyed the day [Refresher Workshop]

* So interesting, lots of new ideas to think about. Very well presented.

* Great demonstrations and enthusiasm.

* Excellent course, thank you so much. Really hope to be able to put this into practice at Orpheus soon!

* Very useful info provided before course and info re-inforced by tutor. Thank you for an awesome course.

* Fabulous course, thank you Paul.

* The course was so well presented and very very enjoyable. It will be fantastic to work with our students and I know they will get a lot out of it.

* A very positive Tutor! Good fun and I learnt lots of helpful stuff to use in class.

* Very attentive to what all candidates were doing and re-inforced safety throughout.

* Great fun and really enjoyable and positive.

* Absolutely loved the course, the delivery was perfect.

* Excellent course! Very informative and helpful to my role. Enjoyed every minute.

* I thought the course was great and found it very informative. Really enjoyed.

* Excellent course, very informative and in great detail. Kept everyone engaged.

* Really enjoyed course, would be good to arrange a follow up day.

* I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the whole course of Rebound Therapy. I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time. I have two children and I could see elements of what we learnt that will also help my daughter who has ASD. I work with PMLD students in our school. So I’m very excited to put into practice what we’ve learned and happy that I will be able to help our pupils with this. I think we all enjoyed the course.
I’d like to do the next  course [Rebound Plus] if the opportunity arises. Thank you very much.

* A very positive Tutor! Good fun and I learnt lots of helpful stuff to use in class.

* Very attentive to what all candidates were doing and re-inforced safety throughout.

* Great fun and really enjoyable and positive.

* Really enjoyed the course, lots of fun, learnt a lot.

* I really have enjoyed this course. Looking forward to using what I've learnt.

* [The tutor] was brilliant & very detailed. She is a credit to the course.

* Tutor excellent. Really enjoyed the course so much.

* Fun and thorough course, explained safety issues well and some great ideas for our sessions.

* Always a pleasure doing my refresher course with Paul. Each time I take something away that I had forgotten.

* Tutor was very good at what he does.

* Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot - thank you.

* Passionate delivery by a really personable tutor, made the course fun and engaging.

* Great course! Thank you!

* Very informative course, thoroughly enjoyable!!

* Great training, would definitely benefit wide range of students.

* David was a fantastic Tutor and he was very thorough and made us feel very at ease on and off the trampoline.

* David was fantastic at making everyone feel confident on the trampoline + coaching. Learning [skills] and putting it into practice with the students was very useful.

* Very enjoyable training, many thanks :-)

* Super course - brilliant delivery, took all comments / avenues into account.

* Excellent, really fantastic course.

* Good encouragement when not very confident - clear information and practical sessions.

* Very professional Tutor.

* Good course. Provided lots of info. Thank you.

* Fun, informative and a fantastic course. Justine was patient + willing to help when asked. Thoroughly enjoyed!

* Excellent and very informative course. Justine's delivery of both theory and practical was superb, lots of praise and encouragement was given throughout, which instilled confidence in everyone.

* Hands on and informative.

* I came in very nervous as I have no experience but the Tutor was very nice and good at what she does.

* Tutor very knowledgeable and able to give great detail

* Very well presented and explained.

* Very good + interesting, would definitely like to do more.

* I just wanted to say that it was a fantastic course and Justine was a brilliant trainer. She was patient, kind, knowledgeable and all round great! She really helped my confidence... Ive even applied to other aspects of my life!

Thank you



* Really friendly and sense of humour. Really nice.


* I would just like to thank you so much for the past 2 days of Rebound Training at Mowbray (with David Tully)..As a TA I feel I can take so much back into the classroom and incorporate it into the PE/Sensory/Rebound Therapy curriculum.

The course was a brilliant insight into the therapy that each child gains from Rebound, but also how brilliant you, as a member of staff feel knowing you can give so much to a child through time and patience using the various techniques we have learnt.
Once again many thanks
Emily :) 

* Absolutely outstanding coaching. Clearly an expert in her field. A pleasure to learn from such a skilled Tutor.

* It all went very well, was very well organised.

* Anna was very approachable and helpful in all aspects of the course.

* Really enjoyed the course, Tutor was lovely and made everyone feel comfortable + positive.

* Fantastic training, Justine was brilliant, engaging and fun! Loved learning from an experienced and engaging Tutor. Thank you!

* Super encouraging!

* Justine was amazing and made the course fun, I felt very comfortable. Thank you :-)

* Thanks - fun, interesting and Justine really helped to build my confidence.

* Very enjoyable and supportive.

* The information was clear and when needed was broken down.

* Made me feel more confident being on a trampoline. Really supportive.

* Really enjoyed the course.

* Marie was very good at facilitating the course and explaining scenarios to understand.

* Fab course!

* Very useful and enjoyable.

* V helpful & insightful.

* Fantastic, use of the camera footage later is great.

* Brilliant. Enjoyed the course and needed a Refresher.

* I thought the course was fun and encouraging.

* The explaining was clear and activities were clear. Great course with nice people. Tutor very helpful.

* Very helpful and good at responding to answers, It was also laid out very well.

* Thank you for your service and training.

* Excellent delivery with practical opportunities to develop skills. Opportunities to discuss individual questions.

* I really enjoyed the course, found it reallyn useful. Really made me think about the youing people I work with and how I can apply it to working with them.

* Mr Paul was very helpful and very patient when talking. I enjoyed every lesson and exercise that was taught on the course, and I understood everything.

* Very, very interesting, very professional, lots of information. Excellent, learnt so much.

* An excellent course full of fun and simple challenges / tasks / ideas for pupils of ALL needs.

* The course tutor was very knowledgeable and taught the content in an engaging way. Particularly his demontrations with course attendees. Many thanks!

* Excellent course - Great teacher.

* Loved this course - can't wait to take in for practice.

* Excellent course. I felt very well equipped to make a start on my Rebound Therapy career!

* Fab, brilliant, excellent.

* The entire course / training was great, and I have developed a lot of skills that I will pass on.

* Really beneficial course.

* The course was very informative and the tutors were brilliant. The office staff were also very helpful.

* So much more than just 'bouncing'. Lots of great ideas to develop children both physically, mentally and educationally.

* Great course, there are so many amazing ways to work with the children! I can't wait to get started.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of helping the students learn and progress. The whole experience was worthwhile and rewarding.

* Excellent course, lots of ideas, theory and practical experiences. Excellent knowledge of SEN.

* Really enjoyed this course. I was very nervous at the start, but I found Rachel very supportive and very encouraging, really enjoyed the course.

* Tutor was friendly, enthusiastic and energetic. Very open and welcoming, made us feel confident in all aspects of Rebound Therapy.

* I really enjoyed this course and think the training will benefit greatly within our house.

* Overall excellent course, very informative. Good fun, instructor was first class.

* Excellent Tutor, encouraged everyone to take part.

* This is one of the most enjoyable courses, Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and super professional. Also staff and students at the venue are amazing.

* Rachel was an excellent instructor, very helpful and informative. I enjoyed my time on the course.

* Found Tutor Rachel to be very welcoming and excellent at explaining and breaking everything down and making it enjoyable. Fantastic job, loved every minute, would love to do follow up [Rebound Plus]

* The course was superb. No pressure if I felt uncomfortable trying anything.

* Anna was very accommodating, she was very mindful of people's capabilities and assisted efficiently when needed.

* Excellent, really enjoyed it - everyone given enough time to understand.

* Very good - will tell others to come [and do this course]

* Using pupils as a demo was very useful.

* Nice warm, friendly Tutor. Made us all feel comfortable.

* Justine was very encouraging, kind and very informative.

* Loved it!

* Really enjoyed it! Lots of information provided.

* Very interesting and useful. Thank you.

* A fantastic course. I can't wait to put all I have learnt into practice.

* Very enjoyable course.

* Good course, informative.

* Really enjoyed the course. Felt comfortable instantly.

* Excellent Tutor, knew her stuff well.

* Good combination of facts, practical knowledge and health and safety.

* Anna, the Tutor was fantastic explaining everything and building confidence too.

* This was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience. Thank you.

* Really enjoyed the two day course. Looking forward to working with our children in school.

* The Tutor explained the aspects very well. Everything was very easy to understand. A very enjoyable course.

* Tutor was excellent, took lots of time to explain the material. She was very patient and helpful. Thank you.

* Really enjoyed the two days and can't wait to start working with the pupils in school. Thank you so much :-)

* A very enjoyable, informative course. Anna was very patient and encouraging and was able to adapt the teaching to meet all needs.

* Fantastic course - very beneficial for special ed pupils.

* Very informative & very enjoyable - thanks

* A thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial course for a huge range of pupils and their needs. Thank you.

* Your training has been very positive for our staff and ultimately for our pupils. Many thanks for your assistance.

* David was engaging and gave everyone time to practice and share ideas of good practice.

* A great course and lots of fun. Great coverage with lots of laughs.

* Good coverage of both practical and theory. Good explanation of wording language.

* Excellent tutor who demonstrated how fun Rebound is with passion.

* Really enjoyable and informative.

* Had lots of fun! Clear delivery of course. Thank you.

* Excellent course, lots of relevant professional discussion. Motivating, supportive group of trainees. Safe environment to learn.

* Very informative and beneficial course.

* Tutor had excellent knowledge of different disabilities.

* Brilliant content and able to ask and answer any questions along the way.

* Fantastic tutor, approachable and gives good practical advice.

* Feel the course was fantastic and informative, leaving me wanting to do Rebound Plus.

* Great course!

* Enjoyed learning Rebound and feel confident enough to enjoy with pupils.

* Justine was very helpful with allowing me to have sufficient time for a previous injury.

* Learnt loads. Thank you very much.

* Paul is an excellent tutor - very engaging and thoroughly helpful and informative.

* Well delivered with enthusiasm for content. Was able to hold attention and enthusiasm of group from a wide variety of backgrounds.

* Excellent!

*Excellently run, addition of video footage will be very useful when refreshing the course / practices and the opportunity to talk to other professionals very helpful.

* A real eye opener.

* Paul is great! Really enjoyed the course.

* Really useful and would like to take on further training.

* David was a fantastic Tutor. Very encouraging and thorough with explanations.

* Really enjoyed learning new skills to bring to Rebound Therapy sessions and my facility, and great Tutor.

* The Tutor was good and enjoyed it.

* Amazing Tutor for Rebound, I would like to say thank you for everything.

* Excellent course - fun and informative.

*Justine was amazing especialy explaining everything and bringing us out of our comfort zone.

*A great course.

* Very good course, not very confident [at the beginning] but felt much better as the course went on.

* Fantastic course, good company.

* Course was delivered very well in all aspects.

* Fantastic course, fantastic tutor.

* Was extremely encouraging and knowledgeable.

* Thank you - really enjoyed it.

* Very enjoyable, great Tutor, had an amazing time on the course.

* Very knowledgeable and friendly Tutor, enjoyable and informative course.

* Fantastic course, thank you!

* I enjoyed it a lot.

* Course was brilliant

* Course layout was very clear and the way it was delivered was excellent.

* Thank you again Eddy, it was a pleasure meeting you.

* Kept learners engaged with relevant examples.

* I felt the course gave options for all children and people of different abilities.

*Fantastic course, excellent tutor.

* Fantastic course, lots of practical. Enjoyable, best course I've been on.

* Very helpful and enjoyable. Glad that it was also videod as a source of reference.

* Excellent course - well structured.

* This course was much more than I expected. The content and knowledge of Paul was excellent. Thank you.

* Marie made it a really relaxing day, which encouraged development.

* Excellent Refresher. Marie was an excellent course Tutor, given us lots of information and fresh ideas.

* Justine gave lots of encouragement to individuals.

* Thank you, has been brilliant.

* Very helpful.

* Very helpful and much fun. Please can we have Justine for our next training :-)

* Very helpful and supportive.

* Really enjoyed how practical the course was.

* Very well put together. Rachel was fantastic + very helpful.

* Very enjoyable, shows different ways and techniques to let children enjoy the trampoline.

* Rachel was very encouraging, made the course very enjoyable and relaxed.

* Fantastic course, has made me eager to go and practice what I have learnt.

* Really enjoyed the course. Paul was excellent and thorough.

* Enjoyed both days, learnt valuable experiences.

* Really enjoyed the course. Can't wait to start!!

* I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I feel that I learned a lot.

* Very knowledgeable, and very fun way of learning.

* Great course - well delivered - class participation - good information.

* Good knowledge, well delivered. Thank you.

* Excellent teacher. Always good to refresh.

* Great day, thanks.

* Thanks Paul, enjoyed the content and teaching of the course.

* Good venue. Paul excellent tutor.

* Excellent tutor, friendly and approachable. Very good venue.

* As always Paul was very encouraging to people on the course that found aspects difficult.

* Delivered the training really well, had time + took time to demonstrate moves and supported throughout the two days.

* Great Tutor, interesting training. Good how it was related to our service users.

* The Tutor improved my confidence with her positive comments. Very informative.

* Thank you for a wonderful 2 days training. I have refreshed my previous training.

* The tutor delivered the course in an effective way and encouraged the students to overcome their shortcomings.

* Fantastic training, fun and enjoyable.

* Tutor seemed very knowledgeable regarding Rebound. Great life examples given. Amazing demonstrations.

* Tutors were very encouraging and supportive and patient.

* Well taught. Friendly tutors made staff feel comfortable and happy.

* Really positive Tutor, she was really accommodating.

* Really good course.

* A realy good group to work with, and an enthusiastic coach.

* Excellent throughout.

* Excellent environment to learn this course content. Lots of new ideas suggested. Very helpful, thank you.

*Great course, very informative and fun. Thanks Marie.

* Has greatly improved my confidence on the trampoline, and reminded me of training from 4 years ago. Excellent, very inspired!

* Venue worked really well, lots of practical time, beneficial to the learning. Course content will be very useful. Thanks.

* Excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about Rebound Therapy.

* Great course. Like the resources. Venue were very accommodating

* Excellent delivery of course, extremely informative.

* Excellent course well done!

* Great tutor. Lovely practical examples and real life scenarios.

* Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

* Fantastic. Thank you Paul.

*Instructor made people feel comfortable.

* Just keep doing what you are doing! Excellent!

* Gave me confidence, really enjoyed it

* Really informative and fun delivery

* Good instructions of how to improve

* An excellent practical and informative course.

* Loved the course, was fun and informative and looking forward to putting it all into practice.

* Thank you very much! Really enjoyed the course and I learnt loads.

* Absolutley loved it all. Thank you so much!!

* The Tutor certainly knew her stuff + her experience showed.

* Very enjoyable and informative course.

* Really enjoyed it - thank you - would be interested in more training [Rebound Plus]

* So much to take away. Really enjoyed the course & looking forward to putting new skills into practice.

* This was a very interesting and informative course as well as a lot of fun.

* Very enjoyable course, made learning the material presented easier. Thank you.

* Course was well organised and very useful.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day session and feel that this will be very beneficial to our s/users and my role within the service.

* I have enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot of different things during the two days training.

* David was very approachable and answered questions very clearly but simply. David made you feel at ease.

* Had a good range of knowledge, and adapting techniques to our client group.

* Enjoyed both days - good knowledge and understanding.

* Hello. I can honestly say it was one of the best and most informative training course I have ever been on. Marie's passion came across and her supportiveness (if thats even a word ha ha ) the course was second to none.
I told my head teacher that more of our staff need to do this course as our students would benefit so much from Rebound more than other things they may do in school. Thank you so much.

* Fab!

* Very interesting course. Tutor very good.

* Great examples given, enjoyed it all.

* Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

* Very fun and useful course.

* Excellent course - completely different to what I have done before. Thank you - enjoyed it!

* Excellent course - Rachel was a fantastic Tutor.

* The course was really good.

* Rachel was a very professional Tutor who made it easy to follow the course.

* The course was very enjoyable and the two days were good time to cover [everything]

* As usual, outstanding course, very enjoyable by an outstanding tutor.

* Again very good refresher course.

* Very very good tutor.

* Great Tutor - always ready to discuss theory / issues with us.

* The course was excellent, very interesting and fun.

* Very experienced Tutor. Marie gave us time to practise the movements.

* Really confident teacher!

* Very pleased with the training, thank you.

* Really enjoyed the course, looking forward to sharing with our young people.

* Enjoyed it so much - thank you.

* Very enjoyable + informative.

* Excellent - very good course, can't wait to use it in school with pupils and return for Rebound Plus course.

* Excellent, really enjoyed the course. Love to do the next level [Rebound Plus].

* Course was well delivered. Lots of new ideas and suggestions.

* Lots of ideas, plenty of sensory based suggestions also. Course well delivered.

* Really enjoyed the course, it was good to refresh a few things that I had forgotten.

* Enjoyed the course a lot!

* Fascinating course with lots of practical applications I can use to enhance teaching in my school. Very valuable - thank you!

* Fantastic course. Excellent pace + content.

* The course and delivery by Paul was fantastic, I've really learnt a lot and the knowledge and background gained will be invaluable to myself and my students.

* I really enjoyed the course and look forward to implementing it in the college setting.

* Very good experience.

* Course was delivered in a very professional way, with patience and positivity throughout.

* I am fully satisfied with the training I have received.

* Effective and beneficial course run by a lovely and professional Tutor. Fun!

* The course was realy good. It is very useful and will benefit me in my job.

* Tutor was very encouraging and helpful, and the course was good all round.

* Tutor was very nice and encouraging.

* Thank you for delivering a very helpful course :-)

* Tutor was very friendly + approachable.

* Very enjoyable, fun sessions which enabled me to retain what I have learnt over the two days.

* Was really interesting and I feel comfortable to put it into practice.

* Excellent trainer - very relateable. Patient - thank you :-)

Hi Eddy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for delivering Rebound Therapy training at our school. Feedback from the staff is very positive.
Thank you on behalf of us all.

* Thank you Marie - had a fab day and learnt loads (Refresher Workshop)

* Really enjoyed it and recapped on the whole thing (Refresher Workshop)

* Best training so far. Very inclusive and fun.

* The best training course I have been on. Explained well, more nervous jumpers were encouraged and I have been engaged throughout both days.

* Excellent course. Well done Anna!

* The course was well paced and very enjoyable.We all had lots of fun learning together.

* Outstanding course!

* Fantastic delivery! Great tutor! Thank you.

* A very good course to be on. Very beneficial for our school.

* One of the best courses I have taken. Very well delivered.

* The way the information was shared / explained was amazing and the way each person of a 12 people group were involved was great.

* Enjoyed this course. Thank you.

* A well organised course.

* Very patient and encouraging trainer.

* The course was well presented and organised with the tutor Paul sharing his knowledge and experience. Also giving the group time to share experiences.

* Very informative with lots of opportunities.

* Really enjoyed the course, very informative.

* Never thought I could gain so much confidence in training, but Tutor was fantastic.

* As quite a nervous person, Rachel was so encouraging and made me feel very at ease. I am confident to practice [Rebound Therapy] at my own school.

* Had a fantastic time, helped to build confidence when using trampoline.

* Rachel was very patient & made me feel at ease on the trampoline from the very start of the course.

* Excellent course - plenty of practical opportunity and well taught / presented by Paul. Always encouraging and questiong.

* Very happy with the course. Excellent.

* Really engaging and motivating, teaching to everyone's needs.

* Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, motivating. Thank you.

* Loved it even more second time round. Great to reflect on previous practice.

* David was a fantastic tutor, addressed all questions and provided real life examples of what to do. Inclusive throughout. Thank you!

* Fantastic course with lots of practical training and theory behind it.

* Really enjoyed the course. Thank you for teaching it so well. I feel condident using all the skills I have learnt.

* The course was expertly delivered and was very helpful in moving forward. Due to this course I will be looking into other Rebound courses.

* Really supportive and created a 'safe' environment for a very nervous candidate (me!)

* David gave the right balance of having fun whilst encouraging and teaching us all about Rebound Therapy.

* Amazing tutor.

* Interesting and helpful, practical and informative.

* Very enjoyable course, looking forward to working with our clients and making a difference.

* Course well presented and organised.

* Marie made us feel at ease, encouraging us to try things which were often out of our comfort zone.

* Excellent course - presented in a way that made it easy to relate to practice area.

* Excellent course. Delivered with clarity and knowledge. Very encouraging Tutor.

* Really enjoyed the course, instructor was clear and easy to understand on what tasks were expected of us.

* I found the course very interesting and enjoyable. The course will definitely benefit our clients.

* Very enjoyable course. Instructor very good, gave clear instruction and made the course enjoyable.

* Really good rapport built with participants. Helped to build confidence.

* Very enjoyable and time flew by.

* A very enjoyable and rewarding course.

* Brilliant training given, feeling confident to support children to do Rebound Therapy.

* Felt very supported by Marie.

* Really helpful and fun!

* Really helpful course carried out with confidence. Thank you for making it such fun.

* Wonderful knowledge. Excellent tutor.

* The Rebound Therapy has been very professionally done. Great course.

* Well delivered and lots of fun!

* Fantastic course, fun and informative, given lots of ideas how to practically apply to setting. Lots of time to discuss and practice.

* Very well presented / delivered; fun and educational.

* David was approachable from the first morning. Very happy to help and made me feel comfortable, joined in with banter and that's always a bonus!

* Well presented course.

* The delivery sessions over 2 days were fantastic.

* A good, informative Refresher

* Paul is a great Tutor, very knowledgeable and gives a very fun course.

* Enjoyed refreshing from previous training, looking forward and feel confident supporting customers to acces Rebound Therapy

* Great Tutor, very experienced with people + Rebound Therapy techniques

* He was very knowledgeable and patient

* High quality of training and feedback. Can transfer skills used when teaching the children at school.

* Really good, interested in doing the next course [Beyond Rebound]

* It was great to have someone enthusiastic and happy.

* Very interesting training. Paul was very good at helping everyone feel comfortable during demonstrations. Have learnt a lot and am much more confident.

* Excellent tutor.

* Very knowledgeable tutor.

* Good use of theory and practice.

* Very good refresher.

* It was fantastic training.

* Fantastic two days - I have learnt a lot + I feel confident to use what I have learnt within school.

* Really enjoyable and informative.

* Fantastic, informative and lots of fun. Excellent course Tutor who ensured we all had excellent understanding of all training.

* A great balance between theory and practical. Time for both and turning theory to practical.

* Tutor provided information and instructions that were clear and easy to follow. Engaged well with the group.

* Excellent course would highly recommend to other organisations.

* Catered for the needs of the group really well and was respectful. Made to feel comfortable on the trampoline, felt confident, not embarrassed [to have a go].

* I was worried about doing the course but Anna made it fun and interesting, showing patience and understanding as I learnt.

* Group size was perfect. Really good supporting information.

* Enjoyed course very much, great doing the activities.

* Clear demonstrations and time to practice practically. Very good course.

* Very inspired and looking forward to implementing the programme.

* Relaxed course with a very professional tutor.

* Tutor very good - very interesting, sense of humour.

* Very good session. Couldn't fault anything with the tutor. Thank you. Very interesting.

* This is without doubt the best course I have participated in!

* Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. I'm looking to do Rebound Plus and Beyond Rebound asap if possible.

* Well presented and enjoyable course.

* Very good course, everything was well explained. This will be very useful for the future.

* Felt the course was very useful + helpful. Well organised.

* Found this course very good and I feel it will be very useful in my teaching setting, with the pupils I teach. Great course.

* Delivery was informative, professional & very enjoyable. Confident Tutor - Thank you.

* Great course, Tutor fantastic. Very relevant material.

* Excellent course really informative. Great building confidence skills.

* This was an excellent introduction for Rebound Therapy and would benefit lots of clients.

* Very interesting and helpful course

* Really enjoyed the course, excellent pace + enough time to try [exercises] ourselves. No-one felt out of their depth :-)

* Enjoyable - Tutor very knowledgeable and approachable.

* Excellent Tutor, thanks.

* I felt there was more content [since my original Rebound Therapy course], and enjoyed the theory part.

* All fantastic.

* Thanks :-)

* Excellent course - always good to Refresh.

* Excellent day of training. Good Refresher - especially putting the trampoline up.

* Excellent

* Really enjoyed it, thank you.

* Justine was very knowledgeable. The course was very informative. Justine also encouraged participation from everyone and wanted everyone to try everything. Excellent course. Will be recommending to other schools.

* Excellent delivery of course, very informative. Practical ideas.

* Excellent Tutor and course.

* Justine was wonderful. She was very engagingand had a good sense of humour which helped when the group became distracted. Very clear and easy to understand.

* Brilliant, really enjoyed the whole course. Very inclusive and supportive.

* The course provided a brilliant base for us to provide Rebound Therapy.

* Great course, would recommend to anyone interested in completing Rebound.

* Fantastic course. One of the best I've done. Tutor had great knowledge and worked fantastically with the group.

* The course was excellent. Very practical, excellent tutor and great team of people.

* Paul delivered the course very effectively. Extremely knowledgeable and a genuinely nice man.

* Brilliant course - feel confident.

* Course was valuable and enjoyable. I look forward to implementing the programme with my learners.

* Brilliahnt course, really enjoyed! Great tutor also.

* A really great course, the skills we have learnt will be beneficial for our children. Excellent tutor Paul - Thank you.

* Really engaging, fun and practical

* Hi Paul, Thank you for the video link this will be very useful to remind myself of many of the aspects of the programme. I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course at Chadsgrove as I was initially apprehensive due to my lack of experience in teaching any kind of sports. I look forward to teaching my first sessions next week.

Thanks again and all the best,


* Very good course. Really good to expand my knowledge.

* Lots of opportunities to ask questions related to the way in which you plan to use Rebound Therapy

* Everything was made very easy to follow, lots of practical work. The delivery from the tutor was fun and informative.

* Very well explained and demonstrated, and very friendly.

*Fantastic course. It was over my expectations!! Really helpful!

* Super course. Great fun. Knowledgeable Tutor.

* Very knowledgeable Tutor.

* Very informative and enjoyable, I learnt lots of new techniques. Paul was great, giving plenty of opportunities, listening to attendees and not pressurising anyone into anything. We will be recommending this course and company to all other NHS physios and support staff.

* Paul was absolutely fantastic. Full of knowledge, enthusiasm and totally engaging. We are feeling so inspired! The course is going to be so useful for our work and our clients. Thank you SO much.

* Loved the course, can't wait to get into school and put it into practice.

* Great ideas. Very patient with us trainees and really knowledgeable. Feel well equipped to teach Rebound Therapy to children.

* Was really fun and informative.

* I feel very confident to support my pupils.

* Paul answered every question confidently. V. happy.

* Paul was able to answer all questuions thoroughly. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice. Thank you!

* The Tutor was absolutely brilliant and made me feel at ease.

* A very enjoyable course. Lots of fun meaning people didn't feel silly if they couldn't do something - very supportive.

* Well presented, great fun, Justine was very thorough but made it fun too.

* Great course, loads of fun. Can't wait to put what we've learnt into practice.

* Superb 2 days. Dave is an amazing coach! Wonderful confidence giver and motivator. Thank you!!

* The College is going leap and bounds with Rebound Therapy since your course in May. I have seen some of the wonderful results myself and the Principal is amazed.

* Great course and very engaging. Covers a host of ability groups.

* The course surpassed all my initial expectations. The course was differentiated thoroughly to ensure all could relate to the own individual workplace. Very friendly, supportive and professional. Would highly recommend.

* Fantastic two days, David was very knowledgeable and approachable.

* Really enjoyable two days, thank you!

* Really enjoyed the course, and looking forward to introducing Rebound Therapy to school as part of curriculum, sensory diet and extra curricular.

* Great demos + explanation to all techniques + progressions. Time taken to answer questions.

* A very well delivered course, I can't wait to put what I have learned into practice.

* Amazing! Very insightful, feel very confident now after the course. Can't wait to use in school.

* Fantastic course! Feeling very excited to go and get started.

* Excellent course led with passion and experience by Paul. Enjoyed the practical aspects - interesting to see / experience from a student's perspective too.

* Really enjoyed this course.

* Paul was excellent, great encouragement.

* Really helpful to have so much practical time. Helped to have the theory explained during the practical sessions.

* Brilliant course! Very practical and engaging with lots of helpful information and theory. Very high quality delivery.

* Great course. Thanks.

* Excellent information and practical time.

* Enjoyed course. A lot of knowledge gained.

* This has been an excellent 2 days, have thoroughly enjoyed - it was engaging, fun but clearly delivered with safety + excellent knowledge around Rebound Therapy.

* Enjoyed course.

* I found the course very enjoyable and learnt a lot in 2 days.

* Excellent course and Tutor.

* Very thorough, explained everything and encouraged.

* Very enjoyable training.

* Fantastic course.

* The course was very useful and I have really enjoyed learning.

* Good explanations, time to practice.

* Marie was a fabulous trainer and made all feel able to complete competently.

* Really enjoyed the course. Paul was brilliant at explaining everything. Thank you.

* A brilliant course - absolutely loved it! Very knowledgeable instructor - so many good ideas. Put us at ease immediately and got the group working as a team.

* A very informative course. Can't wait to put into practice.

* Thoroughly enjoyed the course and can't wait to put into practice.

* I thoroughly enjpyed the course. Very informatice. Good tutor.

* Perfect venue, easy to get to, great coach.

* Excellent course - Brilliant trainer!

* Excellent course.

* Paul was fab, very informative.

* Excellent level of knowledge from the Tutor.

* Everything was outstanding.

* Very good at involving everyone. Good with going through things as much as needed. Applied to everyday life.

* Fantastic course! Paul was great. He was very experienced and had great back knowledge. A credit to the team.

* Amazing course. Best and most useful course I've been on, Paul was an amazing teacher.

* Very fun course delivered at a good pace. really enjoyed it.

* Great course, and tutor knowledgeable in training. Very informative and fun.

* The course was very informative, tutor very knowledgeableand approachable. Thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

* Excellent informative training which was well presented - clear demonstrations, good safety instructions.

* The course was fun and informative. The tutor was very clear and friendly.

* Excellent training.

* Justine was very friendly and was happy to repeat anything more than a few times if it was needed. Thankyou! Perfect!

* Very useful refresher. Great knowledge trainer passed on to us.

* Excellent course - can't wait to use all new techniques and knowledge next week!

* Hi Lois/Paul, I just wanted to say a huge thank you from the staff that attended your rebound training today. The feedback was fantastic.

* Really fun and enjoyable. Very well explained. Easy to follow and engage.

* Great instructor. The course was well explained and fun.

* It was a perfect training and our Tutor was passionate, knowledgeable and clear. Thank you very much.

* It was a great course, thank you.

* Fun and practical course. Really good that there's still scope for further learning [availability of add-on modules such as Rebound Plus]

* Course was excellent. It was delivered very well and Paul ensured everyone understood everything.

* A fantastic course.

* Course was brilliant, very well delivered and explained. Really good Tutor, have learnt a lot.

* Fab course. Very interesting + motivational. Good fun! Great instructor.

* This was the most informative and encouraging course I have ever attended. I would like to extend my knowledge.

* Great course. On the first day I didn't think I'd have the confidence to do this but after the second day I know I can. Thank you Paul, very good.

* Paul you are an amazing trainer, this course has been brilliant, thank you.

* Very knowledgeable, happy and confident. Answered all questions + encouraged us all, thank you!

* Paul had a really good knowledge + understanding of how to adapt approach.

* Excellent tuition, plenty to take away and implement with my students.

* Excellent delivering of information and demonstrating. Plenty to go away with to use with my students.

* All was clearly explained and / or demonstrated. We were encouraged to laugh at ourselves and have fun which helped the learning process.

* Thank you so much for the fab course.  Everyone really enjoyed it and the staff can't wait to put the training into practice.

* Brilliant!

* Many thanks. Very enjoyable and informative.

* A very enjoyable and engaging course. Practicul input great to learn.

* Brilliant and very worthwhile course. Loved it, thanks!

* V. well put together course. V. enjoyable.

* I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found Paul to be extremely professional yet easy going + approachable. Thanks :-)

* Brilliant course.

* David was excellent. Incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and fun. The school have been perfect hosts [external candidate] and what a fab bunch of delegates. I'm leaving inspired and ready to bounce!! Thank you.

* Fab fun course, probably the most valuable tool to use with all students.

* Fantastic instructor, really enjoyed the two days training.

* Very friendly Tutor, enjoyed the course and feel very confident in the course.

* David has incredible knowledge and is super supportive and resources are great.

* Allowed lots of time for practical handling + catered course to accommodate course attendees.

* Amazing course!

* Fantastic training! Super supportive and informative. Online resources are great. So much fun with loads to take back [to school].

* David made the course really fun & enjoyable.

* Excellent, well delivered course by a very knowledgeable Tutor.

* Excellent course, great team work, really enjoyed the two days.

* Fantastic course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well delivered by Rachel.

* Really enjoyed course, very informative and fun.

* Excellent course, excellent Tutor.

* Excellent course very practical and considerate to individual surroundings and needs of pupils.

* Excellent Tutor - explained & demonstrated clearly. Motivated and encouraged us.

* Rachel was fantastic at explaining everything. Excellent course, fun and informative.

* Friendly, helpful and very informative.

* Thoroughly enjoyed the course - excellent delivery and highly relevant for the pupils we are working with.

* Tutor was very approachable and friendly.

* I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you all at and of course Jean at the Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation. David Tully our tutor was fantastic and we had a really fun group of delegates from a range of settings. I hope many more organisations take up the banner for more Rebound Therapy for children in special schools and in the community to access. My thanks again and also those of my colleagues here at our school.

* Excellent training, demonstration and theory - Excellent discussion around adaptations and problem solving for children with SEN. Thank you.

* Very useful and I really enjoyed training.

* Excellent course. Justine had great humour, very approachable, patient and a wealth of knowledge.

* The course delivery was outstanding.

* Justine was brilliant.

* Learnt so much and feel confident in starting to use rebound as a session.

* Very much enjoyed the course and look forward to working with my students on Rebound Therapy.

* Excellent course. Very well presented.

* Really good delivery and quality of information / demo

* I found the assembly of the trampoline very interesting as we have a fixed trampoline in our school.

* Very well delivered - made sure everyone had understood every practical move before moving on.

* Very good course, thank you.

* Really interesting and thought provoking to take knowledge back to school to implement programs.

* Fantastic variations, highly recommend.

* Training was very well presented and delivered.

* Really enjoyed how practical the course was.

* Very good course, well delivered and enjoyable.

* Good examples and demonstrations.

* Brilliant.

* Really enjoyed the course, will look into doing Rebound Plus.

* Brilliant course, very excited to put this into practice. Friendly, encouraging.

* Marie was supportive and informative.

* Loved the course, keen to apply newfound knowledge in work.

* I thought the course was great.

* Clear instructions and plenty of practise, was presented very well and I came away feeling confident in the use of a trampoline [for Rebound Therapy]

* Very enjoyable and easy to understand, made it fun and both days went very well.

* Very good course, very enjoyable. Thank you.

* Interesting course where I learned a lot.

* Marie explained all details and demonstrations in good plain English, which was really good for me.

* Marie was very knowledgeable and very good at putting things over to us as a group.

* Excellent delivery and with lots of relevant information. Also made fun.

* I found this Refresher Workshop great for reminding and keeping up to date.

* I thought the course was great.

VSo much fun & a very intelligent, likeable Tutor!

* Whole two days were made to be very fun with the learning!

* Fantastic Tutor knowledge. Very fun course.

* Very complete, clear and useful. Thank you.

* Really clear delivery, all the information was accessible & questions were answered really well. Confidence-inspiring Tutor. Thank you :-)

* Very enjoyable. Learned lots that I will use in my school.

* Rachel was amazing. So friendly and made the course really enjoyable. Loved the course.

* Excellent & will be very useful to support pupils in school setting.

* I really enjoyed it. Rachel made us all feel relaxed and confident.

* I found the course a lot of fun and relevant to my work. I will take everything I have learned and put it all to great use.

* Fantastic course, really enjoyed it. Rachel was very informative and made the course fun.

* It has been very enjoyable & instructor was very good.

* The course was delivered really well and all information was very clear and well understood.

* Boards were great ice breaker, good use of humour & praise where appropriate. Brilliant :-)

* Really good Tutor and really enjoyed the course.

* Excellent delivery and very clear throughout, everything was detailed.

* Very good, learned a lot.

* Really informative & fun - would be able to implement this into my daily practice asap.

* Excellent Refresher course. Well explained, good demonstrations. All questions answered, very informative.

* Well presented course. Definitely worth refreshing, surprising how much you forget when you don't have to use it.

* [ Refresher Workshop] Reminded me of lots of activities that I had forgotten.

* Excellent course.

* Rachel was an amazing Tutor! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging! A credit to the Rebound Therapy training team! :-)

* Very informative.

* An enjoyable course, good number on course to maximise opportunities to take part. Tutor very good teacher.

* Anna was highly knowledgable and answered questions clearly.

* Excellent tutor.

* Excellent. Loved it.

* Excellent knowledge of course outline delivered by tutor.

* Very good training, great two days and explained and demonstrated very well.

* Brilliant delivery and course content. Can't wait to start at school.

* Fantastic course.

* A very enthusiastic Tutor, excellent practical and theory information.

* Very good, very enthusiastic Tutor. Really interesting and beneficial course.

* Thanks a million!

* Very good knowledge and made it fun.

* Excellent course, practical & fun, interesting and encouraging. Many thanks.

* Excellent. Informative course.

* An absolutely fantastic course, I have really enjoyed the weekend and have learned lots. I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.

* Very good course + Tutor was very friendly.

* Lots of time to practice, was really helpful.

* Really good! Was nice to have lots of use of the trampolines to get lots of practical experience.

* Very enjoyable and knowledgeable. Questions answered, made to feel comfortable.

* Very interesting and thorough.

* Excellent 2 days from a very dedicated and professional Tutor - thank you David.

* Great course, fantastic Tutor. Really enjoyed and gained a lot from it.

* Brilliant delivery by Tutor.

* Great course, fab Tutor! Really enjoyed it and learned a lot :-)

* David made the whole experience / course enjoyable while learning

* Very good + supportive

* Tutor was fab, really enjoyed the two days.

* Brilliant knowledge, tutor high level of experience.

* Encouraged participation and questions well. He also pitched at the right level and adapted exercises to aid progressions.

* Paul was very informative and professional.

* Fantastic course.

* Very enjoyable course - informative and covered the range of learning needs.

* Paul is an excellent tutor with a lovely manner who consistently delivers an interesting and quality course of the highest standard.

* Paul is very knowledgeable and approachable.

* Paul was very encouraging - knowledgeable and easy going.

* Thank you so much Paul,
They all  thoroughly enjoyed the course. You were very professional and knowledgeable throughout.

* Really fun and educational. Clear visual instructions.

* Paul was very good. I really enjoyed the sessions. Very helpful and informative session. Thank you.

* Training really well delivered. The instructor was great with fantastic trampoline skills. It was a pleasure to take part in this course.

* Tutor was fantastic, well explained and really professional.

* Very well explained techniques.

* Well delivered course.

* Was a very useful course, lots of examples given.

* Thank you, the course was fab. Can't wait to get going :-)

* Fantastic course & Tutor. Fully enjoyed, thank you.

* Excellent 2 days packed full of useful information and practical tasks. Great fun and brilliant coaching.

* Excellent course and tutor.

* Brilliant tutor. Loved the two days and would 100% recommend the course.

* Really thorough and informative course.

* Was encouraging. When nerves set in, didn't push to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with.

* Very informative and enjoyable course. Thank you.

* Well delivered, enthusiastic and an enjoyable course.

* The course was brilliant - thank you!

* An amazing and worthwhile course.

* Fantastic course with a brilliant tutor who had great knowledge of SEN and was very clear.

* Very interesting course. You were made to feel confident to ask questions and try out exercises. Tutor had fantastic SEN knowledge and experience.

* Great course with excellent examples (broken down when needed.) Great Guy! (Paul)

* Fab course, thank you.

* Very interesting and useful.

* Fantastic course. Covered all the important matter and practical sessions were very useful.

* Such a useful course - I feel ready to start Rebound Therapy. I really enjoyed it, very good fun.

* Tutor knowledge was able to relate to personal settings.

* Great, loved it!

* Well thought out course, well presented and demonstrated by Paul.

* Excellent knowledge of Rebound Therapy, and any potential barriers were overcome and explained to execute best practice!

* Really enjoyable and useful course - learnt lots! Great support to carry out Rebound Therapy - manual, website etc.

* Overall brilliant course. It left me more knowledgeable and motivated.

* The Tutor delivered this course in a way that was clear, easy to understand and relevant to my role. One of the best Tutors I have been taught by! Thanks.

* Fantastic course. Well presented. Learnt a lot of ideas for all students in our school.

* Excellent course well presented, enjoyable, fun, excellent Tutor. Very knowledgeable, brilliant.

* Excellent course tutor, very knowledgeable.

* Excellent course, presented very professionally by Tutor, very hands on and practical. I feel like I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it.

* Excellent trainer - thoroughly enjoyable.

* Very informative and enjoyable! I can't wait to start running sessions! Thank you!

* Excellent course & delivery.

* Great practical course. Lots of quality time to ask questions & answer them.

* I felt the way Justine delivered the course was very informative but also good fun whilst learning.

* Brilliant course.

* Very helpful, clear instructions and plenty of encouragement.

* Great training today and yesterday. Really enjoyed.

* Really enjoyed.

* Wonderful two days course, big thank you Paul, can't wait to put all you have taught into practice.

* Would repeat the course if I could. Not only did I enjoy it a lot, I also learned amazing exercises for Alexandra Care students.

* Very useful, thank you.

* Paul was very motivating and explained everything clearly and helpful answering all of our questions.

* Course was very interesting and made fun. Felt encouraged by both Tutor and peers.

* Excellent Tutor, made it enjoyable :-)

* Fantastic course.

* A very useful + exciting course. Very knowledgeable + informative + fun!

* Outstanding Tutor who made it all fun, interesting and clearly explained everything. Relaxed, happy environment.

* The most worthwhile course I have done whilst working at [my school]. Fantastic couple of days - Thanks!

* A great course - thank you - can't wait to start bouncing at school!

* The course was very useful and the way it was taught was also excellent.

* Really enjoyed the course.

* Brilliant and interesting course to complete.

* Really informative and interesting course - all information given was relatable and useable within my teaching setting. Relaxed atmosphere & very friendly.

* Plenty of opportunity to address any gaps in knowledge - both in theory and practical. Had fun whilst learning too!

* Marie was easy to talk to. No question was a silly question!

* Great course.

* Excellent 2 days, feel very confident to take this training to all the young people I work with at Cambian Group and use this new skill.

* Excellent course, very enjoyable.

* Best course I've been on! Exceptionally well explained and demonstrated. I learnt some general knowledge too!

* Very knowledgeable and supportive, nothing too much trouble.

* Fantastic course, thank you.

* Enjoyable course, thanks.

* Very good, clear, well presented.

* Really fun and practical course.

* Paul was very knoweldgeable and encouraging. Good practical content. Excellent very enjoyable course.

* Well organised and will help me!

* Delivered course confidently which enabled me to remember some if what I had forgotten.

* Very good and informative.

* Excellent course and to refresh on old ideas and new.

* Was very good to have a refresh as don't work with all abilities all the time.

* Very clear delivery. Good to have opportunities to practice and recap on moves and progressions.

* Enjoyable day, new ideas. Good recapping of teachings.

* Great, clear explanations and demonstrations with relevant discussions and feedback.

* Very informative and Tutor was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this course.

* Very good, excellent delivery. Excellent course.

* Enjoyed the refreshment of the course. This would be good to have every couple of years within the school team.

* This was a very good course.

* Excellent Tutor.

* Great, thank you.

* I had a very enjoyable time and learnt a lot. Would like to continue with this training.

* A very positive course and would highly recommend it to other members of staff.

Very positive training and enthusiasm.

Excellent and engaging.

Excellent. Wish it lasted longer!

Very enjoyable. Tutor very responsive to student needs.

Thank you, you've been great plus made it really enjoyable and fun. I've loved it :-)

Really enjoyed the last 2 days, so much better than I expected! Time has flown and I've learned loads, David has been a fab Tutor. Thank you :-)

Excellent, relevant to my needs.

Really good delivery of the course, really good and enjoyable.

Great course.

Very good - lots of useful information. Enjoyed both practical and theory.

Had a really good time on the course, found it really inspiring and can see how this will be relatable for use with young people.

Very informative and enjoyable course. Thank you Justine.

I really enjoyed the course, it was excellent. Really useful skills to use in a class session.

Justine was excellent.

Lovely supportive Tutor who encouraged us to try moves but we never felt pressured.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am excited to impliment everything I have learnt.

The course was excellent.

Great course - can't wait to use what I have learned in the school setting. Thank you.

Excellent, thank you.

Excellent course, really enjoyed it and learned loads. Paul was an excellent Tutor, explained everything brilliant and has lots of patience.

Brilliant course, Marie gave us plenty of time to practise the skills.

Paul was great with helping apply theory to practical situations, whilst thinking of our own participants.

Excellent course thank you.

A very enjoyable and informative course. I hope to start this in September with a new class, many thanks.


Being trained by someone with experience of adults with varied disabilities really added to the teaching.

Excllent course. Really enjoyable.

Very friendly and approachable. Knowledgeable about subject.

Very constructive, fun, enjoyable well organised course. I feel a lot more equipped than before. Thank you!

Informative course, will give me all the knowledge needed.

A very comprehensive course, very informative, tutor was extremely knowledgeable.

Really great course. Lots of relevant information and ideas for students. Very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed the course. Justine was really good at teaching the course and gave really helpful answers to any of our questions.

Very informative. Collected practical ideas for my students. It will help me to plan, deliver, record sessions and prepare.

Thank you for the email containing the Link and a huge thank you for delivering such an interesting and fun course, I really enjoyed myself.

Let Paul teach everyone!

Excellent course - thank you!

Thoroughly enjoyable course, would highly recommend.

A reallt fantastic 2 days.

Excellent Tutor. Good knowledge of topics.

Really good Refresher, lots of new ideas and old ideas forgotten, now remembered!

Great course, very good information, helpful refresher.

Very enjoyable and informative. Tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive.

Very enjoyable - lots of chances for practice - very pleased sections were videoed, will be very helpful. Afternoon on 2nd day really consolidated learning.

Very well presented training. Very informative, lots of practice time and corrections if work needed. Very enjoyable.

The tutor was great and very helpful.

Very well organised - lots of demonstrations and time to practice. paul asked at regular intervals if anyone had any questions and answered in detail.

Really enjoyed the training, was given very by Paul. (Love the badge.) Thank you.

Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you.

Really enjoyed course, very informative and useful.

Lovely 2 days. Keen to get going. Tutor was motivating and encouraging. Thank you.

Excellent practical course. Was good to recap everything on 2nd day.

Excellent course, very knowledgeable Tutor.

The course was perfect! So enjoyable + I learnt so much.

Excelent delivery. Felt able to ask questions and practise throughout. Thank you.

Really enjoyed, very helpful. Thank you.

Very interesting and enjoyable course - explained really well and in great detail. I found it of great use taking part in the practical work.

The post-course support provided is a wonderful addition which is not offered by other courses I have attended.

Really thorough course - which encouraged a really inclusive approach to physical development as well as the wider benefits of Rebound Therapy.

Marie was friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed this course and felt I learned a lot.

Really enjoyed the course. Although I'd not been on a trampoline before, I feel a lot more confident. Thank you Marie!

Very informative, made fully aware of risks and why we do things a certain way.

Marie is a fantastic, knowledgeable instructor. Very professional and amiable.

Really enjoyed it, very good course, I've learnt so much and met some fantastic people.

Excellent course - Easily best one I have done. Rachel is an excellent tutor!

Excellent course and well worth while.

An outstanding tutor who delivered the 2 day course brilliantly! Always have theory / skills info in practical demonstrations. This helped me gain full understanding of all skills. Delivered with positivity, encouragement, humour, which motivated all candidates.

Excellent delivery of the course. Lots of practical sessions.

Paul, that was excellent, so informative. I have never had so much fun on a course.

Excellent, informative course. Good balance between practical / theory. Will definitely put into practice back at school.

Reall good and interesting course!!

Excellent course and so relevant to the young adult I am working with who has complex needs.

Excellent course. Paul was very knowledgeable.

Brilliant, lots of practical work.

Very energetic - has made me keen to implement it asap. Tutor very enthusiastic - which made it an excellent course and encouraged all to take part.

The tutor was really clear and excellent in the way he teaches. Thank you.

Excellent knowledge and practical skills shown..

Very good explained techniques to take back to school. Good tool, recording.

Fantastic course - thoroughly enjoyed.

Excellent training I can take back to my school.

Very encouraging.

This was an excellent course. Well planned, well conducted.

Fantastic course tutor and delivery.

Amazing instructor, gave me confidence and helped throughout the course. Had great energy levels and was very passionate about Rebound Therapy. would be great to see him again!

Found the course really informative which will benefit pupils in my class greatly.

Gread course, led really well.

Fantastic course.

Excellent 2 days, felt comfortable at all times, confidence increased over 2 days. Great learning experience.

I found the course extremely informative and enjoyable. Looking forward to using Rebound Therapy in practice. Excellent Tutor.

Gained extensive training in a relaxed, informal environment. This training will enhance my future clinical practice & skills.

Excellent course.

Excellent delivery of course by David. One of the best courses i have been on. Many thanks.

Great fun while learning! The course was of excellent standard. David is an excellent Tutor - very encouraging + knowledgeable. Thank you!

Fantastic engagement from Tutor - extremely enjoyable.

Course very enjoyable - learnt loads. Great teacher.

Really enjoyable course - haven't laughed as much for ages. Learned lots, feel much more confident with principles of setting and progressing programmes.

Very good teaching! Clear demonstrations and explanations.

Excellent 2 day course - David made it very enjoyable as well as informative - would highly recommend.

Absolutely wonderful course, will be carried forward into daily timetable.

Could not fault, brilliant course. Loved every minute of it.

Very good course.

Came in having never been on a trampoline before and feeling quite anxious. I left with confidence in Rebound Therapy and new skills.

Thoroughly enjoyable 2 days, seemed [to go] so quick!

Superb course with a fantastic trainer.

Great fun course, excellent for fitness!

Fully informative - all aspects covered.

Fantastic - Really informative

I really enjoyed the course.

Excellent course, very knowledgeable Tutor. Was able to answer all questions.

Marie was very informative, patient & with a good sense of humour! Venue excellent for purpose.

A super refresher course which has given me further ideas to work on in Rebound Therapy with my class of PMLD children.

Course very detailed both in theory + practical. Course Tutor explained every aspect clearly.

Great advice on various issues with disabilities.

Really fun and well delivered course. Tutor had empathy with candidates, would give more support and encouragement when needed.

Excellent course, looking forward to putting it into practice.

Excellent progressions and physiological knowledge. Fantastic delivery and knowledge.

Enjoyable course - excellent delivery of course content.

Really enjoyed 2 day course. Very impressed with PLD demo with parachute and school student stretching out and rolling.

Great course with good time for practical work.

Fantastic course!

Fantastic, fun course - loved it!

Brilliant course.

David was very patient, explained things well and had lots of time for us. He made the course fun and interesting.

Really enjoyed the different games and activities for all different abilities.

Excellent course, great help for specific children / requirements of PMLD.

I feel the course was fantastic and I look forward to taking [Rebound Therapy] back to our school to use.

Fantastic Tutor and training.

Excellent, can't wait to implement it with the pupils I work with.

A brilliant course, thank you :-)

All round well informative course.

Really interesting and learnt lots of new things.

Really enjoyable - can't wait to start

A great course, thank you.

Excellent course.

Very motivating and inspiring, lots of learning through having a go and having fun.

Really enjoyed the course, learnt loads! Can't wait to try with children.

Great course.

Excellent course. Lots of experimental learning. Tutor Marie was very knowledgeable of both trampolining and special educational impairments. Very approachable and all questions answered. Thank you.

Really enjoyable.

Thank you, it was a really interesting course.

Relaxed atmosphere. Learnt a lot more than I expected to. Enjoyed the course.

The location, set up & timing was just brilliant. I have taken so much away, I can't wait to put my knowledge into practice.

Learnt a lot more than we thought.

Thank you Paul. Excellent.

Was a great refresher, made me realise all I was doing was right - more confident.

Great mix of practical and theory.

Well organised. Thank you.

Fantastic course, very clear. Thank you.

Brilliant in relating the information to practical experience.

Excellent Tutor. Very patient and didn't mind demonstrating lots and answering questions. Very enjoyable course. Thank you Sonia!

Great course, look forward to putting in practice. Thank you very much.

Excellent course, interesting and well thought out.

Well delivered, engaging. Non - intimidating. Motivated to improve Rebound back at base!

Really positive course and very focused on the individual needs of future students.

Paul was excellent at demonstrating and explaining any questions asked, and would always review any moves when we asked.

Paul was good at demonstrating and answered questions clearly.

Really enjoyed the whole of the two day course. Felt it was really well presented, made to feel at ease and got everyone involved. Very informative and fun. Looking forward to putting it into practice. Thank you.

Very practical, very interesting and useful. Good exampleas of tools you can use and very well explained progressions.

Excellent course - many transferable skills to my field of work. Very supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Good course content + demonstrations, fun group and Tutor.

Learnt lots of information on progressions and various landings (Rebound Plus). Feel confident delivering own sessions.

Marie is clear in presentation and patient in delivery. She offers encouragement and an abundance of methods.

Very good, used helpers very well to aid teaching of skills.

Marie is great!!!

I found this course very interesting and can't wait to try it out with my class.

Very useful enjoyable course.

Very impressed. I was so enjoying this training, had good fun. I hope I will see Marie on another training. Thank you very much.

Very good course. Looking forward to putting it into practice.

Enjoyed every moment of this course, especially learning how beneficial the trampoline can be for our individuals and myself. Thank you Marie!

Very interesting, excellent course Tutor. Demonstrated it well.

Very satisfy and excellent course.

Paul was excellent and patient. I like the way he builds the lessons.

Thank you for a very rewarding and informative course.

Paul was very clear with instructions. Would recommend this course.

Really enjoyed the course and Paul Kaye was a really good teacher.

Fantastic ideas, strategies for dealing / handling the children even when not on the trampoline. Very inspiring course. Thank you.

A fantastic course with lots of practical aspects.

Excellent course. Can't wait to start using it!!!

Fabulous course! Really enjoyed it.

Great course, look forward to refresher in 3 years!

So worth giving up a Saturday. Will enable me to offer more to students in a fun, safe way.

Rachel was fab - easily built up our confidence and just brill - Thanks.

Very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed it. Learnt lots.


I really enjoyed the time, and learnt a lot. If I have a chance to do it again I will. Thank you very much.

One of the best courses I have been on. David us so passionate about his subject, so knowledgeable about the benefits of Rebound for pupils. Makes the subject so accessible.

The course content was was excellent and well delivered.

Absolutely fantastic course. Really inspiring! david is an amazing tutor in all aspects of the training. I feel confident taking everything I've learnt back to the nursery.

The course was very informative and fun!

Great course and really well led. Very passionate and enthusiastic.

Fun and inspirational training course which has fully prepared us to deliver excellent rebound Therapy programmes.

Absoluteley loved the course - felt like I learned a lot / confidence grew! Great delivery and can't wait to get started! Felt really well supported all through and feel I can contact if any questions.

Really enjoyed the course.

I am inspired (again) to keep moving through the grades for myself, Thanks for another wonderful course. It has changed my world doing Rebound Therapy.

Extremely motivating course that will immediately impact the learning of my students.

(Tutor) incredibly knowledgeable.

Really enjoyed the course, as much as the first time. Very informative, Infectious enthusiasm!

Brilliant day, lots of great new ideas. Looking forward to start tracking progress in a different way.

Excellent Refresher training.

I feel I have learnt a lot more on my Refresher and feel more confident to try new things.

Excellent all around.

Very refreshed with new ideas.

Enjoyable Refresher course. New ideas to practise. Tutor very knowledgeable.

Very helpful with PMLD pupils, good tips to take forward.

Excellent Refresher. All key areas covered. Enjoyed it.

Loved the course, so interesting and delivered fantastically.

Very well presented. Lots of information given.

Course was excellent, very enjoyable and instructive.

Excellent variety of theory and practical exercises.

Excellent course and tutor. Feel very confident now.

Highly informative and enjoyable course.

Very, very informative.

It was a pleasure doing the course and I will definitely be coming back for the second course (Rebound Plus.) Thank you.

Excellent course. Fantastic examples that I can take away and use in my school. The assessment criteria match our curriculum perfectly. Thank you!

Really enjoyed the training. Plenty of information and lots of fun. Thank you.

Very good course, really enjoyable. Thank you.

Really enjoyed this course. Really fun.

Very enjoyable course. Plenty of practical.

Overall excellent course, explained really well, felt comfortable and relaxed, positive attitude.

Upbeat tutor with lots of knowledge and real life scenarios as examples.

A fantastic course delivered by esperienced, enthusiastic staff. Vey relevant to my area of work.

High quality tutor with excellent professional manner combined with excellent "people skills". Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Justine was friendly and helpful. She made the course enjoyable and easy.

Justine was very clear while giving back feedback.

Justine was very clear and encouraged people well.

Excellent teaching, answered questions thoroughly. Impressively calm.

Course was very good, Tutor was excellent [at] communicating with us and for support & demonstrations.

Loved the course and how practical it was. Rachel was very good, answered all questions, very sympathetic, it was great! :-)

Excellent course. Can see the benefits of this therapy and will use / lead it as feel confident

Will be very beneficial for service users who are wheelchair users in particular.

Really enjoyed the course, very interesting. Good exercise.

Really enjoyed course.

Excellent course, learned a lot and will be very useful in [our school].

On the way to the course I felt sick with nerves but within half an hour I felt relaxed and able to participate with encouragement from Tutor and other participants.

Fab course, thank you.

Very enjoyable course, all that I learn I will be able to feel confident in delivering with my residents. David was very encouraging whilst we were doing the practical.

Very enjoyable course. Tutor very helpful, explained things well and gave good demonstrations. Made me more confident in participating in Rebound Therapy.

David was an excellent tutor - very supportive and encouraging. Theory was very informative, great course! Just wish it was longer.

Thank you so much! Training was fab! So great to have such a personable, knowlegeable trainer, who is enthusiastic and patient too.

Fun and informative. Will really benefit the children I work with.

Excellent course tutor. Explained everything clearly and very patient. Thank you.

Very interesting. Would happily complete more courses.

Very good and fun course. Paul made it really relaxing to try the new things with no pressure if yu made mistakes.

Lovely venue, great people. Great fun.

I learned so much and had so much fun. Would recommend the course to others.


The course was enjoyable and delivered very well with plenty of general knowledge thrown in.

I really enjoyed this course and very useful.

Excellent, really enjoyed.

Paul was enthusiastic and inspiring. Very knowledgeable and informative. Looking forward to delivering RT at school. Made new friends and contacts!

The course was of very high quality. Paul is very experienced and has excellent personal skills which helped put everyone at ease.

The course delivery was excellent.

The pace of the course was just right. Justine explained clearly and answered all questions, and was very encouraging.

Brilliant Tutor, made everything [clear] to understand & fun. Thank you Justine, loved the training.

Excellent Tutor, learned a lot and had fun at the same time. Very encouraging and thorough with explanations and demonstrations.

Justine was a very good Tutor. She explained things well and made me feel confident in my Rebound Therapy practice when I come to use it.

I found the Tutor very helpful and encouraging and she gave clear instructions.

The course was very good and helpful.

An enjoyable and knowledgeable course. Well done Justine!

Justine was very good at delivering the course & ensured & encouraged every member of staff to get stuck in.

It was a fun and educational course.

What a fantastic course and have learnt lots of new skills.

The course was fabulous, really enjoyed it. Definitley grown in skill.

Fantastic training, loved every minute and Marie was a great tutor!

I have had a fab 2 days. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to working with our students.

The course was presented in a very clear and precise manner. Very easy to understand due to tutor explaining, encouraging questions and lots of positive feedback. Thank you.

Extremely insightful course spread across a range of abilities to suit all needs. Thank you!

Really well delivered.

The course was excellent and I really enjoyed it.

The course was excellent, I found it extremely useul an enjiyed both the theory and practical.

A very enjoyable 2 days.

really goo course, learnt a lot that I can now use with my students.

Great knowledge of Rebound. made the course fun!

Paul Kaye was brilliant tutor and made us all feel comfortable in the demonstrations.

Very good course and interesting. Can't wait to get stuck in.

Fab course, great tutor and students.

Should encourage schools to do this course as part of curriculum as it is beneficial not only for pupils but staff.

Continue what you are doing as the course was amazing.

Excellent practical course led by Paul.

Really enjoyable, fun and good course.

The course was very informative with lots of practical demonstration and explanation. Lots of practice opportunity was given.

Excellent course.

I learned a lot.

Very informative & interesting course. A lot will be useful with my pupils. Tutor was great.

It was fab! Tutor was great and there was loads of good info and suggestions to take back to school. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.

The pace and timing of chat vs practise was highly beneficial and motivating.

The course was very good and well organised. Any questions people had were answered very well and examples given for specific situations.

Excellent 2 day course with lots of examples and demonstrations. Time allowed to practise techniques and encouragement throughout.

Thank you so much! What a great 2 days - I cannot wait to put this into practice :-)

Really enjoyed this course and look forward to implementing it in the work place

Lots of information with plenty of opportunities for practise. Really enjoyed.

Knew very little beforehand, left with good, sound knowledge of therapy and how to deliver a session.

Great course, friendly and welcoming. Explained everything very well and answered all questions.

Brilliant course. Inspired by ideas and knowledge of our specific clients.

Paul was engaging and held interest.

Great course - content and tutor. I really benefit from visual learning and practice, so this was really useful.

Great course, looking forward to putting it into practice.

Excellent course.

Paul was brilliant. He explained everything very clearly. I have learnt a lot and looking forward to showing others the skills I have learnt.

Fantastic 2 days. Looking forward to putting the skills into practice. Thank you.

Great course. I wish we had done it years ago.

Patience, fun, real-life stories.

As enjoyable as it was excellent. Many thanks.

Good knowledge - great ability to translate info into practical knowledge

The teaching style was excellent, had all the team involved at all times, empowered individuals when needed.

Thought the course was great, really enjoyed.

Amazing course, Justine was great at pushing your confidence and putting moves into practice with specific individuals and students.

Good content - relevant.

Very good practical. The tutor was amazing.

Very useful course and Anna was a really good tutor.

The training was very helpful, I had never done Rebound Therapy before. In course of the training I now have confidence and am able to carry out sessions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tutor was very experienced and answered questions in depth and clearly.

Excellent two day course, very informative and very practical. Lots to use with students at our school - Thank you.

Very helpful and fun course. Extremely beneficial for the pupils I will be working with.

Fantastic & informative day (Refresher). Lots of time for questions. Highly recommended.

I had a lovely day (Refresher), will help with activities I do on the trampoline with ASC.

Really liked the use of Action Man to show body position :-)

David was extremely engaging and put people at ease in a very intuitive way. Excellent subject knowledge and delivery.

Very informative and clearly and precisely presented. Will look forward to using Rebound in the school setting.

David was the perfect tutor for our group - patience, good sense of humour and knowledgable about the subject!

Great course, David was a fantastic tutor. Well presented course, fun practicals.

Very good course. Lots of practicals, so a lot of information was taken in.

Presented very well.

Would do it again. Very well put across. Well done.

Excellent course. Paul was very knowledgable and clear. Thank you for a great two days.

Very enjoyable, well structured delivery.

Very good course, really enjoyed and learnt a lot. Many thanks.

The course was fantastic.

Fantastic, comprehensive course. No improvements needed in my opinion.

Paul was an amazing tutor and I really enjoyed the course. His knowledge was superb.

Really good training and well delivered.

Excellent training. Loved it.

Thank you, the training was brilliant and weas easy to follow.

Informative and fun course.

This was a brilliant course. Anna made it fun and she is knowledgable. Looking forward to using it with our students.

Great course - can't wait to get started!

Fantastic course! Really well delivered. Looking forward to doing further courses.

Very good presentation and good knowledge.

Good for team building. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Excellent. Very practical and will be sure to use in my work setting.

Fantastic 2 days. Really enjoyed it. Informative but fun too. Good not to feel embarrassed - everyone good sports.

Very enjoyable. Informative. Justine gave encouragement and confidence building to enable me to take what I have learnt to work.

Good information and practical sessions in a fun and informative way.

A really fun atmosphere created for learning and discussion of the course content. Thank you!

Ample opportunities to practice and go through all skills. Positive all the time! Enjoyed every minute and would be interested in Rebound Plus course!

Really good quality and delivery! I would be interested in other courses.

Keep it as thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.

Very good course.

Marie was direct and instructive. I very much enjoyed the course.

Learnt a lot of different techniques and skills.

Tutor very accepting of personal limitations, and encouraging.

Presented with perfect elocution and a delightful charismo.

It was really helpful and I loked the fact that there were lots of practical demonstrations.

Brilliant course and excellent tutors.

Very pleased with the delivery of the training. I will definitely recommend training within my sector.

Enjoyed the course. Got a lot of information from the course. I think it's a great therapy.

Great course. Lots of fun!

Very enjoyable course.

Very helpful, good.

Excellent refresher and delivery.

As always with Paul it was delivered with excellence.

Brilliant course with great knowledge of Rebound Therapy.

Really well delivered.

Very helpful and inspiring to go out and use with children and adults.

Really enjoyed it, thank you so much.

Excellent information, training both theory and practical. Paul's gentle encouragement helped me be more tolerant of the 'bounce' than I have done in the last 30 years! Thank you Paul.

Very informative, knowledgeable and supportive Tutor.

Brilliant course. Very enjoyable. Lots of ideas to use with my students.

Marie was excellent and patient with an excitable group to teach.

Enthusiastic, engaging, knowledgeable Tutor.

Was a very productive course, also humour and fun included. Learnt some great skills.

Very constructive + enjoyable course.

Very helpful and therapeutic, it will be useful to my service users.

Excellent course, excellent teaching, understood and explained everything.

Excellent training, knowledgeable about Rebound Therapy.

Thank you for the opportunity. It was a fantastic course that I really enjoyed!

This course is really well put together.

A very good course, delivered by a great Tutor.

A knowledgeable instructor making the course informative and fun.

Very informative, learnt a lot of new information and it was really enjoyable. Thank you.

Great course and Tutor.

Enjoyable course.

Excellent course - thoroughly enjoyed.

Really enjoyed this.

Very interesting course.

Very knowlegable tutor who made sessions fun and interesting. I was very anxious before attending the course, however the tutor put me at ease and I feel confident leading sessions.

Excellent! Could see that Paul was passionate about Rebound Therapy.

Excellent course that will help to meet all ranges of abilities within my setting. Superb content, delivered at an easy level to understand. Thank you.

I thought the course was fantastic. Can't wait to put it into practice.

Very helpful & fun course. Eager to do more. Great instructor.

Really excited after this course to put it into practice. Non pressured, fun learning approach by Justine.

Lovely course, thank you.

Have really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Thank you very much.

Very good delivery of course, very well explained. Helped in understanding different situations, had a lot of answers and helpful advice. Was verygood at explaining moves.

Marie was very patient and gave lots of encouragement. She had excellent knowledge and was able to answer questions thoroughly.

Very informative, more importantly things broken down and fun element to the 2 days.

Thank you - A very useful course!

I found everything really relative and useful. I will introduce the HFI with my school and look forward to putting new learning into place.

The course was very enjoyable and really well delivered.

Very helpful and interesting.

Very thorough and relevant. Adaptable - lots of examples.

I found the course well delivered. It was excellent.

Very helpful, well structured and brilliantly delivered course. Thank you.

I found the course very useful and full of information to put everything in practice with my students.

Will recommend Rebound Therapy to all people; young / old, able / disabled. At its most basic level - it is just fun!

Very knowledgeable tutor, encouraging and passionate.

Fully excellent course, both Tutor and course were brilliant.

Loved the course, would love to grow and do more.

Fantastic course - brilliant 2 days and Marie was a fantastic tutor - welcome back any time to see us.

Fantastic Tutor - really enjoyed it.

Brilliant course. Very intense but worth every minute.

A useful and practical course using our new facitily, and time to work with pupils!

Justine very patient and explained everything thoroughly and informitively.

Extremely supportive, made the course interesting and entertaining.

Really excellent course. Really interesting and assessment criteria [HFI] was invaluable. Lots of ideas as to how to incorporate into curriculum.

Very interesting learning about the benefits of Rebound Therapy.

Course was excellent, film / video good idea for future reference.

Very informative and interesting

The course was fun and enjoyable

It was ideal and very motivating delivery, with good references [Refresher Workshop]

Good to have the comprehensive update [Refresher Workshop] it was very helpful to us. Thank you

Very helpful.

Excellent course. The quality of the course made me feel able to deliver the course to my students with pride and a golden practice of excellence.

It was very helpful to be able to discuss specific examples from clinical experience. I felt that all questions had been addresssed.

Level of information from course tutor was pitched at a good level and could answer both technical and practical questions.

Amazing course. Can't wait for the extension.

Really enjoyed the course, it will enable me to work better with my students.

Very good explanations (understood everything). Thank you.

Great venue and good, helpful pace.

Excellent course and instructor.

For such an intense course - well taught. Very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed the course, trainer was very helpful, supportive and encouraging. Made it really fun, thank you.

Excellent course - good balance of theroy and practical. Helpful that you can revisit areas you are unsure of.

Engaging and v. practical.

Really practical and lots of examples from work with real students.

Brilliant course, informative and fun. Good application to real life settings - very important!

Thank you very much for a fantastic course . Your delivery was spot on. I'm looking forward to putting it into practice.

Excellent Refresher course. Fun, thank you.

Really enjoyed course.

Very helpful and informative.

Brilliant - really enjoyed this course, can't wait to use it.

Excellent course, very enjoyable and informative.

Excellent course and delivery.

Good course, venue and Tutor. Was made fun and enjoyable throughout.

Excellent course, information and support for practical application. Thank you!!

Excellent course with the right amount of people attending. Can't wait to start Rebound Therapy with my pupils.

Fantastic course. Information was all very relevant. I will be able to use Rebound Therapy in my establishment every day.

I haven't enjoyed a CLPL course as much as this in years!

Very impressed with the course, will look to progress.

Excellent course and venue. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Wonderful 2 days - really excited to take forward in school.

Please can you pass on my sincerest thanks to both Paul and Rachel.  The course from start to finish was absolutely amazing and the staff involved had a great 2 days. This is our third course we have run and the enthusiasm from my staff is just brilliant.
We are hoping to be up and running after Easter holidays. I think it is so refreshing for staff to be able to attend a course which they can use straight away as many courses we attend we have to adapt due to the needs of our learners but most importantly the benefits and enjoyment factor for both learners and staff speak for themselves.

A very valuable course well delivered by a tutor who is clearly passionate and knowledgeable.

Very informative. Excellent trainer / leader.

Fab, really enjoyed it.

Really seen the importance of Rebound Therapy for our children.

Very good training, thank you.

Was at the right pace for everyone on the course and explained everything.

Excellent and informative course which was well presented. Refreshing to learn some new approaches for trampoline coaching.

Was not made to feel self conscious in any way while trying things out in front of the group - helped my confidence.

Enjoyed it very much! Can't wait to put it into practice.

Fantastic, had a great two days, learnt a lot. Can't wait to put it into practice.

Very good course. Everything was well explained and we were all able to practice the techniques as much as we liked.

Excellent course, all special needs schools should be aware of this great therapy programme.

An excellent two days training. Great fun.

The pre-course material was excellent. Really enjoyed the courseand love Rebound Therapy . Thank you.

This course was full of very useful information and fun. Brilliant!! Well enjoyed it.

A fun, very informative course. Totally relevant to what we do and picked up lots of tips and ideas. Thank you.

Greqat course. Very informative.

Very informative and was able to recap things when unsure without feeling you couldn't.

Thank you so much! I have learnt a huge amount and I can't wait to get started with my students.

Very well delivered.

Excellent course.

Really enjoyed the course, thank you.

Fantastic delivery, everything was explained clearly. Didn't feel pressured to do anything I felt uncomfortable with :-)

Excellent delivery of course!

Good to refresh and remember important points to use our children.

Ideas of how to implement with specific special needs for specific children.

A very interesting and informative course.

Fantastic course including personalisation for individual circumstances.

Excellent delivery.

Brilliant tutor! (Very inspiring.)

Very enjoyable and well taught.

Really enjoyed course.

Enjoyed a well presented and relevant course.

Great time, good laugh but very knowledgeable Tutor.

Really enjoyed course.

Excellent course, would recommend.

Very good two days - very relevant! Thank you.

Very good course - came with little confidence and no experience - now feel able to go back to school and use all I have learned.

Excellent 2 days! Thank you.

Thanks! Excellent course. Lots of time for discussion and provided lots of detail and explanation. I really enjoyed it.

Very helpful and great refresher.

Really informative. Marie knows her stuff! Enjoyable 2 days!

An excellent course, very well presented at all times.

Excellent course, very practical

Very useful, friendly, informative, approachable, excellent content.

Marie was brilliant, sense of humour but also very knowledgeable. Brilliant Tutor.

Really enjoyed the course, fun and informative.

Excellent and informative.

Really enjoyed course, very informative as well as good practical.

Course delivery and facilitation of Tutor was excellent.

An enjoyable and very informative course & Tutor.

Brilliant course, friendly Tutor, put all at ease. Learnt lots.

Tutor's knowledge was second to none!

Very happy, looking forward to working with my service users.

Paul and Sonia were brilliant.

Really enjoyed this course, thank you.

Thank you for 2 fantastic days. Lots of fun but also tons of ideas to put into our practice.

Fantastic 2 day course, very useful for the children I work with. Thank you.

Excellent course, can't wait to complete the next stage [Rebound Plus]

Excellent course, very thorough.

Great fun with lots of learning!

Everything necessary to carry out Rebound Therapy for both ambulant and non ambulant pupils covered. Thank you.

Thank you very much, it has been really helpful to discuss adapting techniques.

Great course. Very funny and felt very relaxed.

Excellent course, well presented and taught.

The course was very good and highly recommend learning with fun.

Really useful, fun and informative - would like to do next level.

Would love to do the advanced course now.

Very enthusiastic and knowledgable tutor. Always happy to help.

I learnt a lot of useful techniques to take back to work.

Very well organised, very well structured, very informative.

Really enjoyable course + well delivered.

Very enjoyable course, thanks.

All brilliant - thank you.

Brilliant course, can't wait to get started.

Really friendly and encouraging trainer.

Highly motivating course, tutor's enthusiasm is contagious. I can't wait to get started.

Very good and informative course. Well done.

Excellent delivery, very informative and food for thought. Good practical experiences and advice to help empathise.

Very motivating and positive.

Excellent course, really engaging. Did well over the two days.

Very good, really enjoyed, great pace of the course.

Found the course and content very interesting. Was a good length of time for all of the theory and practical components involved.

Thank you - Before the course I didn't think I would ever get to grade 8! All the progressions and breakdown of moves have helped me no end. (This was feedback from the Rebound Plus course.)

Excellent course, learnt a lot, made mde feel very confident to teach grades 4 - 8. (Rebound Plus,)

Enjoyed learning moves and progressions. Teaching was thorough and made us feel confident.

I have learnt so much more than I had anticipated. I enjoyed the layout of the course / length of course / timing of course. I was very supported throughout.

A really good add on to the rebound course, will look forward to implementing.

Course was well structured. Opportunity was offered to ask questions.

Many thanks Paul, I really enjoyed the course and am planning sessions for after Christmas. I want a trampoline my self now!!
Have a great Christmas
Best wishes, Beth

Excellent course, leant a lot within 2 days.

Brilliant course, I can't wait to get coaching at our sessions. I feel confident to coach children and adults.

An excellent course thank you - really good mix of theory and practical activities. Paul was very encouraging and helpful in demonstrating as well as offering practical and creative techniques.

The course and Tutor has given me a greater understanding & knowledge of the skills required for me to increase fun and enjoyment of my clients and their carers.

Very friendly approach, hard when students are all able bodies - but well explained to those who haven't experienced people with special needs before.

Great course!

Great demonstrations, practical knowledge and theory. Very enjoyable day.

A very well prepared and informative course. Very well delivered.

Many thanks - fun and informative.

This was a very useful day - lots of practical ideas and advice to make Rebound Therapy accessible to all students.

I was very happy with the course and enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for a really well presented course. Loved all the practical and friendly atmosphere.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot wait to put everything into practice. Thanks Paul!

Escellent course made fun and very enjoyable. Paul is an excellent tutor.

Fantastic course and tutor.

Felt very at ease. Thank you!

Very informative 2 days demonstrating how rebound can be accessible to wide range of individuals. Look forward to practicing what I've learnt!

Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable course.

Thank you very much - great course

Thank you for a great couple of days. It's been fab!

Thank you Eddy. Really interesting, fun & inspirational course. Can't wait to use it.

Thank you so much, it has been a great couple of days. You are an inspiration!

Really enjoyed this 2 days. Thank you.

Thank you very much, you are a legend!

Thanks Eddy, been a great couple of days.

Thanks for the training. Can't wait to use it with our pupils.

Thank you for such a fun and interesting course.

Thanks Eddy, fun course ... hopefully lots to put into practice with the kids.

I hope I have half your energy & enthusiasm when I get older Eddy ;-) Thank you for a great course.

Excellent course. Good number of candidates.

Had lots of fun and enjoyment. Keen to take students to trampoline.

Fantastic course, very enjoyable.

I found the course very interesting and I have gained knowledge in Rebound Therapy that I was unaware of.

Great course, lots of fun. I feel confident at trying Rebound with my service users.

Paul was very good at explaining the details of the course. Well done.

Really engaging, positive, fun and practical way of teaching / learning, including learning through peers.

Very fun and informative. I feel equipped to move forward with setting up Rebound Therapy sessions for islington Learning Disability Partnership.

An informative and structured experience that would be beneficial for my personal use to provide skill instruction for supporting.

Techniques appropriate for comples and more able individuals. Very appropriate to physio caseload.

Engaging, motivating and inspiring course. Thankyou Paul.

Was really informative and friendly. Very enjoyable.

Many thanks to Paul and Rachael for such a great course. You are both so knowledgeable and passionate and I feel very well equipped to take Rebound Therapy into our centre.

Was a friendly, informative and enjoyable course.

Really enjoyable course. Found my confidence on the trampoline improved on the second day. Had never been trampolining before yesterday.

Just to say thank you Paul for the great time we had with you a couple of weeks ago. we all enjoyed it.  Sorry it has taken so long for this note....but busy, busy, busy!
Kind regards, Cherie  :-)

The quality of the course was excellent.

Really enjoyed it, made so much sense.

Vey helpful, patient and kind instructor. Made everyone feel they could do it!

Extremely useful, will be able to implement in Rebound Therapy class I support in.

Really enjoyable course, friendly Tutor.

Enjoyed the two days, friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere.

Feeling really excited and confident to carry on with Rebound Therapy for students. Lots of fun.

I learnt so much relating to Rebound Therapy and working with people with a disability. The course was excellent.

Very enjoyable course, fun and interesting. Lots of skills learnt to take back to work.

Good course, enjoyableand informative.

Very good pace, relaxed atmosphere.

Fantastic Tutor, friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Good course content, learnt lots of new skills.

Will recommend course to SMT for getting more staff engaged in Rebound Therapy. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Brilliant course, very practical and adaptable our students. Looking forward to putting what I've learnt into practise.

This was an amazing course, and I learnt so much.

Great Tutor, thoroughly enjoyed training, can't wait to get started and try out packing. All in all great two days.

We all had fantastic time and learnt a lot. Justine shared her knowledge and skills in a very easy to understand and follow way. Thank you.

Justine delivered an amazing course. The time flew, we all 100% enjoyed ourselves ... She answered all questions well and gave some excellent ideas.

Paul was fantastically enthusiastic and gave time to everyone to ask questions and practice techniques.

Very good course. Thank you for your patience.

Very useful and enjoyable day (Refresher Workshop)

Valuable course and plenty to practise, well delivered.

Really good - reminded me how much I love Rebound Therapy & being on the trampoline having not been on one for a while.

Really good day (Refresher Workshop)

Very thorough & fun. A useful course to fill in gaps and recall to mind those techniques forgotten, or not used in practice. (Refresher Workshop)

Excellent content, very useful to have a refresher to remind me of activities I should be using but am not. HFI tool very useful.

Fantastic update - very relevant to patients I see in my caseload in a mainstream and special school setting.

The course was very interesting, thank you.

Really enjoyed the course. Relaxed but informative.

Great 2 days

Great course, very informative and lots of fun!

Really informative and excellent examples of how to work with each member of my class. Really enjoyable too, thank you.

Fantastic day (Refresher Workshop)

An excellent course with lots of information and practical activities

Very good

Excellent training, very informative. Marie was an excellent trainer.

An extremely enjoyable course.

Great course, well run.

Very good and learnt a lot more. (On this refresher workshop.)

Very thorough and interesting, thank you.

I use the Rebound Therapy exercises regularly, but still feel that today (refresher workshop) was very beneficial. It was great to recap and share experiences with the group, and definitely learnt new techniques since last time.

As always, well delivered course.

The Tutor was very good at explaining all moves.

Amazing :-)

Marie was very enthusiastic and passionate, and this made the experience more enjoyable.

Marie is a very good tutor. Very patient and very clear, very enjoyable.

Informal, but very informative. Went away with lots of ideas to use in school. Excellent teaching, and explained clearly.

Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for all of the information on the email and for the video which I have downloaded and will prove to be invaluable over time... This course has been the best course I have ever been on thanks to yourself and Justine for making the course informative and enjoyable and for the other people on the course who were truly lovely and fantastic.
Best wishes and thank you again.

Rebound Therapy was interesting!! Actually, I thought it was one of the best bits of training I've ever attended.

Hi Eddy,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for leading such a superb two day course, I thought you delivered superbly and your enthusiasm and energy during the course was brilliant.
Best regards,

Fantastic course. Highly practical which was great. Really informative. Tutors were fantastic. really enjoyed the course.

I thought this course was brilliant. I can use this course in my work.

Hi Eddy, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for leading such a superb two day course, I thought you delivered superbly and your enthusiasm and energy during the course was brilliant.

Great course, really enjoyed it.

I highly recommend this course. Very motivating and the Tutor was outstanding.

I found the content of the course + the leadership of Paul excellent. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of Rebound Therapy. Thank you :-)

Really positive when delivering & explaining moves. Whole 2 days were enjoyable & learnt a lot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the Tutor was superb, he really made it interesting and fun.

Clear instruction, felt under no pressure to be completely competent in physical activities, but felt teaching excellent at putting students at ease. Thank you :-)

Clear and concise, very informative and relaxed. Learnt a lot and it was fun.

Really enjoyed this course from start to finish - Tutor was very explanatory, friendly and professional. Would highly recommend - look forward to using my knowledge now.

I enjoyed the course very much, it was very hands on, which was great.

I would like to say I really enjoyed the course, and Marie was a passionate & great coach!

Extremely enjoyable & thorough course. I've learnt so much. Marie is a brilliant Tutor. Enjoyed the past 2 days, thank you.

Very enjoyable course + useful.

Excellent course + training, thank you. Would love to become a volunteer

Great course - excited to use skills

Consistant, clear instructions.

Amazing Tutor and it was nice to be in a group that know our pupils.

It was a really exciting, informative course and will be extremely beneficial to the students I will work with.

It was a very good course, I enjoyed it so much.

Very well taught, Tutor has vast knowledge and excellent at making things clear. Very impressed.

Really enjoyed the course, was fun & [good exercise]! Learnt a lot & can't wait to put this into practise.

A fantastic two days with a very enthusiastic, passionalt, knowledgable tutor. A very person centred course. I really enjoyed it.

Can't wait to use it!

I found the course very informative and felt the tutor covered every aspect I would use in my work environment and it was also fun at the same time.

Very good course, very enjoyable and a great experience.

Very fun and informative course.

Fun! Very enjoyable. Confidence building.

The course was extremely good and has left me confident enough to want to further my abilities and qualifications.

Very good Tutor and course. Gave many opportunities to improve and explore the practical side.

Brilliant course! Lots of fun and very educational.

Very clear, concise explanations and examples given, questions answered and delivered with demonstrations and enthusiasm.

Very good, clear instructions on both days. Made me feel relaxed.

Enjoyed course - will benefit our pupils!

Really enjoyed the course and think the children will benefit from it.

Excellent Tutor - made course fun.

Excellent course, interesting content.

Excellent teaching by Paul, very engaging and patient. Looking forward to delivering Rebound Therapy.

Fantastic course. Look forward to the Rebound Plus course.

Paul was enthusiastic and encouraging of all questions. Fantastic delivery of the practical.

The tutor, Paul Kaye, was excellent at explaining the course, making it most enjoyable.

What a good course.

Could not have been any better.

A brilliant course - Paul is inspirational and really thorough! After 2 days I feel he has covered everything we need to know and gone over any worries that any of us have had. Videoing all the moves for us - an excellent tool for reference. Looking forward to getting started with the young people. Thank you.

Excellent course, well presented. left me feeling enthusiastic to put into practice.

Thoroughly enjoyed course. Brain buzzing with ideas for pupils.

Really enjoyed the course. Paul was inspiring and made the course so good. Good to have a course with positive aspects to use.

Thank you for a great 2 days.

Extremely beneficial for our pupils, so excited to be part of this and have the knowledge and experience to provide it to our young people.

Brilliant enthusiastic delivery.

Really enjoyable, highly motivating course with a supportive tutor. Great to work with a professional who works at the same level as ourselves.

Really well delivered. Found it very useful and learnt plenty. Thank you!

Wonderful course, excellent tutor, can't wait to use the Rebound Therapy with the children.

Very enjoyable course - good mix of theory and practical. Tutor very supportive and knowledgable. Look forward to using aspects of Rebound Therapy in the future.

A well constructed course!

Really enjoyed the course. looking forward to putting it into practice as I think it will be and amazing tool to use with the children I work with.

Instructor very knowledgable and made the course fun and very interesting.

Very positive training, thoroughly enjoyed.

The delivery of this training was excellent. Marie made the two days thoroughly enjoyable and easy to learn and retain information. Thank you.

Fantastic 2 days, really enjoyed my refresher. New ideas learned. Thank you for making it a fun experience.

Instrcuction was very clear, safety was adhered to, really enjoyed the course content.

The format and delivery of the course was excellent. The tutor encouraged a relaxed atmosphere which helped everyone to feel confident and comfortable. Thank you!

Course was well laid out and presented. Enjoyable and engaging training.

A very well taught and well presented training course. Very enjoyable.

Marie had great patience and always gave you help when you really lost confidence. Great facilities.

Thank you Paul for an enjoyable course.Really enjoyed it.

Excellent course structure and content. Paul is very knowledgable and obviously very passionate about his area of work.

A great 2 days - much to take back to the work place.

Absolutely brilliant! Best course this year.

Very good course, enjoyed and will be talking to managers to get equipment.

Absolutely brilliant, fun and relevant course.

Brilliant course, excellent delivery. Enjoyed every minute.

Good having a weekend course. Filming excellent as future prompt.

The course was brilliant and really helpful.

Brilliant course, absolutely loved it, well organised, explained and demonstrated. I couldn't fault anything.

Great course. Lovely ideas for teaching Rebound Therapy and demonstrating how to make the programme effective and fun.

A fantastic course, well organised + structured. Felt comfortable to ask questions, and am now confident in delivering Rebound Therapy.

Fantastic training, the best I have attended in the past 8 years. Made it enjoyable and very educational.

I enjoyed the course and feel the HFI outcome measure and assessment toolkit is very useful.

Learnt lots of interesting relevant information. I am now comfortable to offer Rebound Therapy to many disabilities and ages. Great 2 days.

Would really like to expand my Rebound Therapy knowledge further and am looking forward to using my new skills.

The course was amazing, really felt I learned a lot in order to put into practice.

Very enjoyable coure delivered well.

Really enjoyed the course - Paul is very knowledgeable and created a very fun and relaxed learning environment.

Lots of skills and info provided in discussions. Answered all our questions.

Paul was a fantastic tutor, made it fun and by far one of, if not the best professional course I've ever done. Didn't want the learning to end. Very keen to get back and get started. Thank you.

The tutor made everyone feel at ease and was very clear and easy to understand.

Thankyou! You have made me realise what a useful tool the trampoline is!

A very intersting and useful course. Thanks!

A very enjoyable course, learnt to much and am able to feel confident to put these skills into use.

Fantastic course and tutor. Highly enjoyable, extremely supportive and informative. Thanks Paul.

Excellent course.

Brilliant course.

Really enjoyed the course! Can't wait to put it all into practice.

Paul has extensive knowledge and experience that he is happy to share. The course was very interesting and fun.

Very good, Paul was very friendly and approachable.

Paul conveyed the course content, knowledge very clearly and encouraged everyone to question aspects and develop ideas and progressions.

Excellent course delivered by Paul Kaye. Very enjoyable and I have a lot of ideas to put into practice with a range of pupils.

Brilliant course, learnt a lot from Marie. Also working with [course] candidates both with visual impairment and deaf taught me a lot.

I thought Marie was absolutely fantastic!

Paul was very enthusiastic and very motivating - great tutor.

Excellent course and I learnt so much!

Very good, very informative, very well presented. Enjoyable.

Really useful and enjoyable. Like Winstrada assessment scheme and the fact it is all videoed!

Very interesting enjoyable course, very well explained and presented.


Learned so much more. Excellent course.

Very, very helpful, excellent knowledge of tutor.

Very thorough and really enjoyable.

Enjoyed course. Hopefully going to introduce Winstrada award programme. I would like maybe to progress to 'Rebound Plus'.

Good course delivered in a fun way.

Fab! Great fun & definitely want to do the next level (Rebound Plus).

Very good course.

Really interesting, good mix of practical and theory.

Learned a lot of info re different disabilities. Lots of inspirational 'out of the box' ideas.

Thank you Marie, really enjoyed myself.

I found him (the tutor) to be very good at encouraging me on the trampoline and made me feel as if I could do it.

Thank you very much! Such an eye opening course and all information was very clear and thorough. This will be so beneficial for the children at our school.

Rebound Therapy course has taught me a lot that I would never have thought to do.

Thank you I really enjoyed the course and think it will really benefit the childen I support.

Marie was very knowledgeable re conditions of pupils and abilities. Good fun, relaxed atmosphere.

A very good Tutor.

Fabulous course.

Knowledge of conditions and benefits of Rebound Therapy to them was excellent.

Thank you for the support through the course.

Great course, thanks Marie... learnt lots and came away with more knowledge.

Very informative, great coaching all round.

Very good and enjoyable course. Very knowledgable and helpful / supportive trainer.

Well organised handouts and they will be very useful in future.

A motivating course. Full of fun and learning.

Really GREAT course, very motivating and inspirational.

Enjoyable course, well facilitated v. approachable Tutor who was v. knowledgeable.

Very fun course, will be useful to my work, I enjoyed very much! Thank you!

I feel more confident and really enjoyed the course and have a good understanding

I feel confident to put my knowledge and new skills from the course into my practise setting. Great Tutor!

Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed. Very informative.

Paul was very encouraging & supportive. Excellent course material, very informative and enjoyable course.

Dear Paul,
The course was amazing. Thank you so much... I will definitely be taking this forward. Watch this space.
Kind regards, 

An inspirational two days both in terms of content and from Eddy. Feel enthused to deliver child initiated sessions to engage our pupils. Thank you!

I wish all training days could be as enjoyable, interesting and fun as this!

Inspired to do further training.

Thoroughly enjoyable, will work well with previous Rhythmic Movement training.

I would like to express [Rebound Therapy] was a fantastic course to be on and very insightful.

The Tutor was very good. He delivered extensive training.

Really enjoyable and informative.

Really enjoyable course, engaged all of the course members. Thank you Paul :-)

Very enjoyable - spot on in terms of using practically.

Very good practical sessions. The theory will help greatly with the service users i work with to promote physical exercise.

Very good course, especially as I had never been on a trampoline in my life.

Instruction was clear. Enthusiam of the Tutor provided a very positive atmosphere and his encouragement inspired confidence.

Course was informative, detailed and extremely useful. Paul explained things thoroughly, demonstrations and explanations were fantastic. Thank you, Really enjoyed it.

Tutor was very friendly, helpful and chatty. Answers all questions we had clearly. Enjoyable course. Thank you Paul.

Thought this course was really good and will be able to use the knowledge learnt to all students in my class.

The benefits of Rebound Therapy were extremely well explained, for a variety of situations. Very well presented, clear and content appropriate.

Very good. I have learnt lots which can be fed back to school and used with all children in my class.

Paul was very knowledgeable and approachable. Excellent training and personal skills. Very pleased and enjoyed the 2 days. Thanks.

The course delivery was exceptional.

Really enjoyed course. Can't wait to put into practice.

It was really well delivered and thoroughly enjoyable.

Really good. Looking forward to starting work with pupils. Practical sessions very helpful. Video will be good for reminding and developing knowledge.

Many thanks for info and thanks to Eddy for yet another fabulous course. Absolutely inspirational that man.
x sharon k 

Paul was very approachable, and very clear in what he was explaining. I've really enjoyed this 2 day course.

A well organised and fun course.

Paul was brilliant. Course was very informative, exciting and we were encouraged by Paul.

Fantastic course, great fun.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tutor was excellent, lots of knowledge and showed everything on the trampoline very well. Thanks Paul.

Paul was a patient trainer and the course was very enjoyable and useful.

Paul was a very competent and knowledgeable instructor who gave us lots of information and made the course relevant and interesting.

Beneficial, enabling ability to support customers to develop new skills. Enjoyed the training.

Best course ever!!

The whole course was brilliant and very well taught. Lots of examples, questions and answers. Best course attended

Paul was very knowledgeable and answer all question. Very good course.

Very good and very informative. Thank you. 

Fantastic course, able to carry over skills into therapy sessions with confidence, knowledge and skill. Thank you.
Excellent course. All questions answered to help all situations on trampoline.
Excellent course and tutor. Keep up the good work.
Excellent and worthwhile.
Very informative course. Enjoyable

Really enjoyed it. Would like to take part in further courses (Rebound Plus.)

A great course, thank you!

Absolutely brilliant, the Tutor made it one of the best courses I've ever done. Her knowledge was excellent and interesting.

Fab training.

Very enjoyable and informative, fun learning.

Really enjoyed the course, felt I learnt a lot.

Course was made fun and informative. Really enjoyable 2 days.

Fantastic course, well explained in easy to remember terms.

Brilliant course, really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to put it into practice.
Fantastic practical and visual course. Enjoyable and run in relaxing environment.
So fun, looking forward to using the tekniks at home. (Candidate from Denmark.)

Very informative. Paul was very consistent with his teaching approach and made me feel comfortable whilst learning. Very happy with the course and the fantastic days of learning. THANK YOU!

Brilliant training, fantastic outcomes!

Really enjoyed the course, very useful.

Brilliant course, valuable info,

We have all had an amazing 2 days, we have learnt so much, we are confident in our ability to transfer the skills to working with our children, and can't wait to put them into practice. You put us all at ease straight away, thank you so much

Absolutely brilliant! Would do it again. Don't change anything.

Excellent experience, lots of useful information. Excellent delivery. THANK YOU!

The most excellent inset I've had in 10 years of SEN work. Thank you so so much!

Amazing, wouldn't change anything. Very enjoyable, thank you for all the great ideas.

Paul delivered all of the course so well. He gave us all confidence and broke the techniqes etc down very well.

Very enjoyable / very good trainer.

Thank you. Best course I personally have ever had. Everyone around me said the same. With some prior knowledge and qualification I still learnt so much. Thank you!

Absolutely LOVED the course. Great ideas and great teaching. Would recommend to all!

Paul was really engaging and fun. Made the sessions great for us.

An excellent 2 day course, thoroughly enjoyed it and feel very confident to now teach Rebound Therapy. Thank you Paul.

Very good course. Delivered by someone with passion, great experience and knowledge!

Good to follow programmes, excellent tutor.

Really enjoyed course. Paul was more than happy to go over anything if unsure.

really enjoyed the course and can put it into practice within my setting.

Excellent tutor, very enjoyable course!

A very enjoyable, fun course.

I think the course was well set out, with good explanations. I thotoughly enjoyed the course, it took away my concerns.

An amazing course - really enjoyed the whole content.

I understood clearly. Extremely patient and provides brilliant feedback to improve the moves.

Excellent delivery, made me feel really comfortable when doing practical side. Really enjoyed this course thanks to Marie.

Marie's delivery was outstanding, A true expert, which gave me confidence to complete the course. Amazing lady, thank you.

Very enjoyable & thorough.

Excellent Tutor, great course.

Fabulous, given me lots of info and ideas.

Very enjoyable course, motivating Tutor. Would definitely recommend to colleagues.

I think the course was well set out, with good explanations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it took away my concerns.

A very enjoyable, fun course.

Excellent Tutor, very enjoyable course.

Really enjoyed the course and can put it into practice within my setting.

Really enjoyed course. Paul was more than happy to go over anything if unsure.

Good to follow programmes, excellent Tutor.

Thoroughly enjoyed everything about the training and felt very confident to deliver. Made me very aware of the importance of Rebound Therapy.

Really enjoyable course and lots of practical suggestions.

Brilliant - Really enjoyed the course!

Enjoyed the course and feel that it would be a benefit to our client group.

Super, well delivered and explained. Good pace of delivery.

Fantastically led and run course, would highly recommend.

This course has not only taught me the outlines of Rebound Therapy and all of the positives that go with it for my students, it has also awakened my interest in trampolining. Thank you.

Really enjoyed it, got lots of time to try out each practical.

Was a really fun and energetic course - very enjoyable.

Really enjoyed the course, flexible and enjoyable. Thank you.

Paul was a wonderful teacher - very informed, enthusiastic and supportive. I have learned so much about what the trampoline can offer for our kids (and indeed for all of us).

Great demonstrations and explanations of exercises and safety measures for Rebound. Very enjoyable.

Really useful and just excellent, thank you.

I enjoyed the course, it was interesting, will be useful for our students and fun.

Brilliant and a fun course.

Tutor was very patient, took time with explaining and was knowledgeable with answers of questions.

Easy, approachable, explains well.

Excellent course + Tutor. Really informative.

Brilliant, enjoyable course, thank you.

Thanks again for a great course, you made it totally enjoyable and informative, with such a fun group of candidates and of course you as a great teacher.

Very, very good course, with lots of demonstrations which aided my learning the most.

I find Paul a very good tutor, very patient, professional, explains very well.

Very informative. Great practical demonstrations. Will be putting it into practice straightaway at school. Thank you.

Tutor was very passionate about subject and encouraged a team atmosphere. Very interesting.

I really enjoyed it, thank you. I want to do more trampoline training / instructor training!

Very good course - can't wait to put it into practice.

Overall very good course. Enjoyed very much.

Really enjoyed the course. Taught us a lot of ideas, procedures and how to support people with different degrees of disabilities. Taught us the difference between trampolining and Rebound Therapy.

Very good course. Spot on target.

Really interesting to learn the possibilities that Rebound Therapy can open up, aside from physical benefits.

Very good and informative course. Will have great practical implications for our young people.

Really enjoyed the course and it was delivered really enthusiastically and fun.

Excellent Tutor.

Brilliant opportunity to build confidence, learn from others and work together.

Everything was great. Excellent course.

Thank you, it has been fun, exciting + informative. I feel confident to work with my service users on Rebound.

Some great ideas to implement into treatment plans using inexpensive equipment to adapt to different needs.

Really enjoyed the course, Tutor was really good.

Very good course, enough time to practise everything. Some good exercises. Course went very quickly + was very enjoyable.

Really enjoyable course - thank you.

A fantastic course, expertly delivered.

Great course. Paul is incredibly knowledgeable and a fantastically patient teacher.

Paul was an outstanding tutor, it was a pleasure to work with him and the rest of the group.

Course ran very smoothly. Paul is very good at making running a course look easy! Builds confidence well.

Brilliant coaching.

A thoroughly enjoyable course and would recommend to all my team.

Fantastic course, enthusiastic trainer and great group dynamics. Very enjoyable.

Very inclusive, relaxed atmosphere and fun. Thank you Paul!

Warm, friendly encouraging atmosphere.

Very knowledgable tutor, clear instructions but made the course fun.

Fun and learning combined. Brilliant.

An excellent course. Can't wait to start using my techniques. Very informative, enjoyed it.

A super and excellent course with good information and tutor presented well.

Found the course very interesting and opened my mind up to new ways of therapy technique for the service users.

Excellent course with maximum benefits for our clientelle.

The tutor was enthsusiastic and knowledgable. The session was fun but very rewarding.

It was excellent, really fun course.

Fabulous - can't wait to put it into practice.

A great course and looking forward to taking this into my classtoom and to benefit all those it is suitable for in our school.

Very informative, practical, enjoyable and very useful.

Very good and brilliantly presented. Given me ideas to use with clients who attend my venue. 

Fantastic! Thanks so much for your help, I'm really keen to build up my skills - it's given a new lease of life to my job!

Really enjoyed it. All worked as a team. Very relaxed. 

Brilliant course. Would love to do further courses at a later date.
Great course! The amount of practical examples were brilliant and being able to watch yourself on the video will help me remember it better.

Course was excellent. Can't wait to carry out Rebound Therapy at work with young people.

I really enjoyed the course and Marie did a fantastic job. A lot of fun.

Very practical course.Very good, left feeling confident I can do the job.

Very good and interesting. Enjoyed the course, Marie was a good Tutor.

Very practical, felt safe during the training, this was very important to me [as I had felt nervous].

I am really looking forward to using Rebound Therapy at school.

Excellent course, learnt lots of early / low level progressions to support learners of different abilities.

Instructor was very friendly, easy to work with and understand.

Very very good, well impressed with everything!

Such an enjoyable course. I'm very excited to put what I have learnt into practise. Paul was a fantastic teacher too.

Found the course extremely helpful and informative. Good pace and great fun.

Found the course very informative and very fun. Very content with the delivery, no criticism.

Really enjoyable course, thanks! Course pitched at the right level for mixed abilities and ages.

Delivered to a high standard with a lot of practical work.

Really enjoyed the course, good fun, learnt a lot about Rebound Therapy.

Very pleased with the level of practical and theory work, the Tutor explained everything thoroughly.

Excellent course demonstrating some simple techniques for putting [the trampoline] up and down safely. Lovely sensory ideas.

Excellent Refresher. Marie was very motivated and presented the training well.

Excellent and informative Refresher, very enjoyable.

Great teacher, very patient. Great at breaking down moves.
Excellent delivery, enjoyed.

Very confident in tutor and offered great support.

I would just like to say I have just completed the course, it was brilliant. Eddy was fantastic, such an inspiration.
Thanks, Rebecca

Very very well delivered two day course. I now have knowledge and skills regarding Rebound Therapy. I will follow up this training within an SEN school to support staff and it will build on my confidence in leading sessions. Course materials excellent. Paul very passionate and engaged well with all students.

Excellent 2 day course! Tutor was very passionate about this course which was engaging. 

Knowledgeable teacher, engaging towards students. Easy to listen to.
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Paul knew what he was talking about and made sure we all understood. Paul’s instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Very patient and experienced Tutor, who answered all questions asked.
Was good fun and enjoyable.

Really enjoyed both courses (Rebound Therapy and Rebound Plus) Marie - thank you. Cannot wait to teach + learn more.

Very good fun. Great workout, and [on the Rebound Plus course] I learned more advanced techniques.

Excellent 2 days, very enjoyable and practical.

Well presented and understood. Brilliant service to special needs.

V. good enjoyable course which will be invaluable to our children in school.

Fun & enjoyable training, enjoyable 2 days. Very informative, will benefit many of our children.

Very informative course. Enjoyable with lots of practical input. The course was excellent.

The course was very interesting [with] good teacher. Also will be beneficial to pupils and give confidence to staff trained.

The most enjoyable training I've received!

Very clear & helpful advice given. Fun and enjoyable. Paul Kaye very good.

This course was fun and I feel this further reinforced the teaching and learning given. Fab course, thank you!

Everything was excellent. I feel confident and will carry Rebound Therapy throughout my job. Very enjoyable course. You do a great job.

The course was really good and enjoyable, the support and guidance given were superb. Great therapy ideas to take away & use.

Rebound Therapy course was brilliant. I'm very satisfied with the Tutor's teaching and demonstration, can't wait to apply it practically. Was an amazing experience and would love to further my training.

Course was very fulfilling and enjoyable, answered lots of queries I had before. Well done Paul. Had lots of fun. A really enjoyable session at an appropriate pace.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. A fun and informative course with lots of child benefits :-)

Dear Paul,
Thank you for such a great course – it was so inspiring and you are a very encouraging, enthusiastic and kind teacher :o)
Thank you for the video link – what a great resource for us to have.
Very best wishes, Abi

I have really enjoyed practising Rebound Therapy in this course.
I will definitely gain experience and get further qualifications. Thank you and it has been a pleasure.
Regards, Alex

Could tell that trainer is highly passionate about teaching Rebound Therapy. Very motivating.

Hi Paul,
Although I wasnt able to take part, I really enjoyed the course and learned absolutely loads, and Im still learning.
I have been watching the stuff on the you tube channel which I've subscribed to.

It was a real proud moment for myself, Gemma and Warren to attend PHAB club last night as instructors! Its been such a positive experience, thankyou so much.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Warmest Wishes, Joanna

Excellent delivery, all questions answered. Fun course, took a lot away from it.
The course has given me a good understanding and given me the skills to teach children Rebound Therapy and I feel confident to take part in all sessions.

Hi Eddy,
I would like to thank you for your Rebound Therapy course. You opened my eyes, I take my hat off to you for what you do for kids with special needs.
The reaction you get [from the children] is out of this world. Keep up the good work, you're a legend. Excellent course, one that can be introduced into my teaching.

Hi Paul/Lois,
Just wanted to email to say a big thank you to Paul for his efforts this weekend. All participants really enjoyed the sessions and found all aspects of the course very informative and cant wait to try out the new found knowledge with the students at the school. Enjoyed it and found it very informative. Thank you. I will rate it 7 (out of 6), simply brilliant course. Thank you. Can't wait to start it at work.

Really enjoyable course. Clearly explained. Thank you very much. Very enjoyable course, well recommended.

Good size group, all able to participate. Really enjoyed the course - Practical courses are the best way of teaching.

Fantastic course, very beneficial to line of work. Given time to work through movements, lots of encouragement and answered all questions / problems. Excellent delivery, great pace and balance between instruction and practical. Learnt a lot from watching others. I can't wait to get stuck in and open so many doors for the children at my school!

Great course, very effective.I found the course highly informative and very enjoyable - moved at a good pace. Had a chance to practice all elements.
Really fun and very practical - gave me the confidence to start using the techniques.

Dear Paul,
Myself and 3 colleagues attended your course at Churchill Park School in Norfolk (also where we work) and we have had our 1st week of running Rebound Therapy at our school this week and its been a really positive experience for the students.  Some of them have taken to the trampoline like a duck to water but I think the most positive outcome so far has been our youngest pupil (3 1/2 years old) who is severely hearing and visually impaired and has other physical difficulties, experiencing the trampoline for the first time. I'm really looking forward to future sessions!
Thank you again for running the course and may I wish you a happy new year.
Best wishes, Sarah 

Really enjoyed the 2 days - Marie put everyone at ease and explained well throughout the days. Can't wait to get back and work with pupils at school. Really good course. Lots of time for practical activites, all participants seemed to learn better when able to practise.

A superb course, very entertaining and educational. The course was given in an excellent manner with lots of information given.I really enjoyed the training and now feel confident to teach Rebound Therapy. Thank you Paul.

Enjoyed the course lots. Would recommend to other colleagues. The Rebound Therapy course provided me with opportunities to learn from others and gain more confidence. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and am extremely keen to progress to a higher level.

Excellent training - Very informative with practical and theory. Really impressed. Was not expecting to enjoy so much. The amount a pupil can achieve from Rebound Therapy is great, from non-ambulant to very mobile. It's great for all which is so good. Thank u so much for the training it was fantastic I've already done a session with one of the children today!! It was brill I'm going to look into doing the next level. Rachel :)

Training was of great standard. Great opportunities for practical and questions. Recommend to all others working with disability.An excellent training course.

Very useful course, very informative. Excellent tool for PMLD students. Very pleased with monitoring and recording methods enclosed. Very helpful and clear and gave a lot of encouragement when unconfident. Course was very meaningful for my role. Hoping to use it with our children to develop confidence. Paul was great!

This was a really enjoyable, informative and helpful course. A great way to spend a weekend. Fantastic. Excellent and enjoyable course - knowledgeable tutor with experience with different aspects of SEN and disability. Excellent delivery, learnt a great deal about how you can use it in cross curricular environment. I really enjoyed the training.

The trainer was great and very encouraging.Very good, tutor had great knowledge and explained all in an understandable way. Excellent course, thank you.

A very enjoyable and professionally delivered course. Really excellent course, well paced and informative from start to finish. I really enjoyed this course & know it will be really useful when I work with my students. Thank you. Overall after this, I am really excited and cannot wait to start helping children. Words cannot explain the excitement of learning more.

Really enjoyed the course.Well done, I enjoy my Refresher each time.

Fantastic 2 days - can't wait to put all I have learnt into practice with pupils with autism. Feel very confident in doing this! Thank you. Brilliantly led.It was fantastic! Very impressed with course and enthusiastic to start in school! I found this very helpful as it gave me the confidence to succeed.A fantastc course, Thank you.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Helped my personal development. Excellent teaching, very patient with candidates. Very encouraging to everyone. Keep on doing things the way you do. Thanks Eddy.

Just to pass on that all staff who participated in the training with you were raving about it. Left me with a very enthusiastic team. Ideas are flowing.
Thanks again Eddy.

Fantastic course, it will benefit both myself and pupils in the future. Thought the course was very clear and felt comfortable to discuss my own shortcomings I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it. Excellent teaching, support and advice from tutor. Marie is a fantastic teacher, who can demo everything and has extensive knowledge. Really nice too. Good venue.

Marie is an excellent tutor, the course was very informative and enjoyable. Well run and very well organised. I've really enjoyed the course and feel we have benefitted from a small group giving lots of time to practise. A really well run course, thoroughly enjoyed and enhanced my knowledge and understanding of Rebound Therapy to the next level. Thank you.

Hello, I've just come back from Jump Space in Stockport, completed the 2 day 'Rebound Plus' course with Marie Fisher, throughouly enjoyed myself and will really benefit from the knowledge & understanding that I received while on the course, Marie is a lovely lady and great teacher :)

I really enjoyed this course, I have learnt a lot and will be practising.Enjoyed the course looking forward to putting it into practice with service users.

Very interesting how it can help others with needs. I.e. learning disabilities and dementia. Excellent course, very fun and amazing for service users to experience. It can be used in so many ways to teach many things.A very enjoyable and benficial course - great opportunity to learn an exciting new approach to engaging our service users.Thank you, just brilliant.

Fantastic course, really enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to doing Rebound Therapy with the service users. Paul was knowledgeable and interesting. Paul was really enthusiastic and that rubbed off on us. It was great to learn about a therapy that nearly every pupil can access.Thank you for your patience. The course was great, very informative. Very much enjoyable and beneficial. Thank you!

Excellent - Thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed! Very relevant to children I work with. Really enjoyed it!

Really fun, informative and adaptable course.Really enjoyed it, thank you.

Great course. Content and practical was very helpful and understandable.Great course tutor - very knowlegeable and enthusiastic.

Great course, very interesting and will be great to provide our pupils with Rebound Therapy. Tutor was fantastic. Made things straightforward and clear.Really well presented, lots of practical examples. Good information on medical conditions.

Fantastic course, lots of fun. Brilliant tutor, I would recommend. I cannot think of anything I would change. It was great fun and I learnt loads. Thank you.

Best fun I've had in ages. Excellent course - very responsive tutor. Enabled and facilitated skill acquisition and understanding of the therapy.

Very enjoyable course and I have learnt lots. Very patient tutor.The course was delivered brilliantly. Very informative and lots of skills.Really enjoyable course, presented very well. Feel confident in usng the skills I learnt.Very interesting and good clear communication. Excellent focused teaching - very enjoyable. Thank you.

Really good practical and theoretical course. Great course tutor, easy to ask questions.

Excellent course, look forward to working with the children. Excellent course, excellent tutor, fully informative. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Really good to have so much practical work and to repeat until confident. Pleased to have access to video for learning. Good to be taught by someone so passionate about Rebound. Thank you.

Keep doing what you do - easy to understand - made me feel comfortable to ask questions. Really helpful throughout and can use with various students abilities. Excellent. Learnt lots. It was really well presented and I enjoyed it a lot. I learnt a huge amount and feel able to start planning.Thank you. Very helpful and well delivered.Entertaining and motivating.

Excellent course, well presented. Feel confident in my abilities.Very fun enjoyable training. A very thoroughly enjoyable course. Leaving with so many ideas for LA/physically impaired students. Thank you very much.

Thank you. I have gained a good deal of practical experience and ideas to use with my children. Very relevant to pupils I work with (or may do in the future). Excited to put it into practice - thank you.

Thank you so much for teaching us . Really did enjoy course it helped me a lot.

This programme was very helpful and eye opening in relation to contributing to the development of children with disabilities. Excellent course - feel motivated and confident to drive forward Rebound in my setting and direct staff as a qualified instructor.Fantastic practical course, really hands on, great tutor.Excellent course really enjoyed it! Excellent course, interesting and very useful. Carry on Paul you did a great job, really enjoyed the course.

Brilliant! Really enjoyed all aspects and looking forward to putting this onto practice. Thank you. A thoroughly enjoyable course which has given me the confidence to take the lead in Rebound Therapy classes. Thank you!Very enjoyable course with very knowledgeable trainer. Very good fun!

Great course. Encouraged everyone - even those who weren't confident. Excellent 2 days! Excellent presenter in both theory and practice.Very helpful course. Really pleased! Excellent - really enjoyed the course.Great course - thank you! Great tutor. Fantastic course, very encouraging to nervous participants! Fun course which enabled everyone to achieve!Thank you Paul for facilitating our course - it's been great.

So many ideas to take back to school. Paul Kaye was an excellent tutor, very easy to understand and friendly. Excellent value.Really enjoyed the course. Great tutor and venue. Fantastic - great to learn / revisit techniques.An excellent course! Thank you Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed updating (so did others I spoke to afterwards). So important to keep ones practice up to date.
Your delivery was fun and informative.
Kind regards, Caz

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you very much - will definitely return for further training courses.

A great course, very enjoyable. An enjoyable course. Lots of enthusiasm.

Hi Paul,
Many thanks again for the Rebound course you did with us at Treloar a few weeks ago. We have set-up a number of new Rebound sessions and the students and staff involved are all really enjoying it, the students are making great progress!

Excellent, inspiring truly amazing two days. Would highly recommend to everyone. Makes you understand what is achievable via a trampoline. Excellent delivery of experience and knowledge of working with special needs / disabilities on the trampoline. Marie is obviously very knowledgeable about Rebound but also helpful knowledge about special needs.

A very enjoyable hands on day. I feel I have learnt a lot and gained confidence.Extremely satisfied with course delivery, very informative and provided with a greater knowledge and depth of information.The course was informative and well presented. It was very much appreciated. Excellent course - practically based, adapted and related to students attending college and particular disabilities.Really enjoyable and fun to learn.Very good course and a great tutor.

Excellent course, best I've been on. Plenty of time given. Felt Paul handled everything brilliantly.Brilliant training, perfect amount of time. Can't wait to put all I have learned into practice. Really interesting course. Can't wait to get started on our students.Very useful and fun course. Really relevant and enjoyable practical session. Really enjoyed the course - learnt a lot - can't wait to go back and get going.Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found useful tips for working with a wide range of disabilities.

Extremely inspiring course! Very well run and delivered! Thank you! Great course - enjoyed both days.A very good and well delivered course. Lots of knowledge on the course.Very enjoyable. Would not change anything. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel confident to start. I enjoyed the course, it was very interesting and well presented. I would like to do the advanced course.

Really enjoyed the course. I found it extremely insightful and beneficial. I found the course very informative and very enjoyable.Excellent course and tutor. Really good reinforcement of skills.Great course, great delivery from a great tutor. Roll on next course.

Dear Paul,
Many thanks for the Rebound Therapy training on 20th, 21st March. Highly informative, practical and fun. Paul was extremely helpful and patient with all of us and his enthusiasm to make all of us understand and learn is great.The best course I have beem on! Paul is a great teacher and has many interesting stories to tell related to the course, helping to increase understanding and learning.Paul was great at encouraging our confidence, thank you.

Hello Paul,
Firstly a big thank you for the experienced and entertaining way you presented the Rebound Training for us this week. I have had very positive feedback and, from a personal perspective, I feel far more confident to use the facilities that we have and will be regularly practising!
Thanks again. Carolyn
Learning Disability Service Cornwall

Well delivered and in a manner that made it easy to understand. Very engaging and involving course. Fun, and has given me lots of ideas to take into my practice.

Excellent course!!Very helpful and informativeand lots of time to practice.Really enjoyable.

I look forward to taking Rebound Therapy at school. Would like to learn more.Very enjoyable course. Very informative. Tutor - Excellent knowledge and experience. Able to channel this across to practical situations. Excellent course. Video is a great idea and very useful.

The course was conducted in an excellent manner. I was apprehensive at the start of first day and now feeling confident to carry out Rebound at work. Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyable, good examples of how exercises work in reality. Lots of good tips from tutor based on his own experiences. Excellent course. Highly recommend to others. Will use exercises in the workplace.

Excellent course with a great tutor. I really enjoyed the course. Enthusiastic and encouraging tutor.This was an excellent course with a friendly atmosphere. I felt comfortable to participate in all skills and was happy with the group.The video link is an excellent idea. It will really help to refresh my memory. I will be able to use all of the teaching skills that I have learnt.

Really enjoyable and learnt a lot of techniques to take back to try out and use. Can't wait!! Very informative course with enjoyable activities throughout. Excellent and very enjoyable course. Would recommend to colleagues and peers. The course was delivered in an excellent manner and has given me so much confidence, having never been on a trampoline before. A great experience for me.

I never expected to enjoy a course so much! It has encouraged me to think about using Rebound Therapy whenever I possibly can.I really enjoyed this course and the tutor was great. Keep doing the same! Helpful, informative and interesting. This was a fantastic course which I thoroughly enjoyed. The practical basis of the course has really built my confidence.Very enjoyable!

Excellent course with very good practical tasks. Keep up the good work and book me in for another! Very good course, all practical aspects. Looking forward to taking this back to my role. Really informative and was able to relate to all varieties of needs I deal with. Thank you! Great! really pleased with this course!I have learned many new things and would feel more confident with students.

Could you please thank Paul for a really enjoyable, practical and refreshing workshop yesterday.
Kind regards,

Brilliant course - as always.
Really enjoy Paul's teaching, makes me feel relaxed and comfortable to ask questions. It is good to have course with other professionals as it enables people to pass on experiences. Very useful to have refresher, share ideas and good practice, polish lesser used techniques and discuss recent ideas.Excellent course, very good skills covered with excellent details and progressions.Great - Good pace, easy to follow - clear demos, explanations. Good to refresh skills already learnt and share experiences with other adults. Thanks.

Very useful for assisting individual children.

Hi Paul,
It was very useful and great fun. I found your shared experiences especially useful. Thank you very much.

Very detailed refresher which encouraged diversions if necessary but also time to practice key skills. Very enthusiastic instructor who clearly believes in the benefits of Rebound Therapy for people with disabilities. A pleasure to be taught by.

Clear instructions and went over anything that people felt they needed. A very enjoyable and fun lesson. Can't wait to put what I have learnt into practice.

Excellent course, good mix of practical and theory. Paul made it fun.

A very enjoyable and relevant course.A very good and informative course. Tutor was very helpful and supportive.

A fantastic course and a fantastic tutor! Very enjoyable.

Very instructive and informative course, in fact possibly the most enjpyable course I've been on. Really enjoyed. Worked well as it was alongside colleagues - could relate to students and settings. Thank you for a really enjoyable few days.I enjoyed the course and recommend other people to go on it.

Loved the course - very friendly.Very good - time flew by!

Thank you for a moving and inspiring course. I am enthused now to run a project after gaining some voluntary experience. I plan to use it for adult mental health.

Excellent course meeting all needs.

I would like to express how much I enjoyed the course and I can't wait to start using what I learnt with the children at my local rebound club. Thanks to Eddy! Alaw

A thoroughly enjoyable course. With progressions I achieved much more than I thought possible! Thank you. Very interesting course and well demonstrated.

Enjoyable 2 days.I now feel confident in the ability to teach and or assist in a Rebound Therapy lesson.

Excellent course - thoroughly informative.

Very valuable course, and it was delivered to a very high standard.

Hi Paul
Thank you for making the course fun. It has inspired me to look up some adult classes locally as I had forgotten how much fun it was. I am looking forward to teaching our children.

Great teacher, gives helpful ideas.I really enjoyed the course and look foward to teaching it.

Hello Paul,
Three of our staff have been working with the school and using some of the practices already. It was a brilliant course and everyone I spoke to found it really worthwhile and enjoyable.

Thank u Paul...for a great two day training session at orchard trust. I'm sure that my new found knowledge will be of great benefit to the individuals I enable :-) thank u

Hi Paul,
Just a few words to say thank you very much for an excellent two days introduction to Rebound Therapy. I found it highly rewarding. Best wishes, Great course.A well thought out and highly constructive two days.Has been an excellent course.The tutor spoke to us in a very comfortable manner.Found tutor explained things very well.Very helpful and informative. Got course members involved in practical work. Really enjoyed the course. Most people on the course were schools / NHS but Paul made sure he related it back to club level for me. Excellent course, very well delivered.

Excellent. really unsure before attending but really enjoyed it.

Course was well explained, demonstrated and all queries answered competently. Really enjoyed it. Marie and centre staff are lovely and helpful making sure I understand the course. Excellent centre!

Excellent course and have learnt a lot. Brilliant venue. Marie is brilliant tutor! Very well delivered with lots of detail from trainer's experiences. Thank you!

Course is excellent. Really enjoyed it! Can't wait for the next one.

Paul was brilliant. The course was really well organised and he was very knowledgeable and understanding. Really enjoyed it.

Excellent tutor. Good balance of theory and practical. Kept interested the whole time.

Loved the practical side of coaching as learn so much better, really enjoyed course and tutor excellent. Really well thought out and delivered. Enjoyed immensely. Serious fun! Helpful and effective training.

The course was inspiring and extremely useful. I am looking forward to getting back and teaching with sound knowledge.

Brilliant course. Really enjoyable. The tutor was highly skilled and helped greatly to progress my own skills in teaching and performing.

Enjoyed course. Found very useful and relevant to my work practice.

So much fun! Learnt loads whilst having such a laugh. I will be taking up trampolining for exercise. Best training I have ever had!! Thank you. I can't wait to get the students on the trampoline. Paul made the course fun and encouraged all to get involved.

Excellent tutor with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

All aspects of the course were extremely good and the tutor was very enthusiastic and motivated. Feedback after the session by all staff attending was very positive. Informative, theory and practice delivered in clear and measured way. Positive reinforcement throughout. A very enjoyable and well delivered course.

Excellent course. Very informative and fun. Brilliant! Thank you Paul. I had no confidence coming into this course and you made it fun and I learned loads inc Googolplex and Caracus!

Brilliant course!!Excellent, enjoyable training. Plenty to carry forward to service users.

Excellent course, really enjoyed. Will be very useful for our service users. The course was brilliant, well run and I know our pupils will benefit.

Very good course. Practical sessions helped to understand how Rebound Therapy feels, plus needs for progressions. I feel ready and motivated for my first Rebound session.

Thanks Paul it was a fantastic course and i really enjoyed it considering i had never been on a trampoline.

A very interesting and active course that is beneficial for all students.I think the course was excellent and the tutor was fantastic.

Excellent tutor. Very supportive. Really enjoyed my first experience of being on a trampoline. Really good delivery of practical application in school.Very much enjoyed the course. Great fun.

Really enjoyed the course, was physically and mentally challenging. I am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice.Well laid out course. Good motivated tutor.

Great trainer with lots of good instruction and feedback and delivered with good humour and understanding. Thanks!

Excellent course, relevant informative and fun and extremely useful ideas given for relating to the Penhurst young people. Many thanks for your expertise - can't wait to put it into practice.Paul made the training fun while giving clear instructions and encouragment. Course content was great. Really appreciated the hands on experience that Paul allowed us. A great 2 days. Thankyou.

Great training days. Lots of information and practicals.Thank you so much it was fantastic experience. Everything was clear and interesting.I felt the course information was clear, easy to followand refer back to. I also found it comprehensive and well written.Very good training and I'm looking forward to get started and see what our students can do!

Hi Paul,
Once again thank you so much for the wonderful training. Our colleagues really enjoyed and it will benefit our pupils immensely.

Very clear on explaining all techniques. Very thorough. Brilliant course.

Will put to good use, thank you.Really enjoyed and very informative. Very well presented and hints given to fit in with children. Excellent course. Well presented.

Hi Eddy,
Just to say thank you for yet another great course and for inspiring another group of people in RT.
Thanks for all you do-you are amazing!

Hi Paul,
Yes yet another excellent course and the 'good news' spreads further! I had already mentioned to Eddy about another course so am on with it today. Thanks to you, Eddy and all your team for continuing to develop this amazing activity which is having such a massive impact on young people in our schools.

Brilliant, really enjoyed. Thank you. Having never been on a trampoline I was given time and encouragement. Thank you.

Excellent and enjoyable course. I can't wait to get back to school and start sessions with our students. Excellent level of practical vs theory. Really helpful to see / practice with a student.

Very enjoyable course, made to feel very comfortable in all participation.

Fab training, great confidence building and self esteem - great fun.Very useful practical course. Thank you.

A very enjoyable informative course. Presented by Paul very well.

Very useful course. Was good to see techniques used on a pupil.

Excellent course. Learnt so much in such a short time.

Excellent course. I would highly recommend this course to others.

One of the best courses I have attended. Paul's enthusiasm was transferred to me. Very informative and great fun. Very good and useful information.

A very informative course, I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Enjoyed the course very much thank you. Excellent, very informative and I learnt a lot.Very good tutor not using jargon and explaining all different movements.

I would love to be able to have this training in my new school in order to 'spread the word' - Fantastic, inspiring course. Thank you.

Very good. Got lots of ideas to start at our centre.It was a very enjoyable course. Paul conducted the course very professionally and with a very pleasant manner, putting all of us at ease. We have all come away very inspired.! Thank you! P.S. Worth coming over from Bahrain!

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on the course - it was amazing, and I'm so excited about getting the Rebound Therapy programme at our school going!

Thank you very much for the course Paul. I've spoke to the others and we all enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot from you. I doubt this will be the last you'll hear from us!

Really enjoyed course, very informative and fun. Learnt lots of new ideas and explained in a way that was easy to follow.

Really good course.Very patient teacher.

Excellent informative course. Happy friendly tutor, easy to talk to and ask questions.

Excellent two days - thanks for your support and encouragement. Really helpful.
Practical was presented perfectly. I arrived at work today (Kilton view) to find staff and service users doing the best rebound session I have seen for ages!
Every one really enjoyed themselves and are bursting with good ideas.
Thank you very much.
Fiona Adams
Kilton view/The orchard.

Excellent fun and useful 2 days.Really enjoyed the course - can't wait to get back and put it into practice.Very clear, very open and information given with a true passion for Rebound Therapy.Great coaching from a patient and helpful tutor!

Thought the contents of the course was excellent. Covered all needs for the Orchard Centre.Thank you for all your encouragement and enthusiasm.

Excellent, the way movements were done progressively. All encouraged to participate without degrading or making people. Experiences will be used at work to give clients a more useful experience.Very very interesting, would like to learn more. Lots of fun. Paul promoted confidence and reassurance. Good quality in all areas of subject. Keep exactly the same.

Hi Paul,
I thoroughly enjoyed the Rebound Therapy course! So much so that I recommended it to a few people on a sports course I was on over the weekend.
I can't wait to start using Rebound Therapy with the students I work with on a regular basis. Enjoy the rest of your week and all the best.

I really enjoyed the course. I have lots of new knowledge and skills to aid my students during Rebound Therapy.

Thank you, the course was excellent. Will have lots of fun now I know what to do.

Great course. Can't wait to use it with my students.

Found course excellent. Found useful to students - they would benefit and enjoy.It was well explained and well presented. Fantastic course. I am now more knowledgeable.

Hi Paul,
Thanks once again for last week, we all enjoyed the course very much! And what is the most important for me, some of the guys have already started doing rebound for their clients!
Thanks again for everything!
Kind regards,

Really enthusiastic trainer and really good ideas to use for my students. Can't wait to put ideas into practice.Very enjoyable course. Looking forward to furthering my Rebound Therapy training in the future.

Rebound Therapy shall be a real asset to our students. Can't wait to put into practice. Thankyou Paul for your encouragement.Excellent course.

Enjoyed it. Excellent tutor.The course had a nice balance of practical and theory.Thought it was really good, really enjoyable.The nicest course I have ever been on. Interesting and enjoyable.

Excellent course.Found the course fun, was made to feel at ease throughout. Very good and practical course. Enjoyed a lot. This was a really enjoyable and informative course. Can't wait to put all I've learnt into practice. Fun, informative and full of useful tips and advice. Thank you.

Excellent course.Very well run course. Was delivered very well. The quality of the course was very high.Excellent course. Tutor delivered course with expert knowledge. Recommend to others.Great course, lots of excellent applicable ideas.Paul delivered the course well and kept things flowing well.Very good tutor!

A very informative course, presented in a very thorough yet entertaining manner. Instructor was excellent! Very good knowledge and good examples of practical and theory. Very practical approach. Very good instructor and course.

This was the most relevant training I've done. It was brilliant. Paul was a great tutor and explained fully without being patronising!

I would just like to Thankyou again for the rebound course, I found it really interesting and am definatly going to put into practice the moves for the more 'excitable' pupils.

Really enjoyed the course.

Excellent course.Paul was very easy to understand, friendly, lots of encouragement was given. I enjoyed the course immensely. The tutor was excellent. Very good course.Excellent, informative and enjoyable.

Thanks to Rebound Therapy founder Mr Eddy and Trainer Mr.Paul. RT is such a wonderful therapeutic activities.... I have work intensively with a age 4 girl since Jan 2011 with no verbal, no eye contact, no communication skill. Today she has ...all this skills, she can talk with understanding, she is able to have eye contact and engage other child to play with her, amazingly is she is able to read and sing... my next work with her is to develop her writing skill......... in our country..parent expect their children to write and read at age 4.......
From Vivien Lim in Malaysia:

Hello this is a message for Paul,
I was at the Into Mainstream course last week which was brilliant and I can't wait to get back to school and practice myself but also work with the students.Excellent delivery througout. I feel much more confident in my ability to teach RT at my college.I think recording the workshop steps was a great idea.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative course. I certainly gained a lot of useful information and
Many thanks.

Very good - excellent tutor and clear delivery. A FANTASTIC COURSE! Thoroughly enjoyed course and had a good couple of days. Thank-you. Leaving much more confident and knowledgeable.

Really enjoyable course. Tutor made it fun as well as informative. Very good course, easy to understand. Answered all questions. Lots of chance to practice in non judgemental environment.Excellent course with lots of extra information and hints given.

Fantastic course, full of very useful info that can be put into practice straightaway.I thought it was very good. I really enjoyed it and will be using the new skills back at school. Excellent course delivery and equipment use. Lots of practical demonstrations and practice.

Great course, very enjoyable. I would recommend it to colleagues.Really good course. Very well presented.Good, would definitely recommend.Very good course. Warm welcome, very friendly and fun. Enjoyable course and helpful too - given loads of ideas to take back to my college. Thank you!

Really enjoyed the course, lots of information and I will be using the website.Thoroughly enjoyable. Extensive expert knowledge and very well applied to individual issues / client base - Thank you!I have really enjoyed this training, it has been tremendously beneficial and I am extremely looking forward to take this training to our service users.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for all the information. Can I just say a big thank you for all the hard work that you put into the course and I cannot wait to get back to work to start the Rebound sessions for the service users that I work with.

Very enjoyable course - lots of excellent pre-course information which is an invaluable resource. Very well delivered.Very good course, particularly for beginners. Also allowed for progression. Tutor very helpful and dealt with all candidates well.Paul was great at answering question I had specific to our club in Conwy! Thank you.

Really enjoyed the course.Course was perfect. Can't think of any improvement, sorry.

Really enjoyed this course - brilliant tutor.

Hi Paul
Just to say thank you for the training. All your students are 'fired' up with enthusiasm. Claire and Fallon have organised a lunch
time rebound group for those students who don't usually have the opportunity. These are mostly the ASC students. There has only been 1 session but they all got a great deal from it.
Thanks again.
Regards, Maggie

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Hope to have the opportunity to use as much of it as possible. Thank you.

Really enjoyed the course - been waiting for a year to get on one! Thanks.Very supportive.Fun amd a pleasure - thank you.

Excellent course. It has given me lots of new ideas to use with my pupils.It's all good!Enjoyable course which will prove beneficial within the class.Very well constructed, planned and delivered.Paul was an excellent tutor, he was very motivated and made myself motivated to do Rebound Therapy.

Excellent course and tutor.Very enjoyabel course, tutor delivered very well.

Course very well delivered. Has left me wanting to learn more. Thank-you Eddy.

Course very relevant to our children. Looking forward to developing programmes with my class.The course was very informative and I will take away lots of great ideas and the passion was passed through.Inspirational - thankyou.

Very useful and inspiring. Lots of information and ideas for activities with different children.One of the best courses I have attended - Tutor had excellent subject knowledge and delivery.Course surpassed my expectations in terms of my confidence to lead Rebound Therapy.

Very clear instructionsand well constructed course. Enjoyed it very much.Paul's good fluid coaching style adds considerably to the enjoyment of the course.Very interesting and in depth course. Looking forward to putting my knowlewdge into practice. Thankyou.

A really useful training course. Paul was a great instructor and answered all questions.Very good to do a course that is so relevant. Very knowlegeable tutor. Excellent course. Paul was an excellent tutor, lots of good demonstrations. Thanks.

Very good course, achieved aims and will be very useful to us all in school.

Hi Paul,  
I attended the course at Lingfield in June and I have just this week managed to run our first Rebound therapy sessions! Thank you so much for all the information that was provided and the confidence you gave during it which has allowed me, with the help of my staff to provide these sessions. The results have been amazing and the children have really enjoyed it. The 2 day course was quite intensive - lots of info given but it was thorough with lots of paperwork to back it up.Paul delivered the course with excellent help and explanations which were clear and precise. A really enjoyable experience.

Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the delivery of the course - the feedback I've received from our staff was that it was one of the most enjoyable and informative courses they have been on.
Can you also pass on my thanks to the rest of the team at Rebound, from my initial enquiry to the course delivery, you were very professional and helpful from start to finish. 
Thanks again Paul, 

Very informative - fun course.Very good course. Well worth doing.

Excellent course, tutor support and knowledge was extremely good. Really enjoyed the 2 days and feel ready to deliver sessions.Excellent course tutor, explained in great detail.Excellent course, very practical and relevant to needs. Tutor very receptive to Q & A.Really enjoyed the course and feel confident that I can now use the skills I've learnt in school.Enjoyed the course, very practical and hands-on tutor added to the course and made it fun.The course was very well delivered and very enjoyable.Enjoyed the course and look forward to putting what I have learned into practice with my students. The team spirit was very good, we had a good laugh and learnt lots.Thoroughly enlightening, thought provoking and informative. Has inspired me to build this into our PE curriculum.The course was really well delivered and very informative. I have a good understanding of Rebound Therapy now and it was very enjoyable and fun. Excellent very enjoyable but tiring course. Found observations of children very useful as an addition to the theory and practical.A fantastic course. Well delivered with great practicals with tutor and course students. Would recommend to many colleagues. This course will benefit my centre a great deal and widen the activities I already do.Very interesting, every detail thoroughly explained, lots of ideas, nothing was rushed. Good course highly recommended.I enjoyed every aspect of the course. Excellent. Enjoyed the days.An excellent course, well thought out and presented. A very full explanation on techniques and how to present to a wide range of clients.Excellent course, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for a really fantastic course, lots to take away to work on.Excellent overall presentation.Excellent course content.Excellent course. Paul was very patient and explained everything in detail. Nothing was too much trouble for him.Fantastic course with lots of motivation from tutor and other course participants.Was enjoyable - a lot of time given for practice and practical activity.Excellently presented - pleasing that there is a large element of practical on the workshops. Good basis to inspire confidence and competency in rebound skills. Dear sir madam
I just wanted to register my complete satisfaction with the high quality tuition I received whilst under taking the level  2 rebound course with Paul Kaye on the 15 and 16 th June 2011 Really interesting and thoughtful course.Brilliant course.Fantastic course.Excellent course. Brilliant ideas that I can't wait to put into practice. The school will really benefit from this course material - Thank you.Fantastic, will help so much.Very enjoyable and fun.It was very interesting and the tutor was very patientwhenever I needed help - which was quite often! Showing the 'moves' was very helpful! Thank you. It was very helpful to practice with our students. Video will help to remind us of practical sessions, so will be invaluable.Appropriate level and good amount of hands on experienced learning. Good for the research / evidence to be linked to the practice. Really enjoyed the course, lots of useful information for me to use in the rebound session. Lots of good techniques.Really enjoyed course and gained valuable training exercises.Tutor very knowledgeable and experience. Very good course.Paul was very good at demonstrating the movements. He wanted you to try and was very encouraging.I found the instructor was excellent with explaining all aspects of the course and showing techniques. Excellent course delivered fantastically. Can't wait to get started with all I have learnt.A great course and an excellent venue.Fantastic course - great ideas.Great idea having pupils coming to the course to see it in practice.Enjoyed course - look forward to putting it into practice.Really great course.Enjoyed this course a lot and have a lot of knowledge I can pass on to the students.The course was very enjoyable and I feel confident to supervise anybody through Rebound Therapy.Enjoyed the course very much and had a lot of fun. Going away witth a lot of knowledge and confidence in taking a session.Really enjoyed the course, had a lot of fun and learned a lot and feel very confident to practice in class.Excellent course.Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and relevant experience. My own self-confidence has grown, so the children's will definitely. Brilliant, love informal assessment, no Powerpoint and the great focus on practical. Wish other qualifications followed the same framework e.g. no exam, portfolio. Assement based upon candidate and tutor's confidence / competence. Fantastic!Good clear instruction. Allowed time to practice the exercises.Excellent refresher workshop. Pace of course was very good. Good answers and ideas provided within the group.Excellent facilitator and approcah. Thanks! Hi Paul,
Thank you, the course was absolutely fantastic.  Can't wait to start putting into place what i've learned. Thank you very much. The course was exceptionally well delivered throughout.The course was very practical. Brilliant ideas to use with PMLD students. Enough time was given to practise. Enjoyed the training!I appreciated the tutor's ability to make the course content specific to our children's needs including practical ideas and integration into the school curriculum.It was indeed an excellent course to be practiced alongside physiotherapy - therapeutic exercises.The course and trainer was very interesting and has made me very excited on practising and developing exercises, programmes and fun with our children!! Hi Paul I have had fantastic feedback from the course, everyone loved it.Thanks Paul. Everything I learned today was knew.. it settled me, inspired me and popped me into a different world thanks ever so. Brilliant day.A very helpful, constructive course.Excellent course and fantastic tutor.A fantastic course and excellent tutor. Plenty of practical time and good feedback. Tutor created a relaxed environment where I felt comfortable and able to excel myself, pushing myself beyond my own capabilities. A very helpful, constructive course A different approach to giving children a positive experience. Tutor was fab!!A well laid out course.Excellent - feel really motivated to take what I've learnt back to my pupils. Think it will be great for them. Thank you!I loved it and it will be most useful to me in practise.Clear, concise delivery. A lot covered by course. Very informative. I've learnt a lot!Brilliant course very well led by tutor.Fantastic.Bery enjoyable course and very well delivered.Very enjoyable course.Great course, very informative.The course was very helpful and helped with confidence and was well presented.Really enjoyed the course as I didn't know what to expect. Felt really at ease.Great course, very informative. Can't wait to put skills into practice.Enjoyed very much, well taught.Course delivery was excellent. Informative, interesting and fun.Excellent knowledge and manner of tutor.Eddy was an excellent tutor. Course was very enjoyable.Knowledge and expertise of tutor in relation to individuals diverse needs was fabulous.An excellent 2 days, really informative and a real tool to use with our children. Very professional. Enjoyed the course.Really good tutor - knew what he was talking about, easy to talk to, encouraging and good at listening. Fantastic course, relevant for all children I work with. Relates to my profession with great ideas for sensory integration.Excellent course, well worth it! Learnt so much! Excellent course delivery - even better than expected!This trainer delivered an excellent balance of teaching, learning, coaching, fun, safety and professionalism.Brilliant course, very interesting. I was a bit apprehensive at first but when i got into it I really enjoyed it.This is one of the best courses I've been on. really enjoyed myself.Very interesting and interactive course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Hello this is a message for Eddy. My colleagues and I just had a two day Rebound Therapy course it was amazing! It was absolutely not what I thought it was and it has inspired me to make sure that the pupils in our school experience the wonderful skills we were shown . And amazingly enough now has me hooked on a trampoline! Loved it.
Sarah Ball. Banff Academy. A very useful, practical coursewhich will be extremely useful to my practice.Very good tutor, good information, very happy with the content of the course.Very useful and motivating. Thank you.Felt very comfortable and supported during this course and was able to develop self confidence. A very good course. This has given me confidence. Thank you.It has been a very good course. Very informative - ExcellentExcellent delivery despite working in a building site!Very informative and some useful information given on simple techniques that are applicable to all learners.I have found this course very interesting. I currently provide sensory integration therapy to children with SLD and Autism and found many of the techniques can be used in Rebound Therapy. Very informative, knowledgable tutor.Tutor was excellent. Very experienced in her performance. Great course, can't wait to go and do it with the children.Really excellent course, brilliantly delivered. Enormous amounts covered in 2 days but leaving me feeling confident to lead.I thought balance of theory and practise very good - lots of time to practise and develop.Excellent course - I really felt I learnt a lot.Brilliant session really well delivered.V. Good, well delivered.Brilliant Thank you! Overall brilliant 2 days, very informative and adapted to needs of group very well.Tutor was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you very much.Excellent. Don't know how it can be improved.Very encouraging for a participant who is older and needs extra help to complete all parts of the course.Good course tutor who knows subject well and keeps abreast of changes etc. The HFI indicators will be really useful to monitor / assess progress in school for PMLD pupils. Course delivered very well, really enjoyed the 2 days. Information was clear and easy to understand. Thanks.Enjoyed the course. Oved all the practical work. Good ideas for positioning.Gave some really good ideas for positioning and packing the pupil for comfort and enjoyment. Really enjoyed the course.Very enjoyable course. It is nice that everyone has enough time to practise with constructive feedback. Very good. Clear and concise info and instructions.Very informative but relaxed atmosphere. Thanks Paul.Found the adaptations of exercises to wide range of abilities especially useful. The course and information which was given was very useful. It's been an enjoyable two day session.Fantastic - so inspiring,our students will benefit no end.An excellent course, inspirational. This will be very useful for the students I work with.What an inspirational tutor! Excellent. It was my first time near a trampolineand I now feel confident to start up Rebound Therapy at my school. I have learnt a lot of useful information will greatly benefit our club.Very detailed and very beneficial. Best course I have been on, have learnt so much more than I expected to! Thank you!Really clear and informative. Not rushed. Friendly and approachable manner. Really good. Thank you.Enjoyed all aspects of course in a fun way. A good mix of practical and theoretical delivery. Tutor was knowlegeable and approachable. All the repetition and practice is useful to understand what is needed for the techniques / movements and what skills this will work on with children (eg postural control, bilateral integration, midline crossing). Enjoyed the course. Fantastic course, very informative. Tutor was brilliant.Fabulous course! Very knowlegeable instructor.Excellent course. One of the best courses I've ever been on.

Hi Paul
Thanks for all the info and for the excellent course, Charlie and I will be practicing our new skills after school tonight so that we can begin to introduce our students to them as soon as they are ready (any excuse to get back on the trampoline!)
Aagain thankyou. Will definately keep in touch.

Thank you for an excellent course. I have another TA who would like to go on your next Rebound Therapy course at  Chadsgrove.

Excellent course. Having done a special needs trampolining course I was dreading this course, but it was great.

Everything was relevant to the children I work with. Really useful insight to Rebound from a total beginner to trampolines - I'm hooked!

Lots of things to think about and ideas to use and go and practice.

Very helpful and fully understood. Good ideas to take back and teach.

Full of relevant information that we will be able to take away and use with our sports club. Thank you.

I enjoyed this course and thought delivery was extremely good. Lovely to have a course that is focused on special needs pupils!Well done.

Hi Paul, just to let you know that Rebound is working really well with my students and the results have been amazing in just a matter of weeks.  Concentration and coordination have both been outstanding. Oh I am getting better as well !! 

Thoroughly enjoyable, lots of fun, extremely informative, very encouraging of questions. Looking forward to practicing with pupils.

Paul made the course fun. He was very clear in all his explanations.

Very good course.

Amazing course, relevant to our pupils and was lots of fun and raised my confidence.

This course is so necessary for our school, so thank you.

Very informative, fun, clear demonstrations. I found it very enjoyable.

Excellent, practical course.

Very good course.

Video evidence will be very useful. Practical aspect excellent.

A great course. Thank you.

Loads of great ideas for my PMLD group.Very good course.

Very informative! Video will be useful.

Really enjoyed the the two day course.

Lots of fun. very practical days.

Course was delivered in a friendly fun way giving confidence to try all areas.

Paul was very friendly and had a pleasant manner, easy to understand.

Paul made sure everyone was clear about everything he taught.Very very good, excellent!

It was fun but educational. Also looking forward to the next session.

Hi Paul, thank you for sending all the information, and also thank you for running the course. Everyone is still talking about it, and how much they enjoyed it.
We have our first practice session tomorrow, so hopefully we will manage without you!! Look forward to seeing you in Dublin again!

Geat course, great fun!

Excellent and enjoyable course presented very, very ably by an experienced practitioner.

Great patience with all students. Course content and presentation excellent. Can be adapted for all client groups.Video very useful.

Very enjoyable and appropriate.

Really enjoyed the course. Lts of practical ideas. I can't wait to put it in to practice.

Really enjoyable course and excited to try things out. I love your English accent.

Dear Paul,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the tremendous INSET you delivered last week. We all learnt so much and are keen to get started.

The video footage is really helpful and....should help everyone gain confidence.

It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to inviting you back again to train more staff in the future.
Best wishes,
Oak Lodge Rebounders!

Excellent teacher. Very pleased with the way he teaches, trying to make everyone feel comfortable and at the same time have fun.

An excellent tutor. Fun, informed, good rapport. Will recommend to others.

Thoroughly enjoyed course and feel I have learnt a lot.

A very interesting and enjoyable course.

This has been a wonderful course and I cannot wait to actually start working with the students.

One of the best INSETs I've been on. Thank you so much.

Excellent two days.

Excellent. Very clear and much fun.

V. good - balanced between theory and practice. Very inspiring.

Fantastic course, many thanks.

This course is wonderful for physiotherapists who work with severely disabled clients. Each movement sparked off ideas in my head to put them into action with clients I see. The possibilities for providing spinal movement correction, and balance training are endless.

This course should be essential for disability physios and those who work in the learning disability field.

Excellent tutor, loved the course.

Fantastic course. I look forward to implementing techniques at school.

Very useful. I'm looking forward to putting it in place with PMLD children.

I thought the course was excellent and look forward to using the skills I have learnt.

Very informative and enjoyable course.I would like to say Marie delivered the course to the group fantastically in plain English and for me I have to say it has been the best course I have attended by far!

Very enjoyable thanks - will be very useful

This course was fab! Paul was excellent.

Paul was an excellent tutor - very good teaching style.

Superb course and instructor.

Very informative and interesting.Excellent delivery of training throughout.

Great teacher, very enthusiastic. Thanks very much.

A thoroughly enjoyable course - well presented. Marie really knows her stuff.

Excellent course!!! Loved it!!!

I feel this has given me the knowledge and skills to promote health physically and mentally to our service users and helps communication and promotes humour, self esteem and recovery.The tutor, Marie, was brilliant, she made everything so clear and everyone felt very comfortable which made it a really nice experience, whilst learning everything with great understanding.

Really enjoyed the course.

The course was extremely useful. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and Paul was an excellent tutor. He made you feel confident and helped you in all aspects when / if needed.

Excellent course - thank you! Found practical case study examples very helpful. Paul was easy to engage with and put everyone at ease. Course theory and practicalities were very well explained and demonstrated. Informative and enjoyable.

Really enjoyed course. Can't wait to use skills learnt.

Really enjoyed it! Thanks!

Very Good and lots of fun.

Hi Paul, 
Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for delivering the Rebound Therapy Course at Round Oak the other week. We all had a wonderful time and learnt so much. It is just going to be fantastic for our pupils.
I will keep in touch and let you know how we get on.
Regards, Sue

Excellent delivery. A very enjoyable 2 days. Looking forward to implementing what I've learnt.

Excellent course.

Thanks Paul, Great Fun. It was an excellent course. We all learnt so much (and had lots of fun!) It is going to be fab for our kids.

Outstanding!Excellent course.

Excellent, learnt so much and will carry on learning what you have taught me. Thank you.

A really useful course, using a trampoline in ways which are not obvious such as "stillness".

Excellent course, I have learnt in great depth all about Rebound Therapy.

Fantastic course and really well taught, broken down to everyone's understanding.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course once again! Exactly the material I needed.

Hi Paul.
The course was brilliant. Thank you for your excellent demonstrations and patience.

Wow!! What a fab 2 days. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

Very enjoyable, very useful, fun, great teacher.

An excellent run course, very informative, well delivered and fun too!

Great to see staff developing their own skills and knowledge which will enable them to progress pupils learning. Thankyou!

The course was really excellent, and Paul a very natural teacher. I can't wait to put in to practice the techniques with the children I work with.

[ re. outstanding achievement award ] Fantastic news for Eddy he is an amazing man please send him my congratulations and best wishes Sharon x

I have really enjoyed the course. Paul made me feel at ease and was very patient. I can't wait to start the programme with pupils.


When I did the Rebound Therapy course in Bolton I found Eddy to be a very inspirational and energetic person with great spirit. A thoroughly deserved award. 

Really enjoyable course - everything made clear and plenty of time to practice.

Paul boosts your confidence - thank you!

Please forward Eddy our congratulations: [ re. outstanding achievement award ] by empowering a small group of colleagues his work has changed the lives of many of our children.
Marion Coram-Ware
SSCO special/Primary Dance Link Teacher

An excellent course and well run to be both informative and fun. It will have a huge impact on our pupils learning. Thankyou. Dear Eddy,
On behalf of everyone in this area can I say congratulations [ re. outstanding achievement award ] and well done for this fantastic achievement which is so very well deserved. Their first course I ever did with you filled me with such enthusiasm that it has inspired me to drive forward and promote Rebound Therapy in York. Thanks to your support and that of Paul and your team the progress has been fantastic. 
Thanks to support from the Ebor Schools Sports Partnership through lottery funding, fundraising and support from local partners ,we have been able to buy both of our special schools Applefields & Hob Moor Oaks a trampoline. We have had at least 3 RT courses run by you over the last 2 years to train more staff with you only this week running a course to train 12 Applefields staff on Tuesday  with the 2nd part on Saturday-great credit to the staff willing to give up their own time to be trained. 
RT is now delivered in curriculum in both schools and there is also the opportunity to access RT at our local sports centre  Energise as a community club. 
All of this is thanks to your enthusiasm and inspiration Eddy. and from all of us in York and especially from all our young people whose lives you are changing. THANK YOU!
with love from us all 
Val x

It was very good and I believe it will be very effective in supporting people with special needs.

I really enjoyed the course, I have already started to use techniques in my mainstream trampoline sessions with a young boy who has problems with co-ordination. As a trampoline coach it has taught me some very valuable basic techniques that are not taught on trampoline coaching courses. Thank you.

Thank you again for a fab course. It was so refreshing to attend a course that actually delivered and met the needs of the group and the very varied clients/pupils we all work with.

A very good and valuable course. Very well presented, showing the progressions of each move.

Progressive techniques were very good and easy to put into practice.

Fantastic 2 days, extremely knowledgable, enjoyable with real progression.

Learned a huge amount in 2 days which will benefit our students.

Excellent course. Thank you.

Thank you for an excellent two days, informative, educational and fun!

Excellent, would like to do the next course.

Excellent delivery of course. Correct amount of time.Enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot.

Tutor was knowledgable in Rebound and trampolining and gave clear demonstrations. Really enjoyable course, with fantastic online resources to support the course. Many thanks.

Excellent course. Lots of opportunity to practice. Increased confidence and ability to use the rebound facility.

Very enjoyable course. Looking forward to putting into practice. Paul encouraged us to put techniques learnt into practice and enabled me to feel confident to carry out techniques.

Really enjoyed the course. The tutor was really good. A very enjoyable course, looking forward to using everything I have learnt and putting it into practice.

A great course. Excited to put it all into practice now.Really enjoyed the course and cannot wait to put it into practice.Loved every minute of the course from beginning to end. Really useful to role play student/trainer in order to experience sensations felt by pupils personally.

Course delivery was excellent. Fantastic course, would highly recommend. Congratulations Paul

I must tell you that the Rebound Therapy in Mapledown continues to have the most amazing impact.
Many thanks for the work you do

Brilliant. The content of the course was huge. The delivery was at the pace of the group. As teachers / TAS we know that children learn by doing and we adults are the same. I found the practical element to be most useful and very well supported by theory, appropriately delivered. I come from MLD background, now in MLD, ASD, SLD, PMLD scenario, so good to have input for all of these children, lots of info / ideas / skills to take back to school and hopefully get brownie points from the head! Very helpful, informative and constructive course. Time for questions and answers. Would / will recommend Rebound for those involved with PMLD children even if they have done BGA special needs coaching course.

Very enjoyable. Made me more confident within my role at work while trampolining and with students.

An excellent course. I would recommend this course to anyone, especially if they had only done the BG special needs course. I really enjoyed the way we were given time to work through activities and take time for questions.

Course was very good, easy to understand and practical for the students I see.

Very enjoyable course lots of positive experiences for all involved.

Very good, everything clearly explained. Questions encouraged and explained.

As always a well delivered course by Paul Kaye to meet our needs.

Hi, this is a message to Paul. I was at the training in Exeter yesterday & today (7/8th Oct) and just wanted to thank you.
I had never been on a trampline before and only seen one of the post 16 learners at the college, after a session of rebound.
I chatted to a few of the teaching assistants who were trained last year who said its the best training they had ever had - i'm in total agreement! I had such a great 2 days doing the course! Just wanted to say Thanks Paul!

I thought Paul handled the group really well. He kept everybody well motivated and explained things really well. Thanks.Will be a great addition to the children's curriculum.

Very enjoyable, made everyone feel at ease - made it fun.

Hello there. First let me say a big thankyou to Eddy for his hard work & superb support as i have just completed a 2 day course at the Hensingham Day Centre in Whitehaven Cumbria. This will be so valuable to me on a personal/professional level and more importantly to the individuals i support in the Carlisle area on a daily basis.
I am also inquiring to ask if you have info on purchasing your clothing which Eddy beautifully modelled for us on our training as the team at Carleton would be interested in wearing them .I hope to hear from you soon and again express my appreciation of the fantastic work you all do!

Paul was kind and patient. Very good teaching approach.

Hi, I just wanted to say Eddy, thanks for an awesome weekend!! your an inspiration!!!realy enjoyed the rebound training.
Thanks again adele(the panther!) as we now have adopted the names you gave us!!

Hi Paul, Just to let you know where I've got to with RT at my school. 
I have set up RT at my school which has been running for 7 months now and has been a success with the students. I knew that they would love the trampoline but I didn't realise just how much! For some students with real anxiety and behaviour issues it looks like such a relief for them to be just bouncing. I have set up the programme to be structured enough to be useful and to show achievement but open enough for students to want to get on and choose what they will benefit from.

Rebound Therapy.Org provide a fantastic service enabling teachers/ coaching staff open up therapeutic exercise & recreation for people with disabilities. The training offered by Eddy Anderson (the Founder), and his staff, opens up opportunities for people who otherwise would have limited sporting experiences. People with complex/ profound disabilities can participate at their own level, with or without support.
It is of note that Eddy Anderson, has officially been “retired” for a number of years, but in recognition of the huge demand for training to support special schools, Eddy and his colleagues, Paul & Shirley Kaye have rolled out as much training nationally as is humanly possible. It is common for Eddy & Paul to deliver 2 x 2 day courses per week each.
In the last few months, in Yorkshire, have run, in conjunction with Disport, two highly oversubscribed courses to train teachers in Yorkshire Special Schools. With further courses planned, the benefits of this training will reach far & wide in the region, with positive impacts on hundreds of young people with complex needs.
Feedback from all courses is very positive, with candidates pointing to confidence building, and providing ideas as the main features.
What is instantly recognisable in working with this Governing Body, is the positivity, the enthusiasm, and the will to make a difference to people. As a member of the FDSO staff team I have found Rebound Therapy .Org a pleasure to work with, and having witnessed several courses (and indeed the subsequent delivery in schools), I intend to maintain links with this organisation in years to come.
They provide a fantastic service that benefits people with severe disabilities.

As a non-trampoline lover I feel I have been converted. I feel more confident to try more exercises and will be practising at home. It was great. Thanks.

A very enjoyable 2 days. Therapy shown at a good pace and techniques shown at individuals needs / level. Excellent! Thank you.

Paul made me feel very comfortable with asking questions and the course itself was fun and very enjoyable. A really brilliant course, well explained, demonstrations good, and able to discuss queries on pupils in current setting.

Couldn't fault it - enjoyed immensely. Thank you.

A very enjoyable course. Paul was very enthusiastic and made us all feel at ease. I had no idea of all the different exercises/relaxation techniques you can do when using a trampoline.

Absolutely fantastic!

Having no experience of teaching Rebound Therapy, I thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which the course was delivered. Sufficient time was given to practice and to correct any weaknesses.

An excellent course.

Hi Paul many thanks for your e mail I would just like to thanks both you and Eddy for such a wonderful valuable course such fun too which is great to spend a day with so much practial work involved.  I would also like to let you no I am now delivering Re-bound in school to a group of children with severe Autism, and I wish you could see the total pleasure it brings to each and everyone of them.  I had one boy on who was so wound up before he was flapping his hands and squealing running all over the place and within minutes of being on the trampoline he was full of smiles and so relaxed it was just amazin to whitness.  The many valuable things gained in these sessions, I work on communication skills counting skills and most of all the wonderful relaxation it brings to these kids. One child has no verbal communication at all but with the use of symbols or asking for a tap of the hand  to request more this soon became a two way conversation between me and the child, and he certanly let me no he definatley wanted more, also when questioned how many bounces, he tapped my hand the no he wanted up to 10!.  It is so totally satisfying many thanks once again Sharon. 

I look forward to the next course.

Paul, I think the making of the DVD as a summary is the best idea I have come across. Thank you - it's extremely useful...brilliant in fact. My children watched it last night and hooted. I told them that a camera puts 10lbs on the replied "the camera never lies!" Great Course!!

Really opened my eyes.The tutor made the group feel relaxed and willing to contribute in practical work and discussions. Everyone was made to feel valued for their contributions. The DVD will reinforce the training and will be very useful.

Dear Paul,
Just like to say massive congratulations to you, Shirley & Eddy Anderson on the well deserved winning of the "npower Community Award" it is fantastic to have such an award for all the tireless work you have all put in to Rebound Therapy making it what it is today & the joy it gives to children & adults alike with special needs. Keep up the good work !!!

Fantastic. Thank you so much for being the inspiration to aid our students to having a really good time.

Thank you. I honestly do not think the course could be bettered and the quality was so good it could benefit lots of people.

Very experienced, passionate about what he is teaching, and great at building your confidence to complete the course

.Excellent course, good tutor.There was plenty of time to practice exercises. Enjoyable unpressured delivery. Excellent for me to see the trampoline as a tool to aid therapy rather than always as a sports tool.

Excellent course.

Was a very impressive course, immensley fun and very informative.

The best way to learn. I have found the course invaluable and very enjoyable and will find it all very useful.

A highly enjoyable and informative course with the correct blend of theory and practical input. I feel quite confident in developing Rebound Therapy within the school and would recommend others within the school to receive this training.

This is a course of high standard which I would encourage other interested parties to go for. Learnt a great deal, very supportive, queries fully answered and was inspiring.

Hi Paul,
Confirming that Gaye and I have received our wonderful CDs and certificates this morning, thank you. 
An enormous thank you for heading such an excellent two days Rebound Therapy course which seemed to have been exceedingly well received by all.  Your lovely teaching style certainly appealed and your admin is a good demonstration of good practice which is most impressive.  We will be in touch if any queries arise but until then we will put our new found skills into good practice.
Many thanks once again Paul.
Kind regards
Gaye & DeniseHi Paul,

Thank you very much for a fantastic rebound therapy course last week.  It was most enjoyable.  Thanks for the DVD's
Looking forward to watching them.

Hi Paul,
Just to say that we have recieved our DVD's from our course on 22/23 Jan 09. We have already watched them and enjoyed doing so. It is good to know that we can always refer back to if needed or to show other people what we do. It's alot easier than having loads of paperwork to sift through.
We would also like to say how much we enjoyed the course and found all it's contents relevent to our work, we have already started to put the Rebound Exercises into our daily sessions and the students are enjoying trying new ways of doing the exercises and activities.
Once again Thank you so much.

Very good course. Lots of time to go over and become confident with course content. Good to have practical session with students.Found very useful. Has enabled me to take my BAGA special needs training to a higher level.

A really worthwhile course. Everyone got something out of it, no matter what their experience of trampolining in the past. A highly enjoyable two days with lots of confidence building which will be transferred to to the work place.

My rebound therapy sessions are going from strength to strength- we all love it! Staff and service users alike, we see so often that the use of our trampolines have brought out new skills,confidence and persona in people and it is by far the favorite and most beneficial of sessions.

I have a lot of ideas to take back to my workplace. I really enjoyed the course.

Fantastic course. Will feedback to head to get a trampoline immediately!

Motivating and enthusiastic. Good practical - theory to back it up.

Fantastically delivered course - will definately be using Rebound Therapy at school.

Fantastic course, really helpful to see it put into practice with some students. Looking forward to trying it back at school.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and hope we can quickly put it into practice. It was brilliant to see the results with the children.

Excellent tutor. A thoroughly enjoyable course providing me with skills to put into practice within my work setting.

Dear Paul,
Just a quick email to say thank you for teaching an excellent course here at the West of England School. You instilled a great sense of enthusiasm for rebound therapy amongst our staff and I'm pleased to say that as a direct response we have set up 2 more rebound therapy sessions which are now run and staffed by some of the people on your course.
Once again, Many thanks.

A fantastic course, very very useful and very enjoyable.

One of the most enjoyable courses I have attended. Having so much practical work made a huge difference to my understanding.

Excellent course, very informative and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fantastic two days - enjoyable, informative and fun. Very apprehensive to begin with - first time on a trampoline- but course is well delivered and structural.

Brilliant course, lots of good ideas for taking back to put into place. Tutor very knowledgeable. Gave good clear instruction, easy to follow with lots of demos, examples. Brilliant - thank you.

This course was well planned and carried out. Good admin and great idea to make DVD for participants. Am interested to do more training - both for myself professionally and personally. All round great course!

Great course!! Very suitable to meet the needs of students and staff. Good group dynamics and really engaged everyone in practical activities.

Paul that is what i love about your commitment to Rebound - you always reply so swiftly!!!

I am very excited and aim to do a brilliant job - both for the pupils and also because of the success i have seen with rebound so far.  With one little boy we achieved targets in our first two sessions that he had not achieved in his "land based physio" session - even after two terms!! We were astounded.  Many thanks for your help

Dear Paul,
A note to say thank you so much for the excellent rebound therapy course you provided for Greenhouse on the 17th and 18th of July. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and this week a number of us have been making good progress putting your teaching to work... I've attached a few photos as evidence!
We also received the DVDs no problem so thank you for that too.

A great course, allows you to develop your skills and progress during the course, and afterwards with the recourses on the DVD.

Paul was a great tutor who was full of advice and help. Many thanks.

Good course, plenty of demos and lots of idea! Well presented. Thank you.

Fantastic course - thank you Eddy.

Rebound is the best thing ever!

That's the best training I've ever done! Thank you!

Although I felt nervous and a bit embarrased at first, Paul made me feel a lot more confident and I really enjoyed it. Could do things that I didn't realise!

Excellent course, good steady pace, no rushing and clock watching. Everything explained well and repeated if needs be, Well done.

It was a very good course. Can't wait to put it into practice. I feel confident to begin.

Very well delivered and assessed. Good response to individual course member's needs of learning. Thank you.

Excellent and enjoyable course - Thank you!

Excellent introduction to Rebound Therapy. Am keen to put into practice what I have learned.Very interesting and enjoyable course. Lots of information to relay back to school and put into practise.

Dear Eddy,
In May this year you delivered Rebound Therapy training to support workers in Norfolk . The feedback from staff was fantastic – they were so enthused and couldn’t wait to put their training into practice with the people they support.
Last week I had the opportunity to join a Rebound session here at Dereham with a man I have supported for several years who has profound physical/learning difficulties. I was moved by the whole experience – the intensive interaction and communication we shared through his body language, eye contact and physical contact was phenomenal.
Thank you very much for the wonderful training. It has given us the opportunity to offer the people we support (and staff) a whole new experience.
Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Helen Secker
Senior Day Services Officer
Norfolk County Council

(Course was) extremely helpful as I have had no previous experience of Rebound Therapy. Fantastic delivery, really enjoyed the two days.

Dear Paul,
I would just like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for the very enjoyable and informative Rebound Therapy Course I attended on the 8th and 9th of March at Chadsgrove School.
I have already put some of my new learned skills into action and  have been rewarded by  very positive reactions from my pupils!
I have also found the dvd outlining different moves as an invaluable resource. The course was very informative and I appreciated the time you took to go over areas we were unsure of. Your enthusiasm and encouragement has rubbed off on me and I know that I am now much more confident in practising Rebound Therapy.
Yours faithfully
Teresa Owen

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course – I found it both interesting and informative. Thank you.

Dear Eddy,
Just a quick note to say a big thank you for delivering the Rebound Therapy Course in Wirral.
It was an excellent course and I know all the candidates got a lot from your knowledge and experience. I'm sure great work will be followed up from the course.
I will be in touch to do another one towards the end of the year.
Wirral Disability Sports Development Officer

Dear Paul
..... the course was excellent. As someone who has no previous experience of the trampoline, the amount of information to take on board was quite overwhelming. The DVD that you give us to support everything we have learned is an excellent tool. Thank you for a very professional, excellent and enjoyable course.

Excellent - will try to get our physios to come on one of your courses.

Dear Paul,
Super efficient sending an email after your long journey.
I really enjoyed the course and have arranged a "popping" session tomorrow after school. Glad to hear you are a vegetarian (like me!) Hope to see you soon as I am sure our school will want an in-house training session.
Yours Rachel

Course was excellent - extremely informative, excellent use of normal everyday equipment - absolutely BRILLIANT. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and although have completed a rebound course some years ago, I have learned new strategies and refreshed my skills.

Great use of expertise from course participants. Great to have students attend.

Dear Eddy,
I just wanted to write and thank you for your hard work and endeavour in putting on this course.
I have now received feedback from all the participants and they are all most positive and gratifying. Quotes include: "The course was of high quality and had a fun element that made learning easy", "A superb accessible, useful and practical course....", Wonderful course with an inspirational coach.."
Blackfriars School It was very helpful to have student volunteers for a practical session.The course has been very enjoyable and the content very good.I have really enjoyed all aspects of this course.The use of a DVD to use after the course is a really good aid for future lesson planning.

Dear Eddy,
Gemma has put Rebound into practise this afternoon and has had fabulous results; everybody is converted.
Our headmistress has agreed to us having a trampoline so it should be arriving shortly. Thanks again for such a great course.

Dear Mr Anderson,
Thank you for supporting The Meadows School during its two Inset days in October.
The initial reports back from staff have been very positive and this reflects the relevance of the input you gave on the days.
Thank you once again for sharing your expertise with us.
Acting Head Teacher

Excellent course - really enjoyed it.

(The course) has given me skills and confidence to lead a group.I thought it was an excellent course, any course that aids interaction with pupils is good, many thanks to yourself and Eddy who delivered a really interesting two days, all we need now is a trampoline!
Reynalds Cross School

I have just finished the 2 day course with Eddy. I found the course inspiring, and I hope to take this forward in my sen school. I am near to completing an MEd in Autism, Birmingham Uni and must think of a topic for a dissertation. I may choose to look at how rebound therapy can help as an intervention to reduce challenging behaviour in children with ASDs. If I complete this I shall send you guys a copy.
Once again, big thanks to Eddy for some very memorable experiences.
Deiniol ( Bangor training)

I recently contacted you for information, articles and any literature concerning rebound therapy for an assignment I had to complete for my B.Ph. thank you for all you sent it was very usefully and extremely interesting. I have now completed the assignment. Thank you again for all your support.