Rebound Therapy Equipment and Service Providers

The companies featured in the flyers below are represented with A4 full page ads in the current 'HFI for Winstrada' training manual which is provided to every Rebound Therapy course candidate.
The manual is reprinted roughly annually. If you would like your company to be featured in the next manual, and on this page, please contact us.





Capital Play


Sports Hall Services


Continental Sports


Dolphin Mobility




Specialised Orthotic Services  


Gym Aid



Sunken Trampolines


Zenith Canopies




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Earwig educationEarwig who provide the award winning revolutionary assessment software for teachers, have now developed a software package to enable teachers to EVIDENCE, ASSESS and REPORT on the progress of each student using the Rebound Therapy development programme. This link will give you more information:

They have also produced a Winstrada Online Assessment Tool which accommodates Rebound Therapy, Trampolining and Gymnastics. For more information about the Winstrada Online Assessment Tool, please use this link:



Stanley Matthews Foundation
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Stanley Matthews Foundation

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