Certificated ONLINE Training Course

This is an online CPD / CEU course in using the trampoline or rebounder for brain stimulation. Candidates will learn the techniques for putting together dozens of fun, brain challenging exercises for their students. The exercises cover concentration, co-ordination (authentic and sequenced), balance, cross lateral movement and memory. Most of the exercises can be used or adapted for physical disabilites and motor impairments. If you have ever wondered what you could offer your students during 'free time' on the trampoline, when they are not working on the development programme, this will be ideal for you (and them.) It is a CPD / CEU add-on module for qualified Trampoline Coaches, Rebound Therapy practitioners and Flexi-Bounce Therapy practitioners.

Pre-requisites for this course:
For trampoline, if the candidate is working with mainstream students, either a recognised Trampoline Coach certificate or the Rebound Therapy practitioner certificate is necessary.

If working with people with disabilities, the candidate must have completed the accredited Rebound Therapy practitioner course.

For rebounder, an orthopaedic quality rebounder is required (see for information on approved rebounders) and the candidate must have completed the Flexi-Bounce Therapy practitioner course.



The online Brain Stimulation training course comprises five steps:

1) Reading material

2) Study of the video of the full programme

3) Study of worksheet and accompanying individual video clips

4) Completion of a short theory assessment

5) Practical assessment by video (You will be asked to get someone to film you on a mobile phone while you demonstrate the teaching points of some exercises.)


You may complete the programme as quickly or as slowly as you wish and you will have access to the office by email at all times for help and assistance with the course.

When all steps are completed you will have completed the course and we will send you your course completion certificate and validation number.

You will be allocated your own personal course tutor who will guide you through the training course and who will be available to you at any time for help and guidance.


The cost of the Brain Stimulation online training course is £133 GBP (plus VAT if a UK citizen)


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The cost of the online Brain Stimulation training course is £133 GBP (plus VAT for UK residents.) TO BOOK ONTO THE TRAINING COURSE:

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