Rebound Plus

THE 'REBOUND PLUS' course is a two-day add-on module for those who have already completed a genuine Level 2 Rebound Therapy training course.

IT IS DESIGNED to equip candidates to help their more able students progress beyond Rebound Therapy and start the transition into mainstream trampolining exercises. The course covers grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada development scheme and is therefore also suitable for mainstream beginners.

THE COURSE IS run in-house for schools and centres and as an open course in the same way as our Rebound Therapy courses.
The course is also available as an online / distance learning programme for those who already hold a recognised trampoline coaching certificate.

THIS SPECIAL NEEDS trampoline coach course is also suitable for teaching mainstream beginners and is step 2 of 3 on the Gymnastics Inclusion (UK) pathway to recreational mainstream trampoline coaching.

OPEN COURSES ARE, as the name suggests, open to all and are suitable for those working independently and for schools and centres who only have a small number of staff to train or are not able to have a course 'in house'.

SOME SCHOOLS AND centres who commission in-house courses make spaces available to those outside of their organisation. These are also listed below.

The courses below are for the UK. For details of tutors running open courses in other countries please email:

28th and 29th June 2021 - Hadrian School, Newcastle, NE15 6PY,

For more information and to book, please contact the venue direct: David Palmer Cost: £395.

9:00am to 3:30pm

8th and 9th July 2021 - Jubilee Centre, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Nr Lingfield, Surrey,

Please phone '' on 0330 122 5684 to confirm space availability before sending payment.
This is the open course centre for London and the South East. East Grinstead is 40 minutes by train from London Victoria and 20 minutes by car from junction 6 of the M25 Cost: £297 (plus VAT).

Thursday 10am to 3:45pm, Friday 8:45am to 3:30pm

14th and 15th October 2021 - Chadsgrove School and Sports College, Bromsgrove, West Midlands,

Please phone '' on 0330 122 5684 to confirm space availability before sending payment. Cost: £297 (plus VAT).

9:00am to 3:30pm