Ideal activities to complement Rebound Therapy


The activities listed below are recommended by professionals working in Rebound Therapy as being ideal to provide to students in between their scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions. They can be used to complement many of the benefits that can be offered by Rebound Therapy on the trampoline. All are enjoyable and are therefore an ideal vehicle for physical and cognitive stimulation and development.
By introducing one or more of the activities below to your students' schedule, it should be possible to provide fun, stimulating, exciting and highly beneficial activities on an almost daily basis.







Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder as a complement to Rebound Therapy. It is used to provide therapeutic exercise for children and adults across a wide range of additional needs.

Most teachers and care staff who provide Rebound Therapy, know of the benefits and would like to be able to provide it on a daily basis. A common issue for many special needs schools and centres is that they can only provide Rebound Therapy sessions once or twice a week due to their number of students and only having one or two full sized trampolines. And during holiday times, sessions stop altogether.
Some schools and centres are not able to provide Rebound Therapy at all because they do not have the budget or space for a full sized trampoline.
Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the answer to this dilemma.


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The hydrotherapy pool can offer huge benefits to people with additional needs, and the Sensafloat hydrotherapy aid is an ideal complement to Rebound Therapy for those with motor impairments.

Sensafloat is a unique special needs swimming support and floatation aid, designed to facilitate relaxation and movement in water for people with profound and multiple impairments. Sensafloat was invented by Eddy Anderson - the founder of Rebound Therapy, and it has been popular for nearly 30 years with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, SEN school teachers and swimming teachers as a hydrotherapy and swimming teaching aid. It is also popular with parents for use in home and public pools..

Sensafloat is manufactured and sold in the UK by a company called Gym-Tech. Visit their Sensafloat web page here:

Detailed information and resources for Sensafloat can be found here: hydrotherapy/index.shtml


A certificated online training course for Sensafloat is available. Details here:



Vestibular Training Service - Training Tools:  This harness device is a hugely useful stand alone therapy or complement to Rebound Therapy. 
It is particularly useful in developing and improving vestibular and proprioception  awareness in people with autism, sensory issues, post concussion trauma, dizziness and balance issues - in children and adults.
Additional benefits include: midline cross (both sides of the brain active), axis alignment and balance improvement.


The vestibular training tools are supplied worldwide and the company will give you a 5% discount if you use the discount code REBOUND THERAPY on checkout or quote 'Rebound Therapy' in your communication with them..

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