Professional bodies which work in partnership with, or are approved by

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The Rebound Therapy Institute is the international membership network and information sharing facility for Rebound Therapy trainers.

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The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation has been involved with Rebound Therapy for some years and we have seen wonderful results for young people with special needs. The vision of the Foundation is to help young people of any ability and from any background, to develop through the playing of sport.

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Winstrada is the international body for the promotion and development of recreational and therapeutic gymnastics and trampolining.

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World Jumping UK manufacture and supply the Flexi-Bounce rebounder. Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the ideal daily complement to Rebound Therapy sessions and can be provided in the classroom, at home or in any convenient space.

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The International Association of Trampoline Parks work in partnership with to promote safety and full inclusivity in trampoline parks.
IATP membership is recommended to all trampoline parks, and the IATP encourage all staff from member parks to undertake the Rebound Therapy training course.

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The Association for Physical Education is the UK representative agency for people and organisations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education, school sport and physical activity in educational contexts and in the wider community.

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Gymnastics (Inclusion) UK The UK based Recreational and Therapeutic Gymnastic and Trampolining Association. Dedicated to full inclusion.

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The World Freestyle Trampoline Association - Bridging the gap for the future of acrobatic sports. The WFTA is an organisation brought to you by some of the brightest minds and athletes in the trampoline industry. We have created an official community that provides a platform for athletes who want to express themselves in unique ways.

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The National Association of Sports Coaches Members of the NASC are part of an association of sports coaches who have received quality assured training and certification by an accredited training course provider.


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Protectivity are independent insurance brokers who provide a specialist liability insurance for self employed or freelance Rebound Therapy practitioners.

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Insure4Sport are one of the UK leading specialist sports insurance providers. We are offering 20% off annual insurance to gymnastic coaches, trampoline coaches and personal trainers through our partnership with